Saturday, August 22

My Little Lenormand Notebook

1. Rider 9 (news, visitor, delivery, feedback)

Rider and Clover:

Rider and Ship:

Rider and House:

Rider and Tree:

Rider and Clouds:

Rider and Snake:

Rider and Coffin:

Rider and Bouquet:

Rider and Scythe:

Rider and Whips: Repeated message

Rider and Birds:

Rider and Child:

Rider and Fox:

Rider and Bear:

Rider and Stars:

Rider and Storks:

Rider and Dog:

Rider and Tower:

Rider and Garden:

Rider and Mountain:

Rider and Crossroads:

Rider and Mice:

Rider and Hearts:

Rider and Ring:

Rider and Book:

Rider and Letters:

Rider and Gentleman:

Rider and Lady:

Rider and Lilies:

Rider and Sun:

Rider and Moon:

Rider and Key:

Rider and Fishes: Message about money

Rider and Anchor:

Rider and Cross:

2. Clover 6 (hope, luck, chance, opportunity)

Clover and Rider:

Clover and Ship:

Clover and House:

Clover and Tree:

Clover and  Clouds:

Clover and  Snake:

Clover and  Coffin:

Clover and  Bouquet:

Clover and  Scythe:

Clover and  Whips:

Clover and  Birds:

Clover and  Child:

Clover and  Fox:

Clover and  Bear:

Clover and  Stars:

Clover and Storks:

Clover and Dog: Friends in high places, somebody's got your back

Clover and Tower:

Clover and Garden:

Clover and Mountain:

Clover and Crossroads:

Clover and Mice:

Clover and Hearts:

Clover and Ring:

Clover and Book:

Clover and Letters:

Clover and Gentleman: Good fortune

Clover and Lady: Optimistic outlook

Clover and Lilies:

Clover and Sun:

Clover and Moon:

Clover and Key:

Clover and Fishes:

Clover and Anchor:

Clover and Cross:

3. Ship 10♠ (transportation, travel, foreign location)

Ship and Rider:

Ship and Clover:

Ship and House:

Ship and Tree:

Ship and Clouds:

Ship and Snake:

Ship and Coffin:

Ship and Bouquet:

Ship and Whips:

Ship and Birds:

Ship and Child:

Ship and Fox: Big red vehicle (i.e. firetruck)

Ship and Bear:

Ship and Stars:

Ship and Storks:

Ship and Dog:

Ship and Tower:

Ship and Garden:

Ship and Mountain:

Ship and Crossroads:

Ship and Mice:

Ship and Hearts:

Ship and Ring: Day-to-day job that requires traveling or commuting. 

Ship and Book:

Ship and Letters:

Ship and Gentleman:

Ship and Lady:

Ship and Lilies:

Ship and Sun:

Ship and Moon:

Ship and Key:

Ship and Fishes: Having a "Plan B"

Ship and Anchor:

Ship and Cross:

4. House K (residence, family,entourage, real estate)

House and Rider:

House and Clover:

House and Ship:

House and Tree:

House and Clouds:

House and Snake:

House and Coffin:

House and Bouquet:

House and Scythe:

House and Whips:

House and Birds: Two houses or living in two places, "two-hattin' it" (multiple duty-stations)

House and Child:

House and Fox:

House and Bear:

House and Stars:

House and Storks:

House and Dog:

House and Tower:

House and Garden:

House and Mountain:

House and Crossroads:

House and Mice:

House and Hearts:

House and Ring:

House and Book:

House and Letters: House where you get your mail; physical (i.e., permanent) address.

House and Gentleman:

House and Lady: Stability.

House and Lilies:

House and Sun:

House and Moon:

House and Key:

House and Fishes:  Rich and rewarding home life

House and Anchor:

House  and Cross:

5. Tree 7 (condition,development, health, life)

Tree and Rider:

Tree and Clover:

Tree and Ship:

Tree and House:

Tree and Clouds:

Tree and Snake:

Tree and Bouquet:

Tree and Coffin:

Tree and Scythe:

Tree and Whips:

Tree and Birds:

Tree and Child:

Tree and Fox:

Tree and Bear:

Tree and Stars:

Tree and Storks:

Tree and Dog:

Tree and Tower:

Tree and Garden:

Tree and Mountain:

Tree and Crossroads:

Tree and Mice:

Tree and Hearts:

Tree and Ring:

Tree and Book:

Tree and Letters:

Tree and Gentleman:

Tree and Lady:

Tree and Lilies: Healthy, older man

Tree and Sun:

Tree and Moon:

