Sunday, March 16

December Dream

The date December 17, 2014 figured prominently in a dream this afternoon. Present in the dream was a perceived nemesis, a coworker and none-too-pleasant person who always seems to have it out for me, from my past place of employment.

Casting a chart, there were five significant aspects: one exact, two Arabic numbers, an opposition in the ascendant, and my "lucky number" 444...

  • Venus transits trine to natal Saturn at 0°00a 
  • Mars transits opposite natal Ascendant at 0°40s (i.e., forty thirty-six-hundredths of a degree
  • Saturn transits sextile to natal Jupiter at 1°00a 
  • Jupiter transits in conjunction with moon at 4°00s 
  • Pluto transits trine to natal Saturn at 4°44 
These represent practically all of the personal planets, except for Mercury and Sun, but these aspects are near-misses and practically exact at Arabics or exacts, that is, they are offset by mere milliseconds; and they include both planets Neptune and Uranus, as well as the Midheaven... 
  • Sun transits square natal Pluto at 2°01s (i.e., one thirty-six-hundredth or .000278 of a degree) 
  • Uranus transits square natal Mercury at 6°06s (i.e,. six thirty-six-hundredths or seventeen ten-thousandths of a degree) 
  • Neptune transits square natal Neptune at 9°01s 
However, upon closer study, it appears that Neptune square Neptune comes into aspect on December 16, 2014. I will delve further into this angle in a subsequent post.

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