Thursday, September 24

Another Personal Aspect for Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mercury, Uranus  89.5° (Square, Sept. 25)
Technological Test involving Respiration

                       Astrology can be literal. Mercury and Uranus square means there will be a physical measurement of my heart-rate and respiration today, and this is something I will actually be doing in a few hours!

Mercury's keywords: Agile, Brain, Communication, Commerce, Connection, Coordination, Cunning, Dexterous, Eloquence, Expressive, Flexibility, Gossip, Guile, Information, Intellect, Internet, Intuition, Knowledge, Learning, Logic, Meeting point between Sun and Moon, Memory, Messenger, Mental faculties, Mind, Nervous system, Perception, Rationality, Reactivity, Reason, Respiration, Self-expression, Speech, Thinking, Thought processes, Transport, Travel, Trickster, Wit, Writing, Youthfulness (Source).

Uranus's keywords: Breakdown, Breakthrough, Change, Chaos, Creativity, Desire for change, Detachment, Deviance, Eccentric, Electricity, Excitement, Experimentation, Extremism, Fellowship, Freedom, Future expectations, Genius, Higher mind, Higher octave of Mercury, Humanity, Impatience, Independence, Individuality, Innovation, Inspiration, Intuition, Inventive, Liberation, Nonconformity, Originality, Outsider, Rebelliousness, Restlessness, Revolutionary, Science, Social awareness, Sudden change, Technology, Truthfulness, Unexpected, Universal Mind, Unorthodox, Unpredictable, Upheaval, Willfulness (Source).

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