Tree and Key:

Tree and Fishes:

Tree and Anchor:

Tree and Cross:

6. Clouds K♣ (chaos, confusion, problem, uncertainty)

Clouds and Rider:

Clouds and Clover:

Clouds and Ship:

Clouds and House:

Clouds and Tree:

Clouds and Snake:

Clouds and Coffin:

Clouds and Bouquet:

Clouds and Scythe:

Clouds and Whips:

Clouds and Birds:

Clouds and Child:

Clouds and Fox:

Clouds and Bear:

Clouds and Stars:

Clouds and Storks:

Clouds and Dog:

Clouds and Tower:

Clouds and Garden:

Clouds and Mountain: Paranoia

Clouds and Crossroads:

Clouds and Mice:

Clouds and Hearts: Affairs of the heart, problem with love

Clouds and Ring:

Clouds and Book:

Clouds and Letters:

Clouds and Gentleman:

Clouds and Lady:

Clouds and Lilies:

Clouds and Sun:

7. Snake Q♣ (complication, deception, "issues", jealousy)

Snake and Rider:

Snake and Clover:

Snake and Ship:

Snake and House:

Snake and Tree:

Snake and Clouds:

Snake and Coffin:

Snake and Bouquet:

Snake and Scythe:

Snake and Whips:

Snake and Birds:

Snake and Child: New rival

Snake and Fox:

Snake and Bear:

Snake and Stars:

Snake and Storks:

Snake and Dog:

Snake and Tower:

Snake and Garden: Rival departments or companies 

Snake and Mountain:

Snake and Crossroads:

Snake and Mice:

Snake and Hearts:

Snake and Ring:

Snake and Book:

Snake and Letters:

Snake and Gentleman:

Snake and Lady: Deception

Snake and Lilies:

Snake and Sun:

Snake and Moon:  Politics

Snake and Key:

Snake and Fishes:

Snake and Anchor:

Snake and Cross:

8. Coffin 9 (change, death, ending, void)

Coffin and Rider:

Coffin and Clover:

Coffin and Ship:

Coffin and House:

Coffin and Tree:

Coffin and Clouds:

Coffin and Snake:

Coffin and Bouquet:

Coffin and Scythe:

Coffin and Whips: An end to a repetitive task 

Coffin and Birds:

Coffin and Child:

Coffin and Fox:

Coffin and Bear:

Coffin and Stars:

Coffin and Storks:

Coffin and Dog: Depressed friend, sick pet

Coffin and Tower:

Coffin and Garden:

Coffin and Mountain:

Coffin and Crossroads:

Coffin and Mice:

Coffin and Hearts:

Coffin and Ring:

Coffin and Book: A conclusion to one's research, hypothesis

Coffin and Letters:

Coffin and Gentleman:

Coffin and Lady: End of an issue (good or bad)

Coffin and Lilies: Person loses their position or influence; funeral procession

Coffin and Sun:

Coffin and Moon: The culmination of success, ending with an award

Coffin and Key:

Coffin and Fishes: Working in an emergency medical field

Coffin and Anchor:

Coffin and Cross:

9. Bouquet Q♠ (beauty, celebration, gift, pleasure)

Bouquet and Rider:

Bouquet and Clover:

Bouquet and Ship:

Bouquet and House:

Bouquet and Tree:

Bouquet and Clouds:

Bouquet and Snake:

Bouquet and Coffin:

Bouquet and Scythe

Bouquet and Whips:

Bouquet and Birds:

Bouquet and Child: Attractive younger person, the gift of attraction, object of desire

Bouquet and Fox:

Bouquet and Bear:

Bouquet and Stars:

Bouquet and Storks:

Bouquet and Dog:

Bouquet and Tower:

Bouquet and Garden:

Bouquet and Mountain:

Bouquet and Crossroads:

Bouquet and Mice:

Bouquet and Hearts:

Bouquet and Ring:

Bouquet and Book:

Bouquet and Letters:

Bouquet and Gentleman:

Bouquet and Lady:

Bouquet and Lilies:

Bouquet and Sun:

Bouquet and Moon:

Bouquet and Key:

Bouquet and Fishes:

Bouquet and Anchor:

Bouquet and Cross:

10. Scythe J (danger, decision, separation, termination)

Scythe and Rider:

Scythe and Clover:

Scythe and Ship:

Scythe and House:

Scythe and Tree:

Scythe and Clouds:

Scythe and Snake:

Scythe and Coffin:

Scythe and Bouquet:

Scythe and Whips:

Scythe and Birds:

