Sunday, March 16

Begins Neptune Square Neptune

How can Neptune square itself? In the transiting/natal chart, that's how. Neptune is the planet of "all is not what it seems" in any astrological chart, horary or otherwise. In a dream, I was visited by a "so-called" nemesis who never seemed to have my best interests at heart. In a professional setting, why should she? We were in different departments and had done absolutely nothing to this person to garner any sort of retribution from her.

Turns out that my feelings that she had been at the center of a significant issue affecting whether I could work at this place were baseless. She had a piece of paper with the date "December 17, 2014" written on it. It was a checklist (I can only assume a competency checklist as, as of now, I am amid completing one for a completely non-related line-of -work as we speak). A little background: charges of in competency were leveled at me so that my boss could replace me with her best friend's daughter who had just received her degree from an institution of higher learning. And, for the record, the Superintendent offered me my job back, or at least a position at my old school, which i turned down "in the better interest of the student body and overall morale of the school". In other words, I chose not to return and exact revenge to make their lives a living hell.)

 In a nutshell, this dream encourages me to move on from this horrible experience that nearly made me leave teaching (for good) because of being subject, nee "bullied", for over a year because of my physical appearance--no, not by students, but by other teachers. I had a good lawsuit pending against the board for this, but they made me an offer I couldn't refuse, a dream job at a much better school, an apology and a "thank you" for being both professional and patient during the process. Here's what "futureminders" has to say about Neptune square Neptune, which happens only once in a lifetime:

"Conditions may not be what they seem, and uncertainty can keep you running in circles. Because this cycle involves subtle forces, you may not clearly recognize their effects, and sometimes there are none. However, influences behind the scenes, while they may be hidden, can have an impact. Confusion can arise at this time because you often see things as they appear rather than how they really are. A challenge now is to distinguish clearly between fact and fiction. Otherwise you can get lost or possibly feel victimized by misguided faith." [Read the rest of it here.]

 The defecation has yet to hit the oscillation at my old school, but I wish them all the luck in the world. They're going to need it.

December Dream

The date December 17, 2014 figured prominently in a dream this afternoon. Present in the dream was a perceived nemesis, a coworker and none-too-pleasant person who always seems to have it out for me, from my past place of employment.

Casting a chart, there were five significant aspects: one exact, two Arabic numbers, an opposition in the ascendant, and my "lucky number" 444...

  • Venus transits trine to natal Saturn at 0°00a 
  • Mars transits opposite natal Ascendant at 0°40s (i.e., forty thirty-six-hundredths of a degree
  • Saturn transits sextile to natal Jupiter at 1°00a 
  • Jupiter transits in conjunction with moon at 4°00s 
  • Pluto transits trine to natal Saturn at 4°44 
These represent practically all of the personal planets, except for Mercury and Sun, but these aspects are near-misses and practically exact at Arabics or exacts, that is, they are offset by mere milliseconds; and they include both planets Neptune and Uranus, as well as the Midheaven... 
  • Sun transits square natal Pluto at 2°01s (i.e., one thirty-six-hundredth or .000278 of a degree) 
  • Uranus transits square natal Mercury at 6°06s (i.e,. six thirty-six-hundredths or seventeen ten-thousandths of a degree) 
  • Neptune transits square natal Neptune at 9°01s 
However, upon closer study, it appears that Neptune square Neptune comes into aspect on December 16, 2014. I will delve further into this angle in a subsequent post.