Thursday, September 3

Personal Aspects for Friday, September 4, 2015

Moon sextile Ascendant at 0°59 arcminutes 

You can demonstrate great understanding and sensitivity to the needs of others just now and are in a good position to communicate concerning groups and society in general.

 An arcminute = 160  (1°)

Personal Aspects for Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sun square Venus

Motivated by pleasure, you tend to look for people and things that gratify you. While generally an enjoyable day, certain conditions may make you aware of what is missing in your life. By recognizing any discord, you can take steps to harmonize whatever is out of tune. Expressing happiness often depends on being noticed and appreciated. When unfulfilled for any reason, you may prefer to indulge yourself-especially with sweets. Love yourself and others regardless of the conditions.

Moon trine Pluto

Emotional self-expression is easier now, and releasing held feelings has a liberating effect. This is a good time to get in touch with your power, and strong needs tend to find fulfillment. Applying force effectively, you can push yourself past perceived limitations and contend with problems that may require extreme solutions.

Mercury sextile Ascendant

You relate very easily with other people today, finding common ground in your conversations. You’re interested in what they have to say and may find it easier to come to agreement on important issues. You’re social and friendly, and may have more meetings or interactions than usual. You may be more physically active or just bored with your environment, and may prefer running errands or taking brief excursions.