Sunday, August 16

Personal Transits Aspecting Natal Generational Planets

Personal transits in aspect to natal generational planets, approaching, exact at the end of August

Jupiter Square Mars (exact August 22nd):

       Whatever your involvement you likely have an abundance of enthusiasm, and you tend to have many options to pursue. Making choices may prove a challenge, and you can become over-committed now if you do not show some selectivity: You generally are very restless and can be all over the map when you do not have a clear direction as a guide. Even knowing where you are going you will likely find many opportunities that tempt you into exploring new horizons, not that there is anything wrong with expanding your known world. In fact, this is an appropriate use of this cycle, but incidentally, experiences can distract you from what is important and essential.

       You often are on the go now, and if you are prone to lethargy or inactivity this can bring a welcome boost. If active by nature, you can become exhausted by the many commitments that you attempt to fulfill. It is probable that some of your promises you will be unable to keep; since you may have too much to do to satisfy everyone; new possibilities may appear regularly; and your attention is diverted. One of the lessons of this cycle is to learn how to choose wisely and, once you make a decision; stay with it until completion. You often are enthusiastic about starting but can bore easily when it comes to finishing the job. This does not mean that you have to follow something to the bitter end, but it does imply that if you commit yourself to something, be sure it is what is known  to you that can be accomplished.

       Confidence in what you do can bring you success, but you must know your capabilities even as you stretch your limits. This is an excellent time to grow and to expand, although it is all too easy for things to get out of control unless you have a clear understanding of any endeavor. Otherwise the learning may come after you have exceeded boundaries and paid a price. You tend to have an excess of energy that needs to express itself in some way. Adventures likely manifest now, and you can gain valuable experience from exploring all facets of your world. If you enjoy physical activity, sports and travel can offer the perfect outlet for your restless urges. If you prefer a mental approach, you benefit by devouring knowledge in its many guises.

       Generally, this period can provide a lot of excitement, and you are unlikely to find indifference an issue. No matter what happens you probably will benefit from your actions, although not all of them will work out if you move randomly through this interval. The key to success here is to have a plan or a purpose for whatever you undertake, even if it is merely to learn from your mistakes.

Uranus Square Mercury (exact October 8th):

       Your mind often shines brilliantly during this period although you can become so caught up in your own way of seeing things that you sometimes lose perspective. Ideas tend to form easily and you can latch onto a piece of information that convinces you of its truth while you ignore disparities that likely exist. Sometimes you are a walking and talking contradiction. Your position can change instantly when something better grabs your attention. It is not so much that you vacillate, for you will defend your current point of view with unusual zeal; it is more that your outlook can shift dramatically because new data has a strong effect now.

       Communication issues can arise now as breakdowns can occur suddenly and without warning. A seemingly random message that you receive may have a profound impact causing you to perceive things very differently than before. A chance encounter in your daily travels can shift the direction of your life. While these are only possibilities, you often have difficulty in your interactions with others. You have a tendency at this time to believe that your ideas are right, and you generally are unafraid to articulate them. At the same time, you may be intolerant of anyone questioning your opinions. It is possible, however, that you must deal with strongly biased individuals who can cause you stress as they may refuse to acknowledge your contributions.

       Despite the difficulties that this period can present, your mind usually operates at a higher frequency and with greater speed which allows you to comprehend what before may have seemed incomprehensible. You can learn challenging techniques and work to resolve highly technical issues. Moving too fast can cause you problems if you do not adjust to the demands of the situation. Forethought can make the difference between unexpected setbacks and successful adaptation. Finding the time to rest often is important so that you do not become too frantic and frenetic.

       You generally like to think and speak independently which is not inappropriate for now, although sudden changes of ideas can make you seem inconsistent and unreliable; this likely is true if you focus on what is superficial. Great clarity can emerge from this cycle, and you can clear the air of ambiguity with strong convictions. However, make sure that whatever you espouse has truth behind it rather than simply its unusual or even shocking appeal.