Saturday, August 22

My Little Lenormand Notebook

1. Rider 9 (news, visitor, delivery, feedback)

Rider and Clover:

Rider and Ship:

Rider and House:

Rider and Tree:

Rider and Clouds:

Rider and Snake:

Rider and Coffin:

Rider and Bouquet:

Rider and Scythe:

Rider and Whips: Repeated message

Rider and Birds:

Rider and Child:

Rider and Fox:

Rider and Bear:

Rider and Stars:

Rider and Storks:

Rider and Dog:

Rider and Tower:

Rider and Garden:

Rider and Mountain:

Rider and Crossroads:

Rider and Mice:

Rider and Hearts:

Rider and Ring:

Rider and Book:

Rider and Letters:

Rider and Gentleman:

Rider and Lady:

Rider and Lilies:

Rider and Sun:

Rider and Moon:

Rider and Key:

Rider and Fishes: Message about money

Rider and Anchor:

Rider and Cross:

2. Clover 6 (hope, luck, chance, opportunity)

Clover and Rider:

Clover and Ship:

Clover and House:

Clover and Tree:

Clover and  Clouds:

Clover and  Snake:

Clover and  Coffin:

Clover and  Bouquet:

Clover and  Scythe:

Clover and  Whips:

Clover and  Birds:

Clover and  Child:

Clover and  Fox:

Clover and  Bear:

Clover and  Stars:

Clover and Storks:

Clover and Dog: Friends in high places, somebody's got your back

Clover and Tower:

Clover and Garden:

Clover and Mountain:

Clover and Crossroads:

Clover and Mice:

Clover and Hearts:

Clover and Ring:

Clover and Book:

Clover and Letters:

Clover and Gentleman: Good fortune

Clover and Lady: Optimistic outlook

Clover and Lilies:

Clover and Sun:

Clover and Moon:

Clover and Key:

Clover and Fishes:

Clover and Anchor:

Clover and Cross:

3. Ship 10♠ (transportation, travel, foreign location)

Ship and Rider:

Ship and Clover:

Ship and House:

Ship and Tree:

Ship and Clouds:

Ship and Snake:

Ship and Coffin:

Ship and Bouquet:

Ship and Whips:

Ship and Birds:

Ship and Child:

Ship and Fox: Big red vehicle (i.e. firetruck)

Ship and Bear:

Ship and Stars:

Ship and Storks:

Ship and Dog:

Ship and Tower:

Ship and Garden:

Ship and Mountain:

Ship and Crossroads:

Ship and Mice:

Ship and Hearts:

Ship and Ring: Day-to-day job that requires traveling or commuting. 

Ship and Book:

Ship and Letters:

Ship and Gentleman:

Ship and Lady:

Ship and Lilies:

Ship and Sun:

Ship and Moon:

Ship and Key:

Ship and Fishes: Having a "Plan B"

Ship and Anchor:

Ship and Cross:

4. House K (residence, family,entourage, real estate)

House and Rider:

House and Clover:

House and Ship:

House and Tree:

House and Clouds:

House and Snake:

House and Coffin:

House and Bouquet:

House and Scythe:

House and Whips:

House and Birds: Two houses or living in two places, "two-hattin' it" (multiple duty-stations)

House and Child:

House and Fox:

House and Bear:

House and Stars:

House and Storks:

House and Dog:

House and Tower:

House and Garden:

House and Mountain:

House and Crossroads:

House and Mice:

House and Hearts:

House and Ring:

House and Book:

House and Letters: House where you get your mail; physical (i.e., permanent) address.

House and Gentleman:

House and Lady: Stability.

House and Lilies:

House and Sun:

House and Moon:

House and Key:

House and Fishes:  Rich and rewarding home life

House and Anchor:

House  and Cross:

5. Tree 7 (condition,development, health, life)

Tree and Rider:

Tree and Clover:

Tree and Ship:

Tree and House:

Tree and Clouds:

Tree and Snake:

Tree and Bouquet:

Tree and Coffin:

Tree and Scythe:

Tree and Whips:

Tree and Birds:

Tree and Child:

Tree and Fox:

Tree and Bear:

Tree and Stars:

Tree and Storks:

Tree and Dog:

Tree and Tower:

Tree and Garden:

Tree and Mountain:

Tree and Crossroads:

Tree and Mice:

Tree and Hearts:

Tree and Ring:

Tree and Book:

Tree and Letters:

Tree and Gentleman:

Tree and Lady:

Tree and Lilies: Healthy, older man

Tree and Sun:

Tree and Moon:

Tree and Key:

Tree and Fishes:

Tree and Anchor:

Tree and Cross:

6. Clouds K♣ (chaos, confusion, problem, uncertainty)

Clouds and Rider:

Clouds and Clover:

Clouds and Ship:

Clouds and House:

Clouds and Tree:

Clouds and Snake:

