Tuesday, March 15

Best way to put this: Don't let past experiences make you nervous!

1. This covers me Two of Wands, DominionI already have what I need to start a career in EMS. The Two of Wands shows that I have command and control over the situation. This really wasn't an issue surrounding the question, but it's good to know I am on the right track, at least. Perhaps I this card signals that I am rethinking the details of what is holding me back. I was good at EMTing and this shows I would still be good at it and more than able to do the job, again.

2. This crosses me for good or ill Two of Cups, Love: Although I can hardly think of how this would cross me for ill, I can imagine that a sense of complacency would not allow me to proceed forward, mentally, to Paramedic school. If I were satisfied with being "just" an EMT, then the motivation to take my training further might be diminished. It may also be a warning that; since I would enjoy working in the EMT field so much; it could limit my personal time; cause me to want to work too much; and reach a burn-out stage more quickly.

3. This is under me Four of Pentacles, Power: This card shows that I have laid the groundwork for school. All of my ducks are in a row. Fours are about balance and focus, like having a table prepared with all the necessary ingredients. Elementally, all four suits are present in the reading, also, which means there is a great deal of balanced energy. The Magician (6th position) has the four elements on a table, as well.

4. This is behind me Ace of Pentacles, Root of Earth: This is the first indicator that past experience can aid or hinder me. Is all the energy in the past, or behind me? Or does this mean I will be more prepared to move forward with the plan to attend school? Is it an indicator that burn-out will occur more quickly? I think it's all-of-the-above, and that this is advisement or warning that I need to be careful about working (as an EMT) and going to Paramedic school at thie same time. This card is a bit of "been there, done that" syndrome...

5. This crowns me and may come into being Five of Wands, Strife: Turmoil and competition, just what most people say about Paramedic school. I will no longer have "a life" for at least a year while attending school. There will also be a number of personalities thrown into the mix, and not necessarily comfortably. This card comes as no surprise and is definitely something to be expected!

6. This is before me I. Magician, Mercury: This card is the ultimate "you are prepared for this" card, at least this is what the appearance is (note the monkey hiding behind the table ). Communication will be key here. It will be important in school to work as a team member and not come across as a know-it-all, etc. I don't see myself as this type of person, but it doesn't mean that others will perceive me as this (again, the monkey hiding there). Interesting that the only two Majors point to how others perceive me, with the Hermit in the "Family & Friends' Opinion" position (8th position).

7. Root of the Situation Six of Swords, Science: Conscious or subconscious, I don't think it really matters. This is a cerebral card, and deals with issues going on in the head, not physically. The mental journey (note that it is traveling backwards) may be a set-back for me and will be the root cause of failure to move forward with this. Good to know that it is all mental, and that physically it ill not be so demanding (due to lack of sleep, improper nutrition, things like this, because of scheduling). As I will be working nights and attending day-class every third day (all day Saturdays), this was a point of major concern for me. The physical demand will not be the problem. This is actually a promising card, because when I feel good physically I do better with tasks.

8. Family & Friends' Opinion IX. Hermit, Virgo: This is a card of isolation, no doubt. People will see less of me (and perhaps not like it), but it will be temporary. The understanding of friends and family will be that this is a phase of preparation (a Virgo attribute). The literal interpretation of my up-coming hermit-like activity is apparent.

9. Hopes & Fears Queen of Swords, Libra: Everything will balance out. Is this what I fear? Probably. As a water sign (Cancer), generally I am more comfortable with things in flux. Although, Cancer is also a cardinal sign, like Libra, and so easily adaptable to a set schedule type of lifestyle (school every third day/working nights), at least temporarily. The Queen of Swords can be overly regimented in her style, which I am not too satisfied with, but will be tolerable for a limited amount of time. A year seems like a long time, but it is doable. I also see the Queen with outstretched hand to the card Strife, meaning I fear a little competition is in store for me. So, the hope is that I will have a more predictable schedule, at least for while, but at the same time it is something that is a little bit daunting. 

10. Outcome Knight of Swords, Gemini: Ah, back to my normal self! I am a Sidereal Gemini and so reflect many of these qualities. "Back to my usual self", maybe? In the end, it seems I will be returning to a state of normalcy, not so much in my present life but the way I was a few years ago when everything changed, and so much fore the better. Long story short: Paramedic school was a career path that I was working toward when issues in my personal life disrupted it. This is a continuation of this plan now. Gemini/Knight of Swords shows a positive outcome not only because the Knight is, literally, moving forward in the reading, but also because he is representative of me moving forward with my life and my (old/new) career path.

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