Wednesday, August 5

August 3, 2015 Transits

Transiting Mars Trine Natal Neptune (at 0°04 arcseconds)

Doing things without a set agenda helps the day flow-eventually you will arrive where you need to go. While the route you take may meander, the journey is more enjoyable because of what you may discover-or uncover. Since it is easier to act in an open and kind manner, helping others comes effortlessly. Fantasies and intuitive hunches can lead you in the right direction; achieving what you want means letting go of expectations.

Transiting Jupiter Trine Natal Midheaven (at 0°59 arcseconds)

This is a very fortunate time for you, when you’ll have the opportunity to promote yourself and advance your own goals. Your faith and optimism are abundant and nothing seems out of your reach, which will inspire other people to follow your lead and support your efforts. You can easily attract the attention of influential people who will clear the path for your advancement, or may find a mentor who teaches you an important lesson. You may also want to share your wisdom and teach, but avoid taking a self-righteous or arrogant stance. This is a good time to plan for expansion in business and your positive attitude will help you succeed in your efforts. You may travel or be involved with foreign affairs and are more interested in broadening your perspective on the world around you. This desire for expansion may also manifest as a fortunate opportunity to relocate. There are a few cautions to keep in mind, mainly concerning the lack of self-discipline. You enjoy being self-indulgent and even lazy, which you’ll probably get away with, but keep in mind that this energy of expansion will cause you to gain weight more easily.

Transiting Venus Trine  Natal Midheaven (at 0°08 arcminutes)

You’re very charming and pleasant with authority figures and your ideas will likely be in sync with their needs. You express yourself with confidence and self-assurance, making it easy to convince them. You’re very attractive and will make an extra effort to be appropriately dressed and well mannered, and may attract the attention of people in power who feel comfortable with your easy approach. Your creative work will have a positive impact on the general public, making this a great day to present your art to other people. You may experience some luck with financial projects or attract financial support for your endeavors.

Transiting Sun Trine Natal Venus (at 0°59 arcminutes)

Capable of uniting what before seemed unrelated, you harmonize well. Your creativity is more accessible, and there are opportunities to make someone-and yourself-happy. This is a good time for a party, or for anything that brings you pleasure. Objects of beauty attract you. Without much effort, you can make this an enjoyable day. Observe what makes you happy and seek to make that a central part of your life.

Transiting Moon Trine Mercury (at 3°00 arcminutes)

You attract the right information now, and you communicate with a clear idea of what is needed. Conversing with others or reading a good book makes time unwind. Short trips provide a learning experience-you connect well with all that is around you. You tend to listen sympathetically to those who seek a friend, and others are more receptive to what you have to offer.

Transiting Saturn Conjunct Mars (at 4°00 arcminutes)

You may experience strong pressures during this cycle that can frustrate you unless you have an outlet to channel the energy. This is an excellent time to focus on a personal goal and pursue it without being deflected from your course. If you know what you want, you now can harness considerable force to attain what your desire. However, a lack of direction can mean that you struggle to get much done, and promising avenues often turn out as dead-ends. You may have difficulty getting motivated, since overcoming inertia may overshadow every impulse.

While you may have a clear ambition, obligations may redirect your drive towards what others demand of you, and those in authority can diminish your ability to pursue your own objectives. If you resist the demands placed upon you, you can become angry from trying to make things happen against the will of the times. Being patient and accepting the limitations to your desires can fortify you for the occasion when restrictions no longer impede you. However, you can accomplish much during this cycle by working hard on the tasks at hand though it may mean placing your own agenda on hold. Should you have the freedom to follow your dream, you likely still have to persevere against setbacks, as progress generally is slow.

Exerting too much force can have unpleasant consequences, especially if it is a reaction to something you dislike. If active by nature and you exercise restraint, you can find this interval a weight that holds you back. If disposed to a cautious approach, you may grind to a halt. One purpose of this period is to slow movement down sufficiently so that you can see clearly what you truly want and what you don?t want. Then you can redirect your efforts toward what really impels you, which ultimately can allow you to achieve your end. Any discipline that is a combination of mental and physical training and that concentrates your energy in a purposeful yet deliberate manner likely produces positive effects which can offset any disappointment now.

Although this sometimes is a debilitating interval, it usually manifests only if you fight the current and insist on going against the grain. Pressures exist now that are likely too much for you to conquer, and you do best to bide your time, otherwise you can encounter one obstacle after another. They serve as a reminder that there is a time to press forward and time to wait, and that you benefit more by saving your strength rather than wasting it. If you must confront life aggressively, you can still succeed by knowing well your capabilities and choosing your competition and engagements carefully.

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