Clouds and Coffin:

Clouds and Bouquet:

Clouds and Scythe:

Clouds and Whips:

Clouds and Birds:

Clouds and Child:

Clouds and Fox:

Clouds and Bear:

Clouds and Stars:

Clouds and Storks:

Clouds and Dog:

Clouds and Tower:

Clouds and Garden:

Clouds and Mountain: Paranoia

Clouds and Crossroads:

Clouds and Mice:

Clouds and Hearts: Affairs of the heart, problem with love

Clouds and Ring:

Clouds and Book:

Clouds and Letters:

Clouds and Gentleman:

Clouds and Lady:

Clouds and Lilies:

Clouds and Sun:

7. Snake Q♣ (complication, deception, "issues", jealousy)

Snake and Rider:

Snake and Clover:

Snake and Ship:

Snake and House:

Snake and Tree:

Snake and Clouds:

Snake and Coffin:

Snake and Bouquet:

Snake and Scythe:

Snake and Whips:

Snake and Birds:

Snake and Child: New rival

Snake and Fox:

Snake and Bear:

Snake and Stars:

Snake and Storks:

Snake and Dog:

Snake and Tower:

Snake and Garden: Rival departments or companies 

Snake and Mountain:

Snake and Crossroads:

Snake and Mice:

Snake and Hearts:

Snake and Ring:

Snake and Book:

Snake and Letters:

Snake and Gentleman:

Snake and Lady: Deception

Snake and Lilies:

Snake and Sun:

Snake and Moon:  Politics

Snake and Key:

Snake and Fishes:

Snake and Anchor:

Snake and Cross:

8. Coffin 9 (change, death, ending, void)

Coffin and Rider:

Coffin and Clover:

Coffin and Ship:

Coffin and House:

Coffin and Tree:

Coffin and Clouds:

Coffin and Snake:

Coffin and Bouquet:

Coffin and Scythe:

Coffin and Whips: An end to a repetitive task 

Coffin and Birds:

Coffin and Child:

Coffin and Fox:

Coffin and Bear:

Coffin and Stars:

Coffin and Storks:

Coffin and Dog: Depressed friend, sick pet

Coffin and Tower:

Coffin and Garden:

Coffin and Mountain:

Coffin and Crossroads:

Coffin and Mice:

Coffin and Hearts:

Coffin and Ring:

Coffin and Book: A conclusion to one's research, hypothesis

Coffin and Letters:

Coffin and Gentleman:

Coffin and Lady: End of an issue (good or bad)

Coffin and Lilies: Person loses their position or influence; funeral procession

Coffin and Sun:

Coffin and Moon: The culmination of success, ending with an award

Coffin and Key:

Coffin and Fishes: Working in an emergency medical field

Coffin and Anchor:

Coffin and Cross:

9. Bouquet Q♠ (beauty, celebration, gift, pleasure)

Bouquet and Rider:

Bouquet and Clover:

Bouquet and Ship:

Bouquet and House:

Bouquet and Tree:

Bouquet and Clouds:

Bouquet and Snake:

Bouquet and Coffin:

Bouquet and Scythe

Bouquet and Whips:

Bouquet and Birds:

Bouquet and Child: Attractive younger person, the gift of attraction, object of desire

Bouquet and Fox:

Bouquet and Bear:

Bouquet and Stars:

Bouquet and Storks:

Bouquet and Dog:

Bouquet and Tower:

Bouquet and Garden:

Bouquet and Mountain:

Bouquet and Crossroads:

Bouquet and Mice:

Bouquet and Hearts:

Bouquet and Ring:

Bouquet and Book:

Bouquet and Letters:

Bouquet and Gentleman:

Bouquet and Lady:

Bouquet and Lilies:

Bouquet and Sun:

Bouquet and Moon:

Bouquet and Key:

Bouquet and Fishes:

Bouquet and Anchor:

Bouquet and Cross:

10. Scythe J (danger, decision, separation, termination)

Scythe and Rider:

Scythe and Clover:

Scythe and Ship:

Scythe and House:

Scythe and Tree:

Scythe and Clouds:

Scythe and Snake:

Scythe and Coffin:

Scythe and Bouquet:

Scythe and Whips:

Scythe and Birds:

Scythe and Child:

Scythe and Fox: Unexpectedly or suddenly leaving one job for another

Scythe and Bear:

Scythe and Stars:

Scythe and Storks:

Scythe and Dog:

Scythe and Tower:

Scythe and Garden: Firefighting, emergency work

Scythe and Mountain:

Scythe and Crossroads:

Scythe and Mice:

Scythe and Hearts: Sudden love, love at first sight, dangerous or risky romance

Scythe and Ring:

Scythe and Book:

Scythe and Letters:

Scythe + Gentleman:

Scythe and Lady:

Scythe and Lilies:

Scythe and Sun:

Scythe and Moon:

Scythe and Key:

Scythe and Fishes:

Scythe and Anchor:

Scythe and Cross:

11. Whips J♣  (arguments, competition, repetition, sex)

Whips and Rider:  Repeated message

Whips and Clover:

Whips and Ship:

Whips and House:

Whips and Tree:

Whips and Clouds:

Whips and Snake:

Whips and Coffin:  An end to a repetitive task 

Whips and Bouquet:

Whips and Scythe:

Whips and Birds:

Whips and Child:

Whips and Fox:

Whips and Bear: Healthy older man, bodybuilder

Whips and Stars: Pharmaceutical treatment

Whips and Storks:

Whips and Dog:

Whips and Tower:

Whips and Garden:

Whips and Mountain:

Whips and Crossroads:

Whips and Mice: Physical stress on the job, due to repeated activity (such as CTS)

Whips and Hearts:

Whips and Ring:

Whips and Book:

Whips and Letters: Repetitive news; "tell me something I don't already know"

Whips and Gentleman:

Whips and Lady:

Whips and Lilies:

Whips and Sun:

Whips and Moon:

Whips and Key: Solution is the result of persistence

Whips and Fishes:

Whips and Anchor:

Whips and Cross:

12. Birds 7 (communications, negotiations, multiples, telephone call)

Birds and Rider:

Birds and Clover:

Birds and Ship:

Birds and House: Two houses or living in two places, "two-hattin' it" (multiple duty-stations)

Birds and Tree:

Birds and Clouds:

Birds and Snake:

Birds and Coffin:

Birds and Bouquet:

Birds and Scythe:

Birds and Whips:

Birds and Child:

Birds and Fox:

Birds and Bear:

Birds and Bear:

Birds and Stars:

Birds and Storks:

Birds and Dog:

Birds and Tower:

Birds and Garden:

Birds and Mountain: Someone is dropping hints or speaking in "code", double entendre, having to read between the lines

Birds and Crossroads:

Birds and Mice:

Birds and Hearts:

Birds and Ring:

Birds and Book:

Birds and Letters:

Birds and Gentleman:

Birds and Lady:

Birds and Lilies: Regretful intimacy 

Birds and Sun:

Birds and Moon:

Birds and Key:

Birds and Fishes:

Birds and Anchor:

Birds and Cross:

13. Child J♠  (childhood, innocence, novelty, trust)

Child and Rider:

Child and Clover:

Child and Ship:

Child and House:

Child and Tree:

Child and Clouds:

Child and Snake: New rival

Child and Coffin:

Child and Bouquet: Attractive younger person, the gift of attraction, object of desire

Child and Scythe:

Child and Whips:

Child and Birds:

Child and Fox:

Child and Bear:

Child and Stars:

Child and Storks:

Child and Dog:

Child and Tower:

Child and Garden:

Child and Mountain:

Child and Crossroads:

Child and Mice:

Child and Hearts:

Child and Ring:

Child and Book:

Child and Letters:

Child and Gentleman:

Child and Lady:

Child and Lilies:

Child and Sun:

Child and Moon:

Child and Key:

Child and Fishes:

Child and Anchor:

Child and Cross:

14. Fox 9♣  (employment, caution, worker, skills)

Fox and Rider:

Fox and Clover:

Fox and Ship: Big red vehicle (i.e. firetruck)

Fox and House:

Fox and Tree:

Fox and Clouds:

Fox and Snake:

Fox and Coffin:

Fox and Bouquet:

Fox and Scythe: Unexpectedly or suddenly leaving one job for another

Fox and Whips:

Fox and Birds:

Fox and Child:

Fox and Bear:

Fox and Stars:

Fox and Storks:

Fox and Dog:

Fox and Tower:

Fox and Garden:

Fox and Mountain:

Fox and Crossroads: End of employment, somebody is getting fired; Job offer or 
       important job decision

Fox and Mice:

Fox and Hearts:

Fox and Ring:

Fox and Book:

Fox and Letters:

Fox and Gentleman:

Fox and Lady:

Fox and Lilies:

Fox and Sun:

Fox and Moon:

Fox and Key:

Fox and Fishes: Hard work pays off, employees

Fox and Anchor:

Fox and Cross: Job relating to life and death, i.e. minister, firefighter/paramedic, doctor, etc.