Scythe and Child:

Scythe and Fox: Unexpectedly or suddenly leaving one job for another

Scythe and Bear:

Scythe and Stars:

Scythe and Storks:

Scythe and Dog:

Scythe and Tower:

Scythe and Garden: Firefighting, emergency work

Scythe and Mountain:

Scythe and Crossroads:

Scythe and Mice:

Scythe and Hearts: Sudden love, love at first sight, dangerous or risky romance

Scythe and Ring:

Scythe and Book:

Scythe and Letters:

Scythe + Gentleman:

Scythe and Lady:

Scythe and Lilies:

Scythe and Sun:

Scythe and Moon:

Scythe and Key:

Scythe and Fishes:

Scythe and Anchor:

Scythe and Cross:

11. Whips J♣  (arguments, competition, repetition, sex)

Whips and Rider:  Repeated message

Whips and Clover:

Whips and Ship:

Whips and House:

Whips and Tree:

Whips and Clouds:

Whips and Snake:

Whips and Coffin:  An end to a repetitive task 

Whips and Bouquet:

Whips and Scythe:

Whips and Birds:

Whips and Child:

Whips and Fox:

Whips and Bear: Healthy older man, bodybuilder

Whips and Stars: Pharmaceutical treatment

Whips and Storks:

Whips and Dog:

Whips and Tower:

Whips and Garden:

Whips and Mountain:

Whips and Crossroads:

Whips and Mice: Physical stress on the job, due to repeated activity (such as CTS)

Whips and Hearts:

Whips and Ring:

Whips and Book:

Whips and Letters: Repetitive news; "tell me something I don't already know"

Whips and Gentleman:

Whips and Lady:

Whips and Lilies:

Whips and Sun:

Whips and Moon:

Whips and Key: Solution is the result of persistence

Whips and Fishes:

Whips and Anchor:

Whips and Cross:

12. Birds 7 (communications, negotiations, multiples, telephone call)

Birds and Rider:

Birds and Clover:

Birds and Ship:

Birds and House: Two houses or living in two places, "two-hattin' it" (multiple duty-stations)

Birds and Tree:

Birds and Clouds:

Birds and Snake:

Birds and Coffin:

Birds and Bouquet:

Birds and Scythe:

Birds and Whips:

Birds and Child:

Birds and Fox:

Birds and Bear:

Birds and Bear:

Birds and Stars:

Birds and Storks:

Birds and Dog:

Birds and Tower:

Birds and Garden:

Birds and Mountain: Someone is dropping hints or speaking in "code", double entendre, having to read between the lines

Birds and Crossroads:

Birds and Mice:

Birds and Hearts:

Birds and Ring:

Birds and Book:

Birds and Letters:

Birds and Gentleman:

Birds and Lady:

Birds and Lilies: Regretful intimacy 

Birds and Sun:

Birds and Moon:

Birds and Key:

Birds and Fishes:

Birds and Anchor:

Birds and Cross:

13. Child J♠  (childhood, innocence, novelty, trust)

Child and Rider:

Child and Clover:

Child and Ship:

Child and House:

Child and Tree:

Child and Clouds:

Child and Snake: New rival

Child and Coffin:

Child and Bouquet: Attractive younger person, the gift of attraction, object of desire

Child and Scythe:

Child and Whips:

Child and Birds:

Child and Fox:

Child and Bear:

Child and Stars:

Child and Storks:

Child and Dog:

Child and Tower:

Child and Garden:

Child and Mountain:

Child and Crossroads:

Child and Mice:

Child and Hearts:

Child and Ring:

Child and Book:

Child and Letters:

Child and Gentleman:

Child and Lady:

Child and Lilies:

Child and Sun:

Child and Moon:

Child and Key:

Child and Fishes:

Child and Anchor:

Child and Cross:

14. Fox 9♣  (employment, caution, worker, skills)

Fox and Rider:

Fox and Clover:

Fox and Ship: Big red vehicle (i.e. firetruck)

Fox and House:

Fox and Tree:

Fox and Clouds:

Fox and Snake:

Fox and Coffin:

Fox and Bouquet:

Fox and Scythe: Unexpectedly or suddenly leaving one job for another

Fox and Whips:

Fox and Birds:

Fox and Child:

Fox and Bear:

Fox and Stars:

Fox and Storks:

Fox and Dog:

Fox and Tower:

Fox and Garden:

Fox and Mountain:

Fox and Crossroads: End of employment, somebody is getting fired; Job offer or 
       important job decision

Fox and Mice:

Fox and Hearts:

Fox and Ring:

Fox and Book:

Fox and Letters:

Fox and Gentleman:

Fox and Lady:

Fox and Lilies:

Fox and Sun:

Fox and Moon:

Fox and Key:

Fox and Fishes: Hard work pays off, employees

Fox and Anchor:

Fox and Cross: Job relating to life and death, i.e. minister, firefighter/paramedic, doctor, etc.

