Wednesday, September 23

Wednesday's Aspects

"All Better"

Shingles runs in my family. As predicted, they are all gone except for a few residual patches. Nothing to worry about, and ready for my physical tomorrow! (I know the date shows "Sept. 24th, and the explanation is that my personal aspects usually begin to show evidence a day before they appear on the calendar.)

Chiron, Mercury 120° (trine, exact Sept. 24)
Healing of the nervous system

Mercury's keywords: Agile, Brain, Communication, Commerce, Connection, Coordination, Cunning, Dexterous, Eloquence, Expressive, Flexibility, Gossip, Guile, Information, Intellect, Internet, Intuition, Knowledge, Learning, Logic, Meeting point between Sun and Moon, Memory, Messenger, Mental faculties, Mind, Nervous system, Perception, Rationality, Reactivity, Reason, Respiration, Self-expression, Speech, Thinking, Thought processes, Transport, Travel, Trickster, Wit, Writing, Youthfulness (Source).

Chiron's keywords: Acceptance, Bridge between worlds, Dilemmas, Denial of Higher Self, Disease, Cleansing, Cosmic messenger, Creative solutions, Embrace extremes, Fragmentation, Fusion, Gifts, Go-between, Healing, Holistic, Immune system, Impersonal energies, Initiation, Instincts, Integration, Maverick, Pain, Paradox, Psychic debris, Renunciation, Self-consciousness, Shamanic initiation, Shamanism, Spiritual growth, Spiritual warrior, Soul’s wound, Suffering, Victimhood, Wholeness, Wounded Healer, Woundedness, Uniting opposites, Unseen forces (Source).

"Careful, Now!"

Sun, Uranus  .001° (conjunct, Sept. 24)
Extreme Confidence

Sun's keywords: Attitude to life, Authority, Confidence, Consciousness, Creative energy, Creative self-expression, Creative potential, Creativity, Ego, Father, Gold, Heart, Hope, Individuality, Life force, Male role models, Masculine side of self, Mediator between inner self and outside world, Personal identity, Physical vitality, Potential, Power, Recognition, Self-expression, Self-integration, Sense of Self, Spine, Thymus, Vitality, Well-being (Source).

Uranus's keywords: Breakdown, Breakthrough, Change, Chaos, Creativity, Desire for change, Detachment, Deviance, Eccentric, Electricity, Excitement, Experimentation, Extremism, Fellowship, Freedom, Future expectations, Genius, Higher mind, Higher octave of Mercury, Humanity, Impatience, Independence, Individuality, Innovation, Inspiration, Intuition, Inventive, Liberation, Nonconformity, Originality, Outsider, Rebelliousness, Restlessness, Revolutionary, Science, Social awareness, Sudden change, Technology, Truthfulness, Unexpected, Universal Mind, Unorthodox, Unpredictable, Upheaval, Willfulness (Source).

Sun,  Jupiter  .006° (conjunct, Sept. 24)
Excessive Masculinity

Jupiter's keywords: Abundance, Aspirations, Belief system, Chance, Cheerful, Cornucopia, Conceit, Creative visualization, Education, Excess, Expansiveness, Extravagance, Faith, Fortune, Future, Gambling, Generosity, Grace, Growth, Higher learning, Higher mind, Hope, Inflation, Jovial, Knowledge, Largesse, Lawlessness, Luck, Magnanimous, New horizons, Optimism, Opulence, Philosophy, Positive conscience, Religion, Ritual, Seeker, Self-improvement, Study, Success, Travel, Trust, Truth, Wastage, Wealth, Wisdom (Source).

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