Wednesday, August 26

Aspect for Friday, August 28, 2015

Mercury sextile Mars at 0°38 arcminutes

Thoughtful actions produce positive results. In planning ahead for possible consequences, you help to minimize potential conflicts. Capable of anticipating a next move, you are skillful in games you play and in the contacts you make. You tend to know what you want, and communicating your intentions is easier now; others are clear on where you stand. Stimulated by what is said or what you think, you eagerly seek answers-and find them.

 ‡ An arcminute = 160  (1°)

Natal Chart and Transit Aspects for Thursday, August 27

Mercury conjunct Jupiter at 0°10 arcseconds†

The more active you are, the more you learn, although quiet reflection helps to put pieces together that before were scattered. Interactions bring opportunities, and supportive words make a positive difference. Combining knowledge with vision, you can create a successful plan, now and for your future. Beginning some type of work on self-improvement is effective-especially learning how to communicate confidently. Be wary of saying too much or believing all that you hear; being selective increases the enjoyment of what is available.

Mercury conjunct Uranus at 0°09 arcminutes

Today offers unusual communications and interactions; contacts made now can change your perspective. If you tend to think the same way about the same things, use this time to explore new, innovative-and even radical ideas. You may delight yourself in what you discover. Short trips furnish excitement and unexpected encounters. Seek to refresh and revitalize your mind by stretching the limits of what you know.

An arcsecond = 13,600 (1°)
 An arcminute = 160  (1°)