Wednesday, September 23

Aspect for Thursday, September 24, 2015

"Ready, Set, Go!"

Sun, Mars 60.7° (sextile, Sept. 25)
Physical Vitality and Energy

        All set for a stress test that measures my physical aptitude, tomorrow will be a confident day. If I was worried before, I will not any longer. 

Sun's keywords: Attitude to life, Authority, Confidence, Consciousness, Creative energy, Creative self-expression, Creative potential, Creativity, Ego, Father, Gold, Heart, Hope, Individuality, Life force, Male role models, Masculine side of self, Mediator between inner self and outside world, Personal identity, Physical vitality, Potential, Power, Recognition, Self-expression, Self-integration, Sense of Self, Spine, Thymus, Vitality, Well-being (Source).

Mars's keywords: Action, Aggression, Anger, Animal instincts, Animus, Assertiveness, Competence, Competitive, Conquest, Courage, Drive, Dynamic, Energy, Force, Goal-oriented, Heat, Impatient, Impulsiveness, Initiative, Iron, Libido, Life force, Lust, Machismo, Male Archetype, Masculinity, Passion, Physical energy, Potency, Rage, Serves the expression of the Sun, Self-preservation, Sex drive, Sexuality (male), Strength, Survival instinct, Temper, Vigorous, Violence, Virility, Willfulness, Willpower (Source).

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