Sunday, September 20

Wahrsage Karten [Translation], "True Sage Cards"

How to Play 

Shuffle all 36 cards and lay out left to right in 4 rows of eight and four centrred at the bottom by themselves. The person whose fate is to be interpreted is represented by the card 28 (male) or 29 (female). These cards are of the utmost importance, because its position in the game affects the vital question. 

Explanation of the Cards

Cavalier: Good news coming which, depending on its proximity to the person[al card], is delivered from nearby or afar. A little luck, when not surrounded by negative cards.

Shamrock: Brings luck. If surrounded by Clouds, a harbinger of great sorrow. If close to the person, temporary problem with pleasant obefor.

Ship: Wealth through hard work or inheritance. Travel, if near the person.

House: Success and blessings in all things. Improvement in existing misfortune. When in the middle of the spread, and underneath the person, use caution dealing with immediate surroundings.

Tree: Far from the person, health. Near te person, fulfillment of desires and future happiness.

Clouds: If the personal card faces the bright side of Clouds, luck. If the personal card faces the dark side, misfortune.

Snake: Misfortune, depending on distance from the personal card. Always: betrayal, loss, hypocrisy.

Coffin: Near the person,  serious illness,  death, 
loss of assets. Faraway: less dangerous.

Bouquet: Happiness in every way.

Scythe: Harbinger of great danger that is mitigated if good cards surround it.

Whip: Family discord , domestic turmoil, marital problems, fever, illness.

Birds: Hardships, but they are short in duration and easily endured. Removed from the person, prospective, happy journey.

Child: One is surrounded by good people.

Fox: Nearby, beware of immediate vicinity. Afar, no danger.

Bear: Happiness; however, be careful not to share this information with jealous parties.

Star: Luck in all endeavors. If near Clouds, a series of unfortunate events.

Stork: Change of residence either presently or in the distant future, depending on whether it is near by or far from the person.

Dog: Nearby, loyalty/friendship. Far away, betrayal. Near Clouds, beware of false friends.

High Tower: Contentment in a ripe old age. Near Clouds, illness and death.

Garden: Large gathering is imminent. Very close: lasting friendship . Far removed: Beware of false friends.

Mountain: Nearby, respect for a mighty enemy. Far removed, a good friend.

Paths: Near Clouds, mischief. Far from Clouds and from the person, the ability and foresight to avoid an accident.

Mouse: Looming theft. Near the person, one gets the stolen items back. Far removed, irrecoverable loss.

Heart: Joy, happiness, harmony.

Ring: To the right of the person, lustrous wedding with hefty dowry. To the left, engagement broken or divorce.

Book: Mystery involved, depending on the position of the card.

Letter: Fortune via good news from afar. However, when Clouds near the person: Suffering.

Man: Relates to the happiness or unhappiness of the questioning person; similarly, all interpretations.

Dame: As before. 

Lily: Fulfillment in life. Next to Clouds, family grief. If nearby person, virtue including discretion using one's scruples.

Sun: Nearby: Satisfaction. Remote: Failing plans, tribulations.

Moon: Near person, personal honor. Far away, tribulations.

Key: Nearby, success. Remote, failure.

Fish: Making money doing what you love. Remote, failure of plans.

Anchor: Nearby: Good things come from the sea; advantageous transactions; and faithful love. Removed, frivolity and fickleness.

Cross:  Bringer of bad news. However, close to the person, one adeptly overcomes adversity.