15. Bear 10♣  (boss, provider, resources, strength)

Bear and Rider:

Bear and Clover:

Bear and Ship:

Bear and House:

Bear and Tree:

Bear and Clouds:

Bear and Snake:

Bear and Coffin:

Bear and Bouquet:

Bear and Fox:

Bear and Whips: Healthy older man, bodybuilder

Bear and Birds:

Bear and Child:

Bear and Fox:

Bear and Stars:

Bear and Storks:

Bear and Dog:

Bear and Tower:  Pay-off from hard work in the past

Bear and Garden: Being welcomed as part of a family; earning your place, achieving rank

Bear and Mountain:

Bear and Crossroads:

Bear and Mice:

Bear and Hearts:

Bear and Ring:

Bear and Book:

Bear and Letters:

Bear and Gentleman:

Bear and Lady: Determined individual 

Bear and Lilies:

Bear and Sun: Medical license

Bear and Moon:

Bear and Key:

Bear and Fishes:

Bear and Anchor:

Bear and Cross:

16. Stars 6 (direction, inspiration, guidance, plans)

Stars and Rider:

Stars and Clover:

Stars and Ship:

Stars and House:

Stars and Tree:

Stars and Clouds:

Stars and Snake:

Stars and Coffin:

Stars and Bouquet:

Stars and Scythe: Firefighting, emergency work

Stars and Whips: Pharmaceutical treatment

Stars and Birds:

Stars and Child:

Stars and Fox:

Stars and Bear:

Stars and Storks:

Stars and Dog:

Stars and Tower:

Stars and Garden:

Stars and Mountain:

Stars and Crossroads:

Stars and Mice:

Stars and Hearts:

Stars and Ring:

Stars and Book:

Stars and Letters:

Stars and Gentleman:

Stars and Lady:

Stars and Lilies:

Stars and Sun:

Stars and Moon:

Stars and Key:

Stars and Fishes:

Stars and Anchor:

Stars and Cross:

17. Storks Q (improvement, flexibility, gains, revelation)

Storks and Rider:

Storks and Clover:

Storks and Ship:

Storks and House:

Storks and Tree:

Storks and Clouds:

Storks and Snake:

Storks and Coffin:

Storks and Bouquet:

Storks and Scythe:

Storks and Whips:

Storks and Birds:

Storks and Child:

Storks and Fox:

Storks and Bear:

Storks and Stars:

Storks and Dog:

Storks and Towers:

Storks and Garden:

Storks and Mountain:

Storks and Crossroads:

Storks and Mice:

Storks and Hearts:

Storks and Ring:

Storks and Book:

Storks and Letters:

Storks and Gentleman: Quick to be recognized

Storks and Lady:

Storks and Lilies:

Storks and Sun:

Storks and Moon:

Storks and Key:

Storks and Fishes:

Storks and Anchor:

Storks and Cross:

18. Dog 10 (faithfulness, friend, loyalty, support)

Dog and Rider:

Dog and Clover: Friends in high places, somebody's got your back

Dog and Ship:

Dog and House:

Dog and Tree:

Dog and Clouds:

Dog and Snake:

Dog and Coffin: Depressed friend, sick pet

Dog and Bouquet:

Dog and Scythe:

Dog and Whips:

Dog and Birds:

Dog and Child:

Dog and Fox:

Dog and Bear:

Dog and Stars:

Dog and Storks:

Dog and Tower:

Dog and Garden:

Dog and Mountain:

Dog and Crossroads:

Dogs and Mice:

Dog and Hearts:

Dog and Ring:

Dog and Book:

Dog and Letters:

Dog and Gentleman:

Dog and Lady: Loyalty and commitment

Dog and Lilies:

Dog and Sun:

Dog and Moon:

Dog and Key:

Dog and Fishes:

Dog and Anchor:

Dog and Cross:

19. Tower 6♠ (incorporation, government, officialdom, restrictions)

Tower and Rider:

Tower and Clover:

Tower and Ship:

Tower and House:

Tower and Tree:

Tower and Clouds:

Tower and Snake:

Tower and Coffin:

Tower and Bouquet:

Tower and Scythe:

Tower and Whips:

Tower and Birds:

Tower and Child:

Tower and Fox:

Tower and Bear: Pay-off from hard work in the past

Tower and Stars:

Tower and Storks:

Tower and Dog:

Tower and Garden:

Tower and Mountain:

Tower and Crossroads:

Tower and Mice:

Tower and Hearts:

Tower and Ring:  Official offer or contract, a badge 

Tower and Book:

Tower and Letters:

Tower and Gentleman:

Tower and Lady:

Tower and Lilies:

Tower and Sun: Electrical equipment maintenance 

Tower and Moon:

Tower and Key:

Tower and Fishes:

Tower and Anchor:

Tower and Cross:

20. Garden 8♠ (group, event, public, society)

Garden and Rider:

Garden and Clover:

Garden and Ship:

Garden and House:

Garden and Tree:

Garden and Clouds:

Garden and Snake: Rival departments or companies 

Garden and Coffin:

Garden and Bouquet:

Garden and Scythe:

Garden and Whips:

Garden and Birds:

Garden and Child:

Garden and Fox:

Garden and Bear: Being welcomed as part of a family;  earning your place, achieving rank

Garden and Stars:

Garden and Storks:

Garden and Dog:

Garden and Tower:

Garden and Mountain: Bureaucratic red tape 

Garden and Crossroads:

Garden and Mice:

Garden and Hearts:

Garden and Ring:

Garden and Book: Insular group of people

Garden and Letters:

Garden and Gentleman:

Garden and Lady:

Garden and Lilies:

Garden and Sun:

Garden and Moon:

Garden and Key:

Garden and Fishes:

Garden and Anchor:

Garden and Cross:

21. Mountain 8♣ (challenge, delay, inactivity, obstacle)

Mountain and Rider:

Mountain and Clover:

Mountain and Ship:

Mountain and House:

Mountain and Tree:

Mountain and Clouds: Paranoia

Mountain and Snake:

Mountain and Coffin:

Mountain and Bouquet:

Mountain and Scythe:

Mountain and Whips:

Mountain and Birds: Someone is dropping hints or speaking in "code", double entendre, having to read between the lines

Mountain and Child:

Mountain and Fox:

Mountain and Bear:

Mountain and Stars:

Mountain and Storks:

Mountain and Dog:

Mountain and Tower:

Mountain and Garden: Bureaucratic red tape 

Mountain and Crossroads:

Mountain and Mice: Complacency

Mountain and Hearts: Love that develops over time

Mountain and Ring:

Mountain and Book:

Mountain and Letters:

Mountain and Gentleman:

Mountain and Lady:

Mountain and Lilies:

Mountain and Sun:

Mountain and Moon:

Mountain and Key:

Mountain and Fishes:

Mountain and Anchor:

Mountain and Cross:

22. Crossroads Q(choices, indecision, options, watershed)

Crossroads and Rider:

Crossroads and Clover:

Crossroads and Ship:

Crossroads and House:

Crossroads and Tree:

Crossroads and Clouds:

Crossroads and Snake:

Crossroads and Coffin:

Crossroads and Bouquet:

Crossroads and Scythe:

Crossroads and Whips:

Crossroads and Birds:

Crossroads and Child:

Crossroads and Fox: End of employment, somebody is getting fired; Job offer or 
       important job decision

Crossroads and Bear:

Crossroads and Stars:

Crossroads and Storks:

Crossroads and Dog:

Crossroads and Tower:

Crossroads and Garden:

Crossroads and Mountain:

Crossroads and Mice:

Crossroads and Hearts:

Crossroads and Ring:

Crossroads and Book: Major life decision us kept secret, not playing your hand, strategy

Crossroads and Letters:

Crossroads and Gentleman:

Crossroads and Lady:

Crossroads and Lilies: Change finally happens (opposite of "shit happens")

Crossroads and Sun:

Crossroads and Moon:

Crossroads and Key: Important decision has to or has been already be made

Crossroads and Fishes:

Crossroads and Anchor:

Crossroads and Cross:

23. Mice 7♣  (decay, expense, loss, stress)

Mice and Rider:

Mice and Clover:

Mice and Ship:

Mice and House:

Mice and Tree:

Mice and Clouds:

Mice and Snake:

Mice and Coffin:

Mice and Scythe:

Mice and Whips: Physical stress on the job, due to repeated activity (such as CTS)

Mice and Birds:

Mice and Child:

Mice and Fox:

Mice and Bear:

Mice and Stars:

Mice and Storks:

Mice and Dogs:

Mice and Tower:

Mice and Garden:

Mice and Mountain: Complacency

Mice and Crossroads:

Mice and Hearts: Little crush (slowly) grows into bigger love

Mice and Ring:

Mice and Book:

Mice and Letters:

Mice and Gentleman:

Mice and Lady:

Mice and Lilies:

Mice and Sun:

Mice and Moon:

Mice and Key:

Mice and Fishes:

Mice and Anchor:

Mice and Cross:

24. Hearts J(desire, giving, love, preference)

Hearts and Rider:

Hearts and Clover:

Hearts and Ship:

Hearts and House:

Hearts and Tree:

Hearts and Clouds: Affairs of the heart, problem with love

Hearts and Snake:

Hearts and Coffin:

Hearts and Bouquet:

Hearts and Scythe: Sudden love, love at first sight, dangerous or risky romance

Hearts and Whips:

Hearts and Birds:

Hearts and Child:

Hearts and Fox:

Hearts and Bear:

Hearts and Stars:

Hearts and Storks:

Hearts and Dog:

Hearts and Tower:

Hearts and Garden:

Hearts and Mountain: Love that develops over time

Hearts and Crossroads:

Hearts and Mice: Little crush (slowly) grows into bigger love

Hearts and Ring:

Hearts and Book: Not wearing you hearts on your sleeve

Hearts and Letters:

Hearts and Gentleman:

Hearts and Lady:

Hearts and Lilies:

Hearts and Sun:  

Hearts and Moon:

Hearts and Key:

Hearts and Fishes: Making money doing while what you love to do

Hearts and Anchor:

Hearts and Cross: Unrequited love, a crush

25. Ring A♣ (commitment, contract, obligation, proposal)

Ring and Rider:

Ring and Clover:

Ring and Ship: Day-to-day job that requires traveling or commuting. 

Ring and House:

Ring and Tree:

Ring and Clouds:

Ring and Snake:

Ring and Coffin:

Ring and Bouquet:

Ring and Scythe:

Ring and Whips:

Ring and Birds:

Ring and Child:

Ring and Fox:

Ring and Bear:

Ring and Stars:

Ring and Storks:

Ring and Dog:

Ring and Tower: Official offer or contract, a badge 

Ring and Garden:

Ring and Mountain:

Ring and Crossroads:

Ring and Mice:

Ring and Hearts:

Ring and Book:

Ring and Letters:

Ring and Gentleman:

Ring and Lady:

Ring and Lilies:

Ring and Sun:

Ring and Moon:

Ring and Key:

Ring and Fishes:

Ring and Anchor:

Ring and Cross:

26. Book 10 (data, information, knowledge, secrets)

Book and Rider:

Book and Clover:

Book and Ship:

Book and House:

Book and Tree:

Book and Clouds:

Book and Snake:

Book and Coffin: A conclusion to one's research, hypothesis

Book and Bouquet:

Book and Scythe:

Book and Whips:

Book and Birds:

Book and Child:

Book and Fox:

Book and Bear:

Book and Stars:

Book and Storks:

Book and Dog:

Book and Tower:

Book and Garden: Insular group of people

Book and Mountain:

Book and Crossroads: Major life decision us kept secret, not playing your hand, strategy

Book and Mice:

Book and Hearts: Not wearing you hearts on your sleeve

Book and Ring:

Book and Letters:

Book and Gentleman:

Book and Lady:

Book and Lilies:

Book and Sun:

Book and Moon:

Book and Key: Hidden clues, inferences, reading between the lines

Book and Fishes:

Book and Anchor:

Book and Cross:

27. Letters 7♠ (correspondence, document, email, results)

Letters and Rider:

Letters and Clover:

Letters and Ship:

Letters and House: House where you get your mail; physical (i.e., permanent) address.

Letters and Tree:

Letters and Clouds:

Letters and Snake:

Letters and Coffin:

Letters and Bouquet:

Letters and Scythe:

Letters and Whips: Repetitive news; "tell me something I don't already know"

Letters and Birds:

Letters and Child:

Letters and Fox:

Letters and Bear:

Letters and Stars:

Letters and Storks:

Letters and Dog:

Letters and Tower:

Letters and Garden:

Letters and Mountain:

Letters and Crossroads:

Letters and Mice:

Letters and Hearts:

Letters and Ring:

Letters and Book:

Letters and Gentleman:

Letters and Lady:

Letters and Lilies: Drug test

Letters and Sun:

Letters and Moon:

Letters and Key: Prioritized in an paperwork process 

Letters and Fishes:

Letters and Anchor:

Letters and Cross:

28. Gentleman A

Gentleman and Rider:

Gentleman and Clover: Good fortune

Gentleman and Ship:

Gentleman and House:

Gentleman and Tree:

Gentleman and Clouds:

Gentleman and Snake:

Gentleman and Coffin:

Gentleman and Bouquet:

Gentleman and Scythe:

Gentleman and Whips:

Gentleman and Birds:

Gentleman and Child:

Gentleman and Fox:

Gentleman and Bear:

Gentleman and Stars:

Gentleman and Storks:

Gentleman and Dog:

Gentleman and Tower:

Gentleman and Garden:

Gentleman and Mountain:

Gentleman and Crossroads:

Gentleman and Mice:

Gentleman and Hearts:

Gentleman and Ring:

Gentleman and Book:

Gentleman and Letters:

Gentleman and Lady:

Gentleman  and Lilies:

Gentleman and Sun:

Gentleman and Moon:

Gentleman and Key:

Gentleman and Fishes:

Gentleman and  Anchor:

Gentleman and Cross:

29. Lady A♠

Lady and Rider:

Lady and Clover: Optimistic outlook

Lady and Ship:

Lady and House:

Lady and Tree:

Lady and Clouds:

Lady and Snake: Deception

Lady and Coffin: End of an issue (good or bad)

Lady and Bouquet:

Lady and Scythe:

Lady and Whips:

Lady and Birds:

Lady and Child:

Lady and Fox:

Lady and Bear: Determined individual 

Lady and Stars:

Lady and Storks:

Lady and Dog: Loyalty and commitment

Lady and Tower:

Lady and Garden:

Lady and Mountain:

Lady and Crossroads:

Lady and Mice:

Lady and Hearts:

Lady and Ring:

Lady and Book:

Lady and Letters:

Gentleman and Lady:

Lady and Lilies:

Lady and Sun:

Lady and Moon:

Lady and Key:

Lady and Fishes:

Lady and Anchor:

Lady and Cross:

30. Lilies K♠ (experience, maturity, peace, slow pace)

Lilies and Rider:

Lilies and Clover:

Lilies and Ship:

Lilies and House:

Lilies and Tree: Healthy, older man

Lilies and Clouds:

Lilies and Snake:

Lilies and Coffin: Person loses their position or influence; funeral procession

Lilies and Bouquet:

Lilies and Scythe:

Lilies and Whips:

Lilies and Birds: Regretful intimacy 

Lilies and Child:

Lilies and Fox:

Lilies and Bear:

Lilies and Stars:

Lilies and Storks:

Lilies and Dog:

Lilies and Tower:

Lilies and Garden:

Lilies and Mountain:

Lilies and Crossroads: Change finally happens (opposite of "shit happens")

Lilies and Mice:

Lilies and Hearts:

Lilies and Ring:

Lilies and Book:

Lilies and Letters: Drug test

Lilies and Gentleman:

Lilies and Lady:

Lilies and Sun:

Lilies and Moon:

Lilies and Key:

Lilies and Fishes:

Lilies and Anchor: Vocation is found after much searching

Lilies and Cross:  Dedicated and in it for the long haul

31. Sun A (achievement, energy, motivation, success)

Sun and Rider:

Sun and Clover:

Sun and Ship:

Sun and House:

Sun and Tree:

Sun and Clouds:

Sun and Snake:

Sun and Coffin:

Sun and Coffin:

Sun and Scythe:

Sun and Whips:

Sun and Birds:

Sun and Child:

Sun and Fox:

Sun and Bear: Medical license

Sun and Stars:

Sun and Storks:

Sun and Dog:

Sun and Tower: Electrical equipment maintenance 

Sun and Garden:

Sun and Mountain:

Sun and Crossroads:

Sun and Mice:

Sun and Hearts:

Sun and Ring:

Sun and Book:

Sun and Letters:

Sun and Gentleman:

Sun and Lady:

Sun and Lilies:

Sun and Moon:

Sun and Key:

Sun and Fishes:

Sun and Anchor:

Sun and Cross:

32. Moon 8(arts, honor, recognition, romance)

Moon and Rider:

Moon and Clover:

Moon and Ship:

Moon and House:

Moon and Tree:

Moon and Clouds:

Moon and Snake:

Moon and Coffin: The culmination of success, ending with an award

Moon and Bouquet:

Moon and Scythe:

Moon and Whips:

Moon and Birds:

Moon and Child:

Moon and Fox:

Moon and Bear:

Moon and Stars:

Moon and Storks: Quick to be recognized

Moon and Dog:

Moon and Tower:

Moon and Garden:

Moon and Mountain:

Moon and Crossroads:

Moon and Mice:

Moon and Hearts:

Moon and Ring:

Moon and Book:

Moon and Letters:

Moon and Gentleman:

Moon and Lady:

Moon and Key:

Moon and Fishes:

Moon and Anchor:

Moon and Cross:

33. Key 8 (answers, breakthrough, clue, solution)

Key and Rider:

Key and Clover:

Key and Ship:

Key and House:

Key and Tree:

Key and Clouds:

Key and Snake:

Key and Coffin:

Key and Bouquet:

Key and Scythe:

Key and Whips: Solution is the result of persistence

Key and Birds:

Key and Child:

Key and Fox:

Key and Bear:

Key and Stars:

Key and Storks:

Key and Dog:

Key and Tower:

Key and Garden:

Key and Mountain:

Key and Crossroads: Important decision has to or has been already be made

Key and Mice:

Key and Hearts:

Key and Ring:

Key and Book: Hidden clues, inferences, reading between the lines

Key and Letters: Prioritized in an paperwork process

Key and Gentleman:

Key and Lady:

Key and Lilies:

Sun and Key:

Key and Moon:

Key and Fishes:

Key and Anchor:

Key and Cross:

34. Fishes K(business, independence, investments, money)

Fishes and Rider: Message about money

Fishes and Clover:

Fishes and Ship: Having a "Plan B"

Fishes and House: Rich and rewarding home life

Fishes and Tree:

Fishes and Clouds:

Fishes and Snake:

Fishes and Coffin: Working in an emergency medical field

Fishes and Bouquet:

Fishes and Scythe:

Fishes and Whips:

Fishes and Birds:

Fishes and Child:

Fishes and Fox: Hard work pays off, employees

Fishes and Bear:

Fishes and Stars:

Fishes and Storks:

Fishes and Dog:

Fishes and Tower:

Fishes and Garden:

Fishes and Mountain:

Fishes and Crossroads:

Fishes and Mice:

Fishes and Hearts:

Fishes and Ring:

Fishes and Book: Making money doing while what you love to do

Fishes and Letters:

Fishes and Gentleman:

Fishes and Lady:

Fishes and Lilies:

Fishes and Sun:

Fishes and Moon:

Fishes and Key:

Fishes and Anchor: Making money within your vocation

Fishes and Cross:

35. Anchor 9♠ (stability, perseverance, security, vocation)

Anchor and Rider:

Anchor and Clover:

Anchor and Ship:

Anchor and House:

Anchor and Tree:

Anchor and Clouds:

Anchor and Snake:

Anchor and Coffin:

Anchor and Bouquet:

Anchor and Scythe:

Anchor and Whips:

Anchor and Birds:

Anchor and Child:

Anchor and Fox:

Anchor and Bear:

Anchor and Stars:

Anchor and Storks:

Anchor and Dog:

Anchor and Tower:

Anchor and Garden:

Anchor and Mountain:

Anchor and Crossroads:

Anchor and Mice:

Anchor and Hearts:

Anchor and Ring:

Anchor and Book:

Anchor and Letters:

Anchor and Gentleman:

Anchor and Lady:

Anchor and Lilies: Vocation is found after much searching

Anchor and Sun:

Anchor and Moon:

Anchor and Key:

Anchor and Fishes: Making money within your vocation

Anchor and Cross:

36. Cross 6♣ (distress, pain, religion, sacrifice)

Cross and Rider:

Cross and Clover:

Cross and Ship:

Cross and House:

Cross and Tree:

Cross and Clouds:

Cross and Snake:

Cross and Coffin:

Cross and Bouquet:

Cross and Scythe:

Cross and Whips: Same shit different day; hoping for the best, expecting the worst

Cross and Birds:

Cross and Child:

Cross and Fox: Job relating to life and death, i.e. minister, firefighter/paramedic, doctor, etc.

Cross and Bear:

Cross and Stars:

Cross and Storks:

Cross and Dog:

Cross and Tower:

Cross and Garden:

Cross and Mountain:

Cross and Crossroads:

Cross and Mice:

Cross and Hearts: Unrequited love, a crush

Cross and Ring:

Cross and Book:

Cross and Letters:

Cross and Gentleman:

Cross and Lady:

Cross and Lilies: Dedicated and in it for the long haul

Cross and Sun:

Cross and Moon:

Cross and Key:

Cross and Fishes:


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