15. Bear 10♣  (boss, provider, resources, strength)

Bear and Rider:

Bear and Clover:

Bear and Ship:

Bear and House:

Bear and Tree:

Bear and Clouds:

Bear and Snake:

Bear and Coffin:

Bear and Bouquet:

Bear and Fox:

Bear and Whips: Healthy older man, bodybuilder

Bear and Birds:

Bear and Child:

Bear and Fox:

Bear and Stars:

Bear and Storks:

Bear and Dog:

Bear and Tower:  Pay-off from hard work in the past

Bear and Garden: Being welcomed as part of a family; earning your place, achieving rank

Bear and Mountain:

Bear and Crossroads:

Bear and Mice:

Bear and Hearts:

Bear and Ring:

Bear and Book:

Bear and Letters:

Bear and Gentleman:

Bear and Lady: Determined individual 

Bear and Lilies:

Bear and Sun: Medical license

Bear and Moon:

Bear and Key:

Bear and Fishes:

Bear and Anchor:

Bear and Cross:

16. Stars 6 (direction, inspiration, guidance, plans)

Stars and Rider:

Stars and Clover:

Stars and Ship:

Stars and House:

Stars and Tree:

Stars and Clouds:

Stars and Snake:

Stars and Coffin:

Stars and Bouquet:

Stars and Scythe: Firefighting, emergency work

Stars and Whips: Pharmaceutical treatment

Stars and Birds:

Stars and Child:

Stars and Fox:

Stars and Bear:

Stars and Storks:

Stars and Dog:

Stars and Tower:

Stars and Garden:

Stars and Mountain:

Stars and Crossroads:

Stars and Mice:

Stars and Hearts:

Stars and Ring:

Stars and Book:

Stars and Letters:

Stars and Gentleman:

Stars and Lady:

Stars and Lilies:

Stars and Sun:

Stars and Moon:

Stars and Key:

Stars and Fishes:

Stars and Anchor:

Stars and Cross:

17. Storks Q (improvement, flexibility, gains, revelation)

Storks and Rider:

Storks and Clover:

Storks and Ship:

Storks and House:

Storks and Tree:

Storks and Clouds:

Storks and Snake:

Storks and Coffin:

Storks and Bouquet:

Storks and Scythe:

Storks and Whips:

Storks and Birds:

Storks and Child:

Storks and Fox:

Storks and Bear:

Storks and Stars:

Storks and Dog:

Storks and Towers:

Storks and Garden:

Storks and Mountain:

Storks and Crossroads:

Storks and Mice:

Storks and Hearts:

Storks and Ring:

Storks and Book:

Storks and Letters:

Storks and Gentleman: Quick to be recognized

Storks and Lady:

Storks and Lilies:

Storks and Sun:

Storks and Moon:

Storks and Key:

Storks and Fishes:

Storks and Anchor:

Storks and Cross:

18. Dog 10 (faithfulness, friend, loyalty, support)

Dog and Rider:

Dog and Clover: Friends in high places, somebody's got your back

Dog and Ship:

Dog and House:

Dog and Tree:

Dog and Clouds:

Dog and Snake:

Dog and Coffin: Depressed friend, sick pet

Dog and Bouquet:

Dog and Scythe:

Dog and Whips:

Dog and Birds:

Dog and Child:

Dog and Fox:

Dog and Bear:

Dog and Stars:

Dog and Storks:

Dog and Tower:

Dog and Garden:

Dog and Mountain:

Dog and Crossroads:

Dogs and Mice:

Dog and Hearts:

Dog and Ring:

Dog and Book:

Dog and Letters:

Dog and Gentleman:

Dog and Lady: Loyalty and commitment

Dog and Lilies:

Dog and Sun:

Dog and Moon:

Dog and Key:

Dog and Fishes:

Dog and Anchor:

Dog and Cross:

19. Tower 6♠ (incorporation, government, officialdom, restrictions)

Tower and Rider:

Tower and Clover:

Tower and Ship:

Tower and House:

Tower and Tree:

Tower and Clouds:

Tower and Snake:

Tower and Coffin:

Tower and Bouquet:

Tower and Scythe:

Tower and Whips:

Tower and Birds:

Tower and Child:

Tower and Fox:

Tower and Bear: Pay-off from hard work in the past

Tower and Stars:

Tower and Storks:

Tower and Dog:

Tower and Garden:

Tower and Mountain:

Tower and Crossroads:

Tower and Mice:

Tower and Hearts:

Tower and Ring:  Official offer or contract, a badge 

Tower and Book:

Tower and Letters:

Tower and Gentleman:

Tower and Lady:

Tower and Lilies:

Tower and Sun: Electrical equipment maintenance 

Tower and Moon:

Tower and Key:

Tower and Fishes:

Tower and Anchor:

Tower and Cross:

20. Garden 8♠ (group, event, public, society)

Garden and Rider:

Garden and Clover:

Garden and Ship:

Garden and House:

Garden and Tree:

Garden and Clouds:

Garden and Snake: Rival departments or companies 

Garden and Coffin:

Garden and Bouquet:

Garden and Scythe:

Garden and Whips:

Garden and Birds:

Garden and Child:

Garden and Fox:

Garden and Bear: Being welcomed as part of a family;  earning your place, achieving rank

Garden and Stars:

Garden and Storks:

Garden and Dog:

Garden and Tower:

Garden and Mountain: Bureaucratic red tape 

Garden and Crossroads:

Garden and Mice:

Garden and Hearts:

Garden and Ring:

Garden and Book: Insular group of people

Garden and Letters:

Garden and Gentleman:

Garden and Lady:

Garden and Lilies:

Garden and Sun:

Garden and Moon:

Garden and Key:

Garden and Fishes:

Garden and Anchor:

Garden and Cross:

21. Mountain 8♣ (challenge, delay, inactivity, obstacle)

Mountain and Rider:

Mountain and Clover:

Mountain and Ship:

Mountain and House:

Mountain and Tree:

Mountain and Clouds: Paranoia

Mountain and Snake:

Mountain and Coffin:

Mountain and Bouquet:

Mountain and Scythe:

Mountain and Whips:

Mountain and Birds: Someone is dropping hints or speaking in "code", double entendre, having to read between the lines

Mountain and Child:

Mountain and Fox:

Mountain and Bear:

Mountain and Stars:

Mountain and Storks:

Mountain and Dog:

Mountain and Tower:

Mountain and Garden: Bureaucratic red tape 

Mountain and Crossroads:

Mountain and Mice: Complacency

Mountain and Hearts: Love that develops over time

Mountain and Ring:

Mountain and Book:

Mountain and Letters:

Mountain and Gentleman:

Mountain and Lady:

Mountain and Lilies:

Mountain and Sun:

Mountain and Moon:

Mountain and Key:

Mountain and Fishes:

Mountain and Anchor:

Mountain and Cross:

22. Crossroads Q(choices, indecision, options, watershed)

Crossroads and Rider:

Crossroads and Clover:

Crossroads and Ship:

Crossroads and House:

Crossroads and Tree:

Crossroads and Clouds:

Crossroads and Snake:

Crossroads and Coffin:

Crossroads and Bouquet:

Crossroads and Scythe:

Crossroads and Whips:

Crossroads and Birds:

Crossroads and Child:

Crossroads and Fox: End of employment, somebody is getting fired; Job offer or 
       important job decision

Crossroads and Bear:

Crossroads and Stars:

Crossroads and Storks:

Crossroads and Dog:

Crossroads and Tower:

Crossroads and Garden:

Crossroads and Mountain:

Crossroads and Mice:

Crossroads and Hearts:

Crossroads and Ring:

Crossroads and Book: Major life decision us kept secret, not playing your hand, strategy

Crossroads and Letters:

Crossroads and Gentleman:

Crossroads and Lady:

Crossroads and Lilies: Change finally happens (opposite of "shit happens")

Crossroads and Sun:

Crossroads and Moon:

Crossroads and Key: Important decision has to or has been already be made

Crossroads and Fishes:

Crossroads and Anchor:

Crossroads and Cross:

23. Mice 7♣  (decay, expense, loss, stress)

Mice and Rider:

Mice and Clover:

Mice and Ship:

Mice and House:

Mice and Tree:

Mice and Clouds:

Mice and Snake:

Mice and Coffin:

Mice and Scythe:

Mice and Whips: Physical stress on the job, due to repeated activity (such as CTS)

Mice and Birds:

Mice and Child:

Mice and Fox:

Mice and Bear:

Mice and Stars:

Mice and Storks:

Mice and Dogs:

Mice and Tower:

Mice and Garden:

Mice and Mountain: Complacency

Mice and Crossroads:

Mice and Hearts: Little crush (slowly) grows into bigger love

Mice and Ring:

Mice and Book:

Mice and Letters:

Mice and Gentleman:

Mice and Lady:

Mice and Lilies:

Mice and Sun:

Mice and Moon:

Mice and Key:

Mice and Fishes:

Mice and Anchor:

Mice and Cross:

24. Hearts J(desire, giving, love, preference)

Hearts and Rider:

Hearts and Clover:

Hearts and Ship:

Hearts and House:

Hearts and Tree:

Hearts and Clouds: Affairs of the heart, problem with love

Hearts and Snake:

Hearts and Coffin:

Hearts and Bouquet:

Hearts and Scythe: Sudden love, love at first sight, dangerous or risky romance

Hearts and Whips:

Hearts and Birds:

Hearts and Child:

Hearts and Fox:

Hearts and Bear:

Hearts and Stars:

Hearts and Storks:

Hearts and Dog:

Hearts and Tower:

Hearts and Garden:

Hearts and Mountain: Love that develops over time

Hearts and Crossroads:

Hearts and Mice: Little crush (slowly) grows into bigger love

Hearts and Ring:

Hearts and Book: Not wearing you hearts on your sleeve

Hearts and Letters:

Hearts and Gentleman:

Hearts and Lady:

Hearts and Lilies:

Hearts and Sun:  

Hearts and Moon:

Hearts and Key:

Hearts and Fishes: Making money doing while what you love to do

Hearts and Anchor:

Hearts and Cross: Unrequited love, a crush

25. Ring A♣ (commitment, contract, obligation, proposal)

Ring and Rider:

Ring and Clover:

Ring and Ship: Day-to-day job that requires traveling or commuting. 

