Monday, September 7

Personal Aspects for the Week of Monday, September 7, 2015

Neptune sextile Saturn (approaching, at 0°18 arcminutes to 0°09a on Sunday)

Opening whatever is closed is possible now as circumstances promote a more relaxed attitude to those areas that are unyielding. If you like to maintain a firm grip on certain aspects of your life, you can ease up a bit now and probably accomplish more. Wherever you exercise your authority, you likely are more effective during this cycle when you are less concerned with the literal facts and more attentive to the implied intent. Those whom you answer to are often more receptive at this time and may be willing to overlook missteps while allowing you greater latitude.

Being easier on yourself and others can actually bring you closer to your goals. Learning how to stay focused while not becoming locked in on a target can allow you to recognize possibilities that you otherwise might miss when your vision is narrow. Although the objectives that you seek should drive you now, you likely are more aware of their subtleties, and small adjustments that you implement now can have a large and helpful impact. By appreciating other sides to an issue or other ways to accomplish the same task, you likely access answers that before you might not have considered, and problems that seem intractable and are stuck can loosen.

Sometimes this cycle has a positive mental impact where you are able to reason with imagination. Greater pliability in your thinking can permit you to structure more openly, and you may recognize the value of incorporating creativity into any decision. Letting go of concerns rather than holding onto them can dissipate repetitive thought patterns that typically are negative. Although you can get things done during this period, you generally are more productive when you take time out for rest and contemplation. Disengaging from the strain of work not only offers relief, but it also can give you pause to realize how to function more efficiently.

This period may have little noticeable impact since it involves an influence that is difficult to detect. Responsibilities, however, may lose some of their weight now without any effort on your part. An attitude of acceptance can emerge that dissolves burdensome obligations while imperceptibly shifting your priorities. Whatever is out of place tends to find its right position more readily now when you do not force it. If you sense that you are off course in any way, you may become more attuned to the right direction. All that may be required is one small step to get you back on track.

Saturn sextile Jupiter (approaching, at 0°55 arcminutes to 0°33a on Sunday)

Productive growth can occur as conditions are right to make steady progress in those areas that you wish to pursue. Although results typically are unspectacular, they tend to have a lasting impact. What you do, you usually do well because you can recognize that not all things can be done at once. Too many options limit your effectiveness, and you can see what ones are worthwhile. Situations may arise where you must make important choices, and you likely choose appropriately because you are capable of making the necessary distinctions.

This cycle provides a learning environment where you benefit from taking seriously whatever you seek to know. It is possible that you find a subject that really grabs your interest and keeps you involved without distraction.

Circumstances may allow you to be thorough in whatever you study, and this can help deepen your understanding of what is important and what is dispensable. Even if you are not involved in a formal educational setting, the experiences available to you now generally bring you useful knowledge that can clarify your direction. Travel is often favorable now, especially if you are taking a trip for reasons other than just pleasure. You likely have more fun going somewhere with a purpose rather than no plan at all.

Opportunities, although usually not plentiful at this time, may prove significant. You may achieve success during this cycle because you can focus on what you enjoy, and you typically maintain a steady pace in achieving what fulfills you or at least what helps you to grow. You tend to stay within your limits while at the same time moving forward so that you can develop your ideas, your projects, or your relationships comfortably and with a minimum of stress. Staying on track is easier now because there is often a minimum if not an absence of surprises to disrupt your advancement.

Although events may cause you to slow down your pace, the change is often welcome. Clarity can arise from being deliberate and observant bringing more satisfaction than being frenetic and scattered. The possibility exists for greater depth in all that you experience during this cycle, and this can produce lasting enjoyment in whatever you pursue. You must make an effort to reap the full rewards of this period; at the very least, conditions should help you to focus on where you need to go.

