Thursday, August 13

Transit Mars Trine Mars 0°19s

You combine a healthy sense of courage and confidence with a great deal of focused, physical energy, making this a great time for gaining momentum in your business projects and convincing other people of your abilities through direct and productive action. You’re determined to win and quite capable of achieving your goals, and other people will move out of your way rather than try to stop you. Rather than reacting to personal challenges, you see any adversity as motivation to push even harder and prove yourself through your actions. Your physical energy is high and you’re coordinated in your movements, and may enjoy athletic activities that release this energy and allow you to feel like a champion. Use this time to push ahead in your endeavors rather than waiting for things to come to you.

Transit Mercury Trine Saturn 0°56s

This is an excellent day for any mental work involving accuracy, precision or analyzing facts. Your thinking is deliberate, cautious and organized, and your conclusions will be logical and easily understood by other people. You may have more demands and responsibilities, but your attitude is serious and you’ll strive to accomplish as much as you can, making sure that you don’t sacrifice accuracy and efficiency in the performance of your job. You may have an enlightening conversation with a supervisor or mentor, or someone much older or established in their profession. You may also teach or attend a class.

Moon Trine Mars 0°40a

In knowing what you need, you can take the steps to satisfy it. You are not one to sit around now-being active feels good. There is emotion tied to your actions, and it is easy to really get into something although you may lose interest shortly after the beginning. You are successful, however, at initiating things and in getting others interested in what you desire. Having an accurate sense of what is right to do, you are effective taking charge.

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