Ring and House:

Ring and Tree:

Ring and Clouds:

Ring and Snake:

Ring and Coffin:

Ring and Bouquet:

Ring and Scythe:

Ring and Whips:

Ring and Birds:

Ring and Child:

Ring and Fox:

Ring and Bear:

Ring and Stars:

Ring and Storks:

Ring and Dog:

Ring and Tower: Official offer or contract, a badge 

Ring and Garden:

Ring and Mountain:

Ring and Crossroads:

Ring and Mice:

Ring and Hearts:

Ring and Book:

Ring and Letters:

Ring and Gentleman:

Ring and Lady:

Ring and Lilies:

Ring and Sun:

Ring and Moon:

Ring and Key:

Ring and Fishes:

Ring and Anchor:

Ring and Cross:

26. Book 10 (data, information, knowledge, secrets)

Book and Rider:

Book and Clover:

Book and Ship:

Book and House:

Book and Tree:

Book and Clouds:

Book and Snake:

Book and Coffin: A conclusion to one's research, hypothesis

Book and Bouquet:

Book and Scythe:

Book and Whips:

Book and Birds:

Book and Child:

Book and Fox:

Book and Bear:

Book and Stars:

Book and Storks:

Book and Dog:

Book and Tower:

Book and Garden: Insular group of people

Book and Mountain:

Book and Crossroads: Major life decision us kept secret, not playing your hand, strategy

Book and Mice:

Book and Hearts: Not wearing you hearts on your sleeve

Book and Ring:

Book and Letters:

Book and Gentleman:

Book and Lady:

Book and Lilies:

Book and Sun:

Book and Moon:

Book and Key: Hidden clues, inferences, reading between the lines

Book and Fishes:

Book and Anchor:

Book and Cross:

27. Letters 7♠ (correspondence, document, email, results)

Letters and Rider:

Letters and Clover:

Letters and Ship:

Letters and House: House where you get your mail; physical (i.e., permanent) address.

Letters and Tree:

Letters and Clouds:

Letters and Snake:

Letters and Coffin:

Letters and Bouquet:

Letters and Scythe:

Letters and Whips: Repetitive news; "tell me something I don't already know"

Letters and Birds:

Letters and Child:

Letters and Fox:

Letters and Bear:

Letters and Stars:

Letters and Storks:

Letters and Dog:

Letters and Tower:

Letters and Garden:

Letters and Mountain:

Letters and Crossroads:

Letters and Mice:

Letters and Hearts:

Letters and Ring:

Letters and Book:

Letters and Gentleman:

Letters and Lady:

Letters and Lilies: Drug test

Letters and Sun:

Letters and Moon:

Letters and Key: Prioritized in an paperwork process 

Letters and Fishes:

Letters and Anchor:

Letters and Cross:

28. Gentleman A

Gentleman and Rider:

Gentleman and Clover: Good fortune

Gentleman and Ship:

Gentleman and House:

Gentleman and Tree:

Gentleman and Clouds:

Gentleman and Snake:

Gentleman and Coffin:

Gentleman and Bouquet:

Gentleman and Scythe:

Gentleman and Whips:

Gentleman and Birds:

Gentleman and Child:

Gentleman and Fox:

Gentleman and Bear:

Gentleman and Stars:

Gentleman and Storks:

Gentleman and Dog:

Gentleman and Tower:

Gentleman and Garden:

Gentleman and Mountain:

Gentleman and Crossroads:

Gentleman and Mice:

Gentleman and Hearts:

Gentleman and Ring:

Gentleman and Book:

Gentleman and Letters:

Gentleman and Lady:

Gentleman  and Lilies:

Gentleman and Sun:

Gentleman and Moon:

Gentleman and Key:

Gentleman and Fishes:

Gentleman and  Anchor:

Gentleman and Cross:

29. Lady A♠

Lady and Rider:

Lady and Clover: Optimistic outlook

Lady and Ship:

Lady and House:

Lady and Tree:

Lady and Clouds:

Lady and Snake: Deception

Lady and Coffin: End of an issue (good or bad)

Lady and Bouquet:

Lady and Scythe:

Lady and Whips:

Lady and Birds:

Lady and Child:

Lady and Fox:

Lady and Bear: Determined individual 

Lady and Stars:

Lady and Storks:

Lady and Dog: Loyalty and commitment

Lady and Tower:

Lady and Garden:

Lady and Mountain:

Lady and Crossroads:

Lady and Mice:

Lady and Hearts:

Lady and Ring:

Lady and Book:

Lady and Letters:

Gentleman and Lady:

Lady and Lilies:

Lady and Sun:

Lady and Moon:

