Friday, September 25

Personal Aspects for Friday, September 25, 2015

Saturn, Uranus 60.0003° (sextile Sept. 26)
Change in material security; Future expectations with career, Fellowship with authority figures, Freedom of self-restriction; Breaking through boundaries:

By coming to terms with what is unpredictable, you can make it your ally rather than something to fear. Allowing it a place in your life can add a new dimension to what is ordinary and keep you sharp and capable of appreciating the wisdom of change when the time is right. A potential gift of this cycle is the capacity to focus on what is unique rather than what is familiar or to see the unique in the setting of everyday events. On a practical level, this can mean that you can solve problems by looking at the same set of conditions from a different angle than is customary.

Saturn's keywords: Ambition, Authority figures, Boundaries, Career, Caution, Coldness, Conservation, Consolidation, Contraction, Control, Cynicism, Defensiveness, Denial, Destiny, Discipline, Duty, Effort, Excellence, Fear, Inhibition, Job, Karma, Law and order, Lead (the metal), Limiting, Long-term plans, Mastery, Material security, Negative conscience, Negativity, Old age, Organisation, Patience, Practicality, Prudence, Reality check, Reliability, Resilience, Responsibility, Self-restriction, Seriousness, Shadow, Skeleton, Status, Status quo, Strength, Structure, Testing, Thrift, Time, Vocation, Wisdom, Work (Source).

Uranus's keywords: Breakdown, Breakthrough, Change, Chaos, Creativity, Desire for change, Detachment, Deviance, Eccentric, Electricity, Excitement, Experimentation, Extremism, Fellowship, Freedom, Future expectations, Genius, Higher mind, Higher octave of Mercury, Humanity, Impatience, Independence, Individuality, Innovation, Inspiration, Intuition, Inventive, Liberation, Nonconformity, Originality, Outsider, Rebelliousness, Restlessness, Revolutionary, Science, Social awareness, Sudden change, Technology, Truthfulness, Unexpected, Universal Mind, Unorthodox, Unpredictable, Upheaval, Willfulness (Source).

Mercury, Venus 120.683° (trine, Sept. 26)
Communicating in Love; Expressive Connection:

                Preferring thoughts and conversations about harmony and peace rather than discord and conflict, you are easy to be around. You connect with others by having fun and charming them-if necessary. Communications given and received convey happiness, and you tend to value what you learn now. Decisions based on pleasure are typically the right ones-at least for the moment.   

Mercury's keywords: Agile, Brain, Communication, Commerce, Connection, Coordination, Cunning, Dexterous, Eloquence, Expressive, Flexibility, Gossip, Guile, Information, Intellect, Internet, Intuition, Knowledge, Learning, Logic, Meeting point between Sun and Moon, Memory, Messenger, Mental faculties, Mind, Nervous system, Perception, Rationality, Reactivity, Reason, Respiration, Self-expression, Speech, Thinking, Thought processes, Transport, Travel, Trickster, Wit, Writing, Youthfulness (Source).

Venus's keywords: Adaptation, Aesthetic tastes, Affections, Anima, Arts, Attraction, Attractiveness, Beauty, Charm, Closeness, Compromise, Connection, Desire nature, Emotional life, Enjoyment, Eroticism, Female Archetype, Femininity, Finances, Glamour, Happiness, Harmony, Hedonism, Intimacy, Love, Money, Pleasure, Relatedness, Relationships, Rivalry, Seduction, Self-worth, Sensuality, Sexuality (female), Social ease, Sociability, Throat, Values, Vanity, Voluptuous (Source).

Moon, Mars 90.0061° (square Sept. 26)
Competition with feminine side of self; Emotional response of Lust:

Feeling motivates actions, and you are quick to respond to a need. Sustaining your interest is a challenge, and you may have difficulty making or keeping certain commitments. This is a time for an emotional response rather than a considered opinion. While you can excite others with your energy, you also can be combative, particularly with those who are too demanding.

Moon's keywords: Ancestral inheritance, Belonging, Body, Breasts, Childhood, Conditioning, Cycles, Emotions, Emotional response, Eternal feminine, Family, Feelings, Female role models, Feminine side of self, Food, Fluctuation, Habits, Heritage, Home, Instincts, Maternal instincts, Memory, Moods, Mother, Nourishment, Nurturing, Passivity, Past, Receptivity, Reflection, Responsiveness, Roots, Safety, Security, Silver, Stomach, Subconscious, Survival instincts, Tides, Unconscious response (Source).

Mars's keywords: Action, Aggression, Anger, Animal instincts, Animus, Assertiveness, Competence, Competitive, Conquest, Courage, Drive, Dynamic, Energy, Force, Goal-oriented, Heat, Impatient, Impulsiveness, Initiative, Iron, Libido, Life force, Lust, Machismo, Male Archetype, Masculinity, Passion, Physical energy, Potency, Rage, Serves the expression of the Sun, Self-preservation, Sex drive, Sexuality (male), Strength, Survival instinct, Temper, Vigorous, Violence, Virility, Willfulness, Willpower (Source).

Sun, Mars 60.0053° (sextile Sept. 26)
Confidence in Self-expression; Sex-drive; Potency involved with masculine side of self:

A successful start is easy to achieve when you know where you are going. By acting in a direct manner, you can take advantage of opportunities that arise. Choices that you make at this time of year generally are good ones, leading you in a desirable direction. Decisiveness comes from thinking as little as possible; your instincts are generally on the mark. Physical activity provides an enjoyable outlet, and courage is available to take a needed step.

Sun's keywords: Attitude to life, Authority, Confidence, Consciousness, Creative energy, Creative self-expression, Creative potential, Creativity, Ego, Father, Gold, Heart, Hope, Individuality, Life force, Male role models, Masculine side of self, Mediator between inner self and outside world, Personal identity, Physical vitality, Potential, Power, Recognition, Self-expression, Self-integration, Sense of Self, Spine, Thymus, Vitality, Well-being (Source).

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