Thursday, August 20

Moon conjunct Sun 0°15s

Your personal New Moon is a time of new beginnings. Your needs are aligned with your wants right now, and it's an opportune time to make a few resolutions. Things seem to play in your style, so you don't have to stress or strain. The inner harmony you experience now is reflected in your outer experience and contributes to your personal success. You could experience some change or undergo inner changes that stimulate a new undertaking, relationship, or attitude change. You act with more confidence than usual. Without even trying, you are likely to draw attention to yourself or to receive support. This is an ideal time to establish inner peace and balance.

Mars conjunct Ascendant 0°15s

You have just emerged from a period in which you were less forthright or in which you were considering new plans but not quite ready to take action. Now, you are ready to go forward, push personal plans, or go after what you want. You are more direct, courageous, and initiating. If you are too hasty, this can be a time of a minor accident or some other slip-up. You are fired up, energetic, and in need of physical or competitive outlets.

Sun square Neptune 0°38s

This may be a discouraging day when things don't quite seem to go your way, or when you feel a bit drained. Take a break and don't start any serious new project today. Minor disappointments or just plain fatigue might hit you like a ton of bricks today. Lay low for more energizing times to come. Don't ask for anything, such as help, as it is unlikely to be forthcoming. Instead, find time to help someone. It could lift your spirits, and you won't fall into the easy tendency to feel sorry for yourself that this aspect often brings. Concentrating on artistic or spiritual pursuits is better than focusing on things that require straightforward, factual thinking today. It can be difficult knowing where or how to direct your willpower under this influence. It's also a challenge knowing where you stand with others. Avoid such things as scheduling surgery, important appointments, job interviews, or launches of new projects at this time.

Sun square Sun 0°39s

You might find you have to push a little harder during this transit than you normally would. Obstacles in your path tend to arrive now, although you are capable of turning them into positive energy. Challenges you face now are actually quite revealing if you look at them as learning experiences.

Mars square Saturn 0°48a

This is a time in which you are especially sensitive to the limitations or blocks in your path, which can point to frustration or stress. You may be especially impatient with protocol, red tape, traditional methods, superiors, and rules that seem oppressive. The trick is to realize that pushing matters right now simply won't do you any good. Try to think about the long term instead of pushing for immediate results.

Mercury sextile Mercury 0°59s

This is a time when you are bound to discover information that you need at just the right time. It's a strong period for objective observation and discussion.

Neptune sextile Saturn 0°49a

The problems and responsibilities of life may be seen in a new light, as part of a larger drama you are living (almost like a dream). You are able to handle difficulties more easily, seeing them as part of a larger story.

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