Uranus square Mercury (approaching at 1°07 arcminutes to 0°55a on Sunday)

Your mind often shines brilliantly during this period although you can become so caught up in your own way of seeing things that you sometimes lose perspective. Ideas tend to form easily and you can latch onto a piece of information that convinces you of its truth while you ignore disparities that likely exist. Sometimes you are a walking and talking contradiction. Your position can change instantly when something better grabs your attention. It is not so much that you vacillate, for you will defend your current point of view with unusual zeal; it is more that your outlook can shift dramatically because new data has a strong effect now.

Communication issues can arise now as breakdowns can occur suddenly and without warning. A seemingly random message that you receive may have a profound impact causing you to perceive things very differently than before. A chance encounter in your daily travels can shift the direction of your life. While these are only possibilities, you often have difficulty in your interactions with others. You have a tendency at this time to believe that your ideas are right, and you generally are unafraid to articulate them. At the same time, you may be intolerant of anyone questioning your opinions. It is possible, however, that you must deal with strongly biased individuals who can cause you stress as they may refuse to acknowledge your contributions.

Despite the difficulties that this period can present, your mind usually operates at a higher frequency and with greater speed which allows you to comprehend what before may have seemed incomprehensible. You can learn challenging techniques and work to resolve highly technical issues. Moving too fast can cause you problems if you do not adjust to the demands of the situation. Forethought can make the difference between unexpected setbacks and successful adaptation. Finding the time to rest often is important so that you do not become too frantic and frenetic.

You generally like to think and speak independently which is appropriate for now, although sudden changes of ideas can make you seem inconsistent and unreliable; this likely is true if you focus on what is superficial. Great clarity can emerge from this cycle, and you can clear the air of ambiguity with strong convictions. However, make sure that whatever you espouse has truth behind it rather than simply its unusual or even shocking appeal.

Saturn sextile Uranus (approaching, at 1°13 arcminutes to 0°51a on Sunday)

Instituting change is easier now if you need to make some adjustments as conditions favor integrating the new into what already is established. You tend to recognize the importance of doing things differently, and you can show greater acceptance of what is unconventional. If you are comfortable with the many sides to your personality, you may find the right form to express the more unusual aspects of who you are. If you have difficulty with anything but the norm, being out of character often is more tolerable at this time, and what you consider outside your boundaries may actually become more familiar now.

Opportunities exist to gain mental clarity on those issues that seem to embody variability. It is one of those cycles where you can grasp the meaning of capricious and erratic events which serve to keep life from becoming dull and boring. Although you may not control any outcomes, you can give direction to what is inherently independent of all rules and regulations. In this way, you can maintain a balance between order and randomness. The volatility that can characterize certain areas of your life is more manageable now because it typically is subdued. This slowing down can create situations where you can more readily comprehend inherently difficult or technical issues as well as the reasons and meaning for inconsistencies.

By coming to terms with what is unpredictable, you can make it your ally rather than something to fear. Allowing it a place in your life can add a new dimension to what is ordinary and keep you sharp and capable of appreciating the wisdom of change when the time is right. A potential gift of this cycle is the capacity to focus on what is unique rather than what is familiar or to see the unique in the setting of everyday events. On a practical level, this can mean that you can solve problems by looking at the same set of conditions from a different angle than is customary.

A well-structured existence may find the effect of this period somewhat negligible except for an occasional insight and a lessening of irregularities that tend to disturb the order. This certainly helps to maintain steady advancement regarding important concerns since inconsistency is less noticeable. If you care to examine, however, there is much more to this cycle than smoothing of the data. It really can bring out what is original in you and those around you so that you can step outside the status quo without overturning it, and a part of you that you never knew existed may suddenly appear.

Mercury trine Venus (departing, at 0°22 arcseconds to 3°52s on Sunday)

Preferring thoughts and conversations about harmony and peace rather than discord and conflict, you are easy to be around. You connect with others by having fun and charming them, if necessary. Communications given and received convey happiness, and you tend to value what you learn now. Decisions based on pleasure are typically the right ones at least for the moment.

† An arcsecond = 13,600 (1°)
 An arcminute = 160  (1°)

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