Sunday, August 30

Personal Aspects for Sunday, August 30, 2015

Moon opposition Pluto at 1°42 arcseconds
You may appear to others as a formidable force, and formidable forces may significantly shape you now as well. You likely have influence over others during this period, or you may seek it. There sometimes is an urge to control the lives of people, especially of those close to you, although you likely meet with resistance. It is possible that you can no longer abide the seeming manipulation that others exert causing you to react powerfully. If pushed to an extreme, you may bring aspects of your life to a close, although it can happen that circumstances beyond your command can do the same.

Personal concerns may take center stage during this cycle. Wherever there are long-standing differences, they may reach a peak. Generally, any patterns of interaction that have a history of conflict and ignorance (of the causes) can intensify now. However, the result of such polarities is to bring a profound awareness of their basis so that problems can be overcome.

While it is possible to breakthrough and to find common ground, it occasionally works out that the appropriate outcome is a severing of ties.

Conflict with others during this cycle is not the necessary catalyst for you to make profound changes within yourself. In fact, the more that you play an active role in eliminating unwanted behaviors on your own, the less likely you require others to facilitate the process. This interval does have you look deeply into your habitual responses and their causes, allowing you to recognize the difference between your actions to please others and your true needs. By affirming those that are yours, you can seek to make them more prominent, while those that are bound with the expectations of people can lose their dominance.

Situations may arise that demand your support. You may have to make a decision about whether to lend it or not, although the choice may be made for you. It is possible that you require the help of those closest to you, though they may not respond in the way you want. If you rely on family and intimate friends, this period may force you to rely on your own resources to provide for yourself. If you are usually self-reliant, you may find yourself having to depend on outside assistance. One purpose of this cycle is to get you in touch with your core, which gives you a sense of belonging, not only to a family or family-like group but also to life in general. To the extent that you feel disconnected, you have the capacity to change that. It may require that you move or make a significant break. Ultimately it comes down to maintaining what is vital and dispensing with what is inessential.

Moon trine Sun at 0°05 arcminutes
You have a clearer sense of your priorities. By appreciating who you are, you find yourself appreciated by others. This is an excellent time to take a break to take care of you. If you must stay involved, seek to express yourself; you should receive a positive response to heartfelt concerns that you show. Feeling better about who you are, it is easier to flow with the events of the moment.

† An arcsecond = 13,600 (1°)
 An arcminute = 160  (1°)

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