Lady and Key:

Lady and Fishes:

Lady and Anchor:

Lady and Cross:

30. Lilies K♠ (experience, maturity, peace, slow pace)

Lilies and Rider:

Lilies and Clover:

Lilies and Ship:

Lilies and House:

Lilies and Tree: Healthy, older man

Lilies and Clouds:

Lilies and Snake:

Lilies and Coffin: Person loses their position or influence; funeral procession

Lilies and Bouquet:

Lilies and Scythe:

Lilies and Whips:

Lilies and Birds: Regretful intimacy 

Lilies and Child:

Lilies and Fox:

Lilies and Bear:

Lilies and Stars:

Lilies and Storks:

Lilies and Dog:

Lilies and Tower:

Lilies and Garden:

Lilies and Mountain:

Lilies and Crossroads: Change finally happens (opposite of "shit happens")

Lilies and Mice:

Lilies and Hearts:

Lilies and Ring:

Lilies and Book:

Lilies and Letters: Drug test

Lilies and Gentleman:

Lilies and Lady:

Lilies and Sun:

Lilies and Moon:

Lilies and Key:

Lilies and Fishes:

Lilies and Anchor: Vocation is found after much searching

Lilies and Cross:  Dedicated and in it for the long haul

31. Sun A (achievement, energy, motivation, success)

Sun and Rider:

Sun and Clover:

Sun and Ship:

Sun and House:

Sun and Tree:

Sun and Clouds:

Sun and Snake:

Sun and Coffin:

Sun and Coffin:

Sun and Scythe:

Sun and Whips:

Sun and Birds:

Sun and Child:

Sun and Fox:

Sun and Bear: Medical license

Sun and Stars:

Sun and Storks:

Sun and Dog:

Sun and Tower: Electrical equipment maintenance 

Sun and Garden:

Sun and Mountain:

Sun and Crossroads:

Sun and Mice:

Sun and Hearts:

Sun and Ring:

Sun and Book:

Sun and Letters:

Sun and Gentleman:

Sun and Lady:

Sun and Lilies:

Sun and Moon:

Sun and Key:

Sun and Fishes:

Sun and Anchor:

Sun and Cross:

32. Moon 8(arts, honor, recognition, romance)

Moon and Rider:

Moon and Clover:

Moon and Ship:

Moon and House:

Moon and Tree:

Moon and Clouds:

Moon and Snake:

Moon and Coffin: The culmination of success, ending with an award

Moon and Bouquet:

Moon and Scythe:

Moon and Whips:

Moon and Birds:

Moon and Child:

Moon and Fox:

Moon and Bear:

Moon and Stars:

Moon and Storks: Quick to be recognized

Moon and Dog:

Moon and Tower:

Moon and Garden:

Moon and Mountain:

Moon and Crossroads:

Moon and Mice:

Moon and Hearts:

Moon and Ring:

Moon and Book:

Moon and Letters:

Moon and Gentleman:

Moon and Lady:

Moon and Key:

Moon and Fishes:

Moon and Anchor:

Moon and Cross:

33. Key 8 (answers, breakthrough, clue, solution)

Key and Rider:

Key and Clover:

Key and Ship:

Key and House:

Key and Tree:

Key and Clouds:

Key and Snake:

Key and Coffin:

Key and Bouquet:

Key and Scythe:

Key and Whips: Solution is the result of persistence

Key and Birds:

Key and Child:

Key and Fox:

Key and Bear:

Key and Stars:

Key and Storks:

Key and Dog:

Key and Tower:

Key and Garden:

Key and Mountain:

Key and Crossroads: Important decision has to or has been already be made

Key and Mice:

Key and Hearts:

Key and Ring:

Key and Book: Hidden clues, inferences, reading between the lines

Key and Letters: Prioritized in an paperwork process

Key and Gentleman:

Key and Lady:

Key and Lilies:

Sun and Key:

Key and Moon:

Key and Fishes:

Key and Anchor:

Key and Cross:

34. Fishes K(business, independence, investments, money)

Fishes and Rider: Message about money

Fishes and Clover:

Fishes and Ship: Having a "Plan B"

Fishes and House: Rich and rewarding home life

Fishes and Tree:

Fishes and Clouds:

Fishes and Snake:

Fishes and Coffin: Working in an emergency medical field

Fishes and Bouquet:

Fishes and Scythe:

Fishes and Whips:

Fishes and Birds:

Fishes and Child:

Fishes and Fox: Hard work pays off, employees

Fishes and Bear:

Fishes and Stars:

Fishes and Storks:

Fishes and Dog:

Fishes and Tower:

Fishes and Garden:

Fishes and Mountain:

Fishes and Crossroads:

Fishes and Mice:

Fishes and Hearts:

Fishes and Ring:

Fishes and Book: Making money doing while what you love to do

Fishes and Letters:

Fishes and Gentleman:

Fishes and Lady:

Fishes and Lilies:

Fishes and Sun:

Fishes and Moon:

Fishes and Key:

Fishes and Anchor: Making money within your vocation

Fishes and Cross:

35. Anchor 9♠ (stability, perseverance, security, vocation)

Anchor and Rider:

Anchor and Clover:

Anchor and Ship:

Anchor and House:

Anchor and Tree:

Anchor and Clouds:

Anchor and Snake:

Anchor and Coffin:

Anchor and Bouquet:

Anchor and Scythe:

Anchor and Whips:

Anchor and Birds:

Anchor and Child:

Anchor and Fox:

Anchor and Bear:

Anchor and Stars:

Anchor and Storks:

Anchor and Dog:

Anchor and Tower:

Anchor and Garden:

Anchor and Mountain:

Anchor and Crossroads:

Anchor and Mice:

Anchor and Hearts:

Anchor and Ring:

Anchor and Book:

Anchor and Letters:

Anchor and Gentleman:

Anchor and Lady:

Anchor and Lilies: Vocation is found after much searching

Anchor and Sun:

Anchor and Moon:

Anchor and Key:

Anchor and Fishes: Making money within your vocation

Anchor and Cross:

36. Cross 6♣ (distress, pain, religion, sacrifice)

Cross and Rider:

Cross and Clover:

Cross and Ship:

Cross and House:

Cross and Tree:

Cross and Clouds:

Cross and Snake:

Cross and Coffin:

Cross and Bouquet:

Cross and Scythe:

Cross and Whips: Same shit different day; hoping for the best, expecting the worst

Cross and Birds:

Cross and Child:

Cross and Fox: Job relating to life and death, i.e. minister, firefighter/paramedic, doctor, etc.

Cross and Bear:

Cross and Stars:

Cross and Storks:

Cross and Dog:

Cross and Tower:

Cross and Garden:

Cross and Mountain:

Cross and Crossroads:

Cross and Mice:

Cross and Hearts: Unrequited love, a crush

Cross and Ring:

Cross and Book:

Cross and Letters:

Cross and Gentleman:

Cross and Lady:

Cross and Lilies: Dedicated and in it for the long haul

Cross and Sun:

Cross and Moon:

Cross and Key:

Cross and Fishes:


Transits Effective for August 23, 2015 (GMT August 24, 2015)

Mercury sextile Sun at 0°33 arcseconds*

People respect what you say when you communicate from the heart, while listening to what others say can give you an objective perspective. With an opportunity to know more about yourself, you can deepen self-knowledge by the answers you seek. Being childlike-or with children-keeps you young and makes learning fun.

Neptune sextile Saturn at 0°46 arcseconds

Opening whatever is closed is possible now as circumstances promote a more relaxed attitude to those areas that are unyielding. If you like to maintain a firm grip on certain aspects of your life, you can ease up a bit now and probably accomplish more. Wherever you exercise your authority, you likely are more effective during this cycle when you are less concerned with the literal facts and more attentive to the implied intent. Those whom you answer to are often more receptive at this time and may be willing to overlook missteps while allowing you greater latitude.

Being easier on yourself and others can actually bring you closer to your goals. Learning how to stay focused while not becoming locked in on a target can allow you to recognize possibilities that you otherwise might miss when your vision is narrow. Although the objectives that you seek should drive you now, you likely are more aware of their subtleties, and small adjustments that you implement now can have a large and helpful impact. By appreciating other sides to an issue or other ways to accomplish the same task, you likely access answers that before you might not have considered, and problems that seem intractable and are stuck can loosen.

Sometimes this cycle has a positive mental impact where you are able to reason with imagination. Greater pliability in your thinking can permit you to structure more openly, and you may recognize the value of incorporating creativity into any decision. Letting go of concerns rather than holding onto them can dissipate repetitive thought patterns that typically are negative. Although you can get things done during this period, you generally are more productive when you take time out for rest and contemplation. Disengaging from the strain of work not only offers relief, but it also can give you pause to realize how to function more efficiently.

This period may have little noticeable impact since it involves an influence that is difficult to detect. Responsibilities, however, may lose some of their weight now without any effort on your part. An attitude of acceptance can emerge that dissolves burdensome obligations while imperceptibly shifting your priorities. Whatever is out of place tends to find its right position more readily now when you don?t force it. If you sense that you are off course in any way, you may become more attuned to the right direction. All that may be required is one small step to get you back on track.

Mercury sextile Neptune at 0°48 arcseconds

Less likely to pass judgment, you can provide a sympathetic ear to those who need you. Learning is easier when you are uncritical because you can recognize what you might ordinarily overlook-when biased. Being more receptive, you hear and see more than usual; you communicate and think more openly. Words help you to connect to what is universal. Thoughts inspire you.

*Note: An arcsecond = 13,600 of 1°