Wednesday, September 16

Aspects for Wednesday & Thursday

Jupiter, Saturn 0° (trine Sept. 17, for Wed.)
Expansion of Boundaries

Jupiter's keywords: Abundance, Aspirations, Belief system, Chance, Cheerful, Cornucopia, Conceit, Creative visualization, Education, Excess, Expansiveness, Extravagance, Faith, Fortune, Future, Gambling, Generosity, Grace, Growth, Higher learning, Higher mind, Hope, Inflation, Jovial, Knowledge, Largesse, Lawlessness, Luck, Magnanimous, New horizons, Optimism, Opulence, Philosophy, Positive conscience, Religion, Ritual, Seeker, Self-improvement, Study, Success, Travel, Trust, Truth, Wastage, Wealth, Wisdom (Source).

Saturn's keywords: Ambition, Authority figures, Boundaries, Career, Caution, Coldness, Conservation, Consolidation, Contraction, Control, Cynicism, Defensiveness, Denial, Destiny, Discipline, Duty, Effort, Excellence, Fear, Inhibition, Job, Karma, Law and order, Lead (the metal), Limiting, Long-term plans, Mastery, Material security, Negative conscience, Negativity, Old age, Organisation, Patience, Practicality, Prudence, Reality check, Reliability, Resilience, Responsibility, Self-restriction, Seriousness, Shadow, Skeleton, Status, Status quo, Strength, Structure, Testing, Thrift, Time, Vocation, Wisdom, Work (Source).

Sun, Sun 59.998° (sextile Sept. 18, for Thurs.)
Confidence in the Masculine Side of Self

Sun's keywords: Attitude to life, Authority, Confidence, Consciousness, Creative energy, Creative self-expression, Creative potential, Creativity, Ego, Father, Gold, Heart, Hope, Individuality, Life force, Male role models, Masculine side of self, Mediator between inner self and outside world, Personal identity, Physical vitality, Potential, Power, Recognition, Self-expression, Self-integration, Sense of Self, Spine, Thymus, Vitality, Well-being (Source).

Mars, Moon 0.9° (conjunct Sept. 18, for Thurs.)
Instinctual Self-Preservation

Mars's keywords: Action, Aggression, Anger, Animal instincts, Animus, Assertiveness, Competence, Competitive, Conquest, Courage, Drive, Dynamic, Energy, Force, Goal-oriented, Heat, Impatient, Impulsiveness, Initiative, Iron, Libido, Life force, Lust, Machismo, Male Archetype, Masculinity, Passion, Physical energy, Potency, Rage, Serves the expression of the Sun, Self-preservation, Sex drive, Sexuality (male), Strength, Survival instinct, Temper, Vigorous, Violence, Virility, Willfulness, Willpower (Source).

Moon's keywords: Ancestral inheritance, Belonging, Body, Breasts, Childhood, Conditioning, Cycles, Emotions, Emotional response, Eternal feminine, Family, Feelings, Female role models, Feminine side of self, Food, Fluctuation, Habits, Heritage, Home, Instincts, Maternal instincts, Memory, Moods, Mother, Nourishment, Nurturing, Passivity, Past, Receptivity, Reflection, Responsiveness, Roots, Safety, Security, Silver, Stomach, Subconscious, Survival instincts, Tides, Unconscious response (Source).