Sunday, September 13

Personal Aspects Coming into Focus

Sun, Pluto 0.1° (conjunct Sept. 16) 
Transformation of an attitude to life, confidence and consciousness

Pluto's keywords: Abuse, Birth-Death-Rebirth, Collective shadow, Collective unconscious, Compulsions, Cycle of life, Dark drives, Darkness, Death, Decay, Destruction, Elimination, Empowerment, Endings, Envy, Evolution, Evolve or Die, Explosive, Fanaticism, Fearlessness, Hidden gifts, Higher octave of Mars, Inner resources, Intense, Intolerance, Jealousy, Letting go of the old, Manipulation, Misuse of power, Obsessions, Pollution, Potent force, Power, Psychoanalysis, Radical change, Rage, Rebirth, Regeneration, Relentless, Renewal, Repressed feelings, Resentment, Sex, Subtlety, Subversion, Survival instinct, Sustainability, Taboos, Transformation, Transmutation, Unconscious mind, Underworld, Violent, Volcanic (Source).

Sun's keywords: Attitude to life, Authority, Confidence, Consciousness, Creative energy, Creative self-expression, Creative potential, Creativity, Ego, Father, Gold, Heart, Hope, Individuality, Life force, Male role models, Masculine side of self, Mediator between inner self and outside world, Personal identity, Physical vitality, Potential, Power, Recognition, Self-expression, Self-integration, Sense of Self, Spine, Thymus, Vitality, Well-being (Source).

Sun, Neptune 60.3°  (sextile Sept. 19)
Hope in Romantic Love

Neptune's keywords: Addiction, Anxiety, Compassion, Confusion, Deception, Diffuse, Disillusionment, Disintegration, Dissolution, Dreams, Ecstasy, Elusive, Enlightenment, Escapism, Fantasy, Fascination, Glamour, Guilt, Higher octave of Venus, Ideals, Illusions, Imagination, Impressionable, Inspiration, Intangible, Madness, Martyr complex, Merging, Mysticism, Nebulousness, Oceanic consciousness, Oneness, Psychic sensitivity, Romantic love, Sacrifice, Savior complex, Self-sacrifice, Sensitivity, Spiritual values, Subtlety, Transcendence, Uncertainty, Unknown, Universal Love, Visionary, Weak boundaries (Source).

Neptune, Saturn 59.9° (sextile Sept. 19)
Ideals of Prudence

Saturn's keywords: Ambition, Authority figures, Boundaries, Career, Caution, Coldness, Conservation, Consolidation, Contraction, Control, Cynicism, Defensiveness, Denial, Destiny, Discipline, Duty, Effort, Excellence, Fear, Inhibition, Job, Karma, Law and order, Lead (the metal), Limiting, Long-term plans, Mastery, Material security, Negative conscience, Negativity, Old age, Organisation, Patience, Practicality, Prudence, Reality check, Reliability, Resilience, Responsibility, Self-restriction, Seriousness, Shadow, Skeleton, Status, Status quo, Strength, Structure, Testing, Thrift, Time, Vocation, Wisdom, Work (Source).

Saturn, Uranus 59.9997° (sextile Sept. 20)
Change in material security

Uranus's keywords: Breakdown, Breakthrough, Change, Chaos, Creativity, Desire for change, Detachment, Deviance, Eccentric, Electricity, Excitement, Experimentation, Extremism, Fellowship, Freedom, Future expectations, Genius, Higher mind, Higher octave of Mercury, Humanity, Impatience, Independence, Individuality, Innovation, Inspiration, Intuition, Inventive, Liberation, Nonconformity, Originality, Outsider, Rebelliousness, Restlessness, Revolutionary, Science, Social awareness, Sudden change, Technology, Truthfulness, Unexpected, Universal Mind, Unorthodox, Unpredictable, Upheaval, Willfulness (Source).

Chiron, Mercury 120° (trine Sept. 24)
Healing of the nervous system

Uranus, Mercury 90° (square Oct. 8)
Rebelliousness and Independence

Mercury's keywords: Agile, Brain, Communication, Commerce, Connection, Coordination, Cunning, Dexterous, Eloquence, Expressive, Flexibility, Gossip, Guile, Information, Intellect, Internet, Intuition, Knowledge, Learning, Logic, Meeting point between Sun and Moon, Memory, Messenger, Mental faculties, Mind, Nervous system, Perception, Rationality, Reactivity, Reason, Respiration, Self-expression, Speech, Thinking, Thought processes, Transport, Travel, Trickster, Wit, Writing, Youthfulness (Source).

Chiron's keywords: Acceptance, Bridge between worlds, Dilemmas, Denial of Higher Self, Disease, Cleansing, Cosmic messenger, Creative solutions, Embrace extremes, Fragmentation, Fusion, Gifts, Go-between, Healing, Holistic, Immune system, Impersonal energies, Initiation, Instincts, Integration, Maverick, Pain, Paradox, Psychic debris, Renunciation, Self-consciousness, Shamanic initiation, Shamanism, Spiritual growth, Spiritual warrior, Soul’s wound, Suffering, Victimhood, Wholeness, Wounded Healer, Woundedness, Uniting opposites, Unseen forces (Source).

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