Tuesday, August 11

August 11, 2015 Aspects to Personal Planets

Mars Sextile North Node 0°22s

Your actions are timed right so your well- being and relationship to society are improved. Others approve, support and cooperate in your endeavors to bring about positive, constructive change.

You feel more vulnerable when dealing with other people, allowing them to take advantage of you. You may have difficulty standing up for yourself or promoting your own interests, feeling the need to sacrifice your desires as a sign of your sincerity. You may be moody or withdrawn, preferring to be by yourself and stay in another world, which will make it more difficult to focus at work. You may need to make room in your day for some form of escape, or spend tomorrow sorting out the confusions of today. This is not a good day to deal with financial matters, as you tend to be very unrealistic or disorganized in your plans, or have to deal with people who are dishonest; you should put off handling serious financial matters for another time. Your creativity is very stimulated, but you prefer dealing with abstracts and staying in your imagination rather than engaging in work that involves precision, logical thinking or giving form to your creations. 

Transit Mars Sextile Uranus 0°44s

You have a need for rebellion during this time and may work to change or reform your system of productivity. You may upgrade machines or implement new techniques to improve the flow of work. You’re accepting of other people, no matter how different they are, and will treat them as equals. You enjoy stimulating conversations and will be open to other opinions, but yours are not likely to change as a result. You have a definite agenda and won’t adjust to change easily, but if you really need a change and aren’t open to it, sudden events may accomplish it for you. Be flexible and think on your feet, and you’ll easily handle whatever happens. It may be hard to control your nervous energy during this time, and you need to exercise more caution when handling machines or electrical appliances, or driving in your car.

Venus Conjunct Moon 0°53s

The softer sides of your nature come through. A quiet day-especially at home-elicits good feelings. Entertaining or being entertained appeals to you, and you experience harmony when the setting is intimate. Adapting to changing conditions is easier because challenges are fewer. Use this time to reconnect to the happy moments of your past as well as enjoying a variety of pleasures in the present.

Your personal interactions will give you a lot of comfort, as other people are more sensitive to your moods and can shed light on the most positive aspects of your situation. You’re also more attuned to their moods and may be the one offering support or affection. Your home may be the center of meetings or social gatherings and you’ll enjoy being with family or working with people you know. You may have important financial dealings that relate to land, property or your future security. Just be careful of letting your immediate mood dictate financial decisions and a getting a second opinion will often be helpful.

Transiting Jupiter Trine Natal Midheaven (at 0°44 arcminutes)

This is a very fortunate time for you, when you’ll have the opportunity to promote yourself and advance your own goals. Your faith and optimism are abundant and nothing seems out of your reach, which will inspire other people to follow your lead and support your efforts. You can easily attract the attention of influential people who will clear the path for your advancement, or may find a mentor who teaches you an important lesson. You may also want to share your wisdom and teach, but avoid taking a self-righteous or arrogant stance. This is a good time to plan for expansion in business and your positive attitude will help you succeed in your efforts. You may travel or be involved with foreign affairs and are more interested in broadening your perspective on the world around you. This desire for expansion may also manifest as a fortunate opportunity to relocate. There are a few cautions to keep in mind, mainly concerning the lack of self-discipline. You enjoy being self-indulgent and even lazy, which you’ll probably get away with, but keep in mind that this energy of expansion will cause you to gain weight more easily.

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