Wednesday, June 22

2016 Solar Return Aspects of Less Than One Degree

Mars Trine Sun

Effective in applying your will, you do best when in charge-putting yourself first comes easily now. Whatever effort you make usually leads to a successful outcome. Energy increases as does confidence, so you can get things done that before seemed unattainable. If lacking self-esteem lately, this is a time to strengthen it through action and initiative. Seek what you love; you just may find it.

Natal Sun Trine Mars

The trine enables you to turn theory into practical application, and this reconciling quality could become a source of your life direction, as your ability to apply your energy positively can generate ways to resolve problem situations. This may be one approach that utilities your energy in a creative and beneficial manner, and which poses challenges that you intend to overcome. You will be self-confident and believe in your own abilities, setting goals and pursuing ambitions, emerging from your unique aims directed towards creating a suitable lifestyle, which may not always correspond to traditional paths and signs of success. You do not appreciate a volatile living or working environment, preferring a more tranquil atmosphere where you are free to follow your interests. While you enjoy new challenges, the cut and thrust of competition seems less appealing, and you see little value in exalting yourself if it requires another's detrimental fall. Fairness, integrity and honesty are qualities that you respect and expect in your dealings with others, and ethical or moral considerations are taken into account in your life. These form your code of relationships, and you try to stay as true to these as possible, even if at times this may require you to forgo some success or progress, as you are not usually willing to compromise for the sake of any advancement. You can adopt an individual chivalry and style of conduct. While you have leadership ability, you try to ensure that you deal correctly with others from any position of responsibility, and are willing to help others on their way, provided