Monday, September 14

Personal Aspect for Monday, September 13, 2015

Moon, Venus 119.1° (trine on Sept. 15)
Feeling a connection with daily habits, "getting into the groove" of things

Moon's keywords: Ancestral inheritance, Belonging, Body, Breasts, Childhood, Conditioning, Cycles, Emotions, Emotional response, Eternal feminine, Family, Feelings, Female role models, Feminine side of self, Food, Fluctuation, Habits, Heritage, Home, Instincts, Maternal instincts, Memory, Moods, Mother, Nourishment, Nurturing, Passivity, Past, Receptivity, Reflection, Responsiveness, Roots, Safety, Security, Silver, Stomach, Subconscious, Survival instincts, Tides, Unconscious response (Source).

Venus's keywords: Adaptation, Aesthetic tastes, Affections, Anima, Arts, Attraction, Attractiveness, Beauty, Charm, Closeness, Compromise, Connection, Desire nature, Emotional life, Enjoyment, Eroticism, Female Archetype, Femininity, Finances, Glamour, Happiness, Harmony, Hedonism, Intimacy, Love, Money, Pleasure, Relatedness, Relationships, Rivalry, Seduction, Self-worth, Sensuality, Sexuality (female), Social ease, Sociability, Throat, Values, Vanity, Voluptuous (Source).

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