Sunday, July 26

Mountain & Clover: Overcoming problems with a little luck. 
  • Tree + Gentleman: Healthy man, older man. 
  • Gentleman + Clover: Good fortune. 
  • Clover + Clouds: Uncertain luck; "be careful what you wish for". 
  • Child + Clouds: Being almost certain about a child. 
  • Child + Book: Small secret. 
  • Coffin + Book: Conclusion to research; hypothesis. 
  • Coffin + Moon: Culmination of success; ending with an award or something long-awaited for.

          In this case it is about a possible relation that has come into my life. Careful not to rush things, I am slowly  trying to figure out whether or not someone is a long-lost (adopted out) son whom I had no idea existed until recently. In this context; and since Gentleman is rarely about me; I think the Tree & Gentleman combo means a grown man, or adult child. The person is question is 21 years old.

Rider + Whips:  Repeated messages.   

  • House + Fishes: Rewarding home life. 
  • House + Letters: House where you get your mail; physical address. 
  • Letters + Whips: "Tell me something I don't already know".  
  • Whips + Key: Solution a result from being persistent.       
  • Key + Crossroads: Important decision [has been already been] made. 
  • Crossroads + Lilies: Change finally happens. 
  • Lilies  + Anchor: Vocation is found after much searching.
            Often I wonder what brought me back home; why some pretty serious and tumultuous events have occurred in my life recently; and what is to come of all of it. The repeated message seems to be that I am where I am supposed to be at the moment. By chance (?) at my new job, the other new-hire is so much like me that the other guys are asking me if he's my kid. Key + Crossroads makes me think that this kid already knows (as if he has the birth parents' names) and he has yet to tell me because he certainly acts as if something is up!

Tower  + Hearts:   Official relationship, like an adoption. Loneliness is overcome with love.
  • Lady + Bear: Determined individual (my Significator). 
  • Bear + Cross: Something big happening in your life; fate. 
  • Cross + Mice:  Blast from the past. 
  • Mice + Hearts: Both a curse and a blessing
  • Hearts + Stars: A relationship that you were hoping for. 
  • Stars + Bouquet: A gift from the beyond. 
            I think this is confirmation that my suspicion is correct, although this is only the second reading I've done. This reading was about work, in general, and what it tells me is something completely off from what I asked about! The kid is a fellow employee, hired on the same day. Apparently the issue with how work is progressing is tied in with this issue, and they are inexorably linked. This makes total sense, seeing how everything we do seems to be identical. The original question was about what prospects do I (we) have filling another, better paying position in the concrete yard.

                 Birds + Ship:  Talk at work, gossip.  

  • Ring + Snake: Tricky arrangement. 
  • Snake + Fox: Issue at work. 
  • Storks + Fox: Intriguing situation at work. 
  • Storks + Sun: Positive change, success, high energy. 
  • Sun + Ship: Sunny disposition, positive outlook having to do with work. 
  • Ship + Garden: Business and pleasure. 
  • Garden + Scythe: Group decision.
        The original question, like I mentioned, was about a position that is opening up with a lot more responsibility. I wanted to know if I have been headhunted for a gantry-crane operator's position. There would be closed-door meetings with the manager to determine whether I'd be a good fit. This paragraph seems to point to at least being considered for the job, if not now, then eventually. If we look back to some other combos, in particular Anchor + Lilies, it may be a little while before I actually get hired as a crane operator, but it will eventually happen. I should be careful what I wish for (Clover + Clouds) in any of these situations, as in either case there comes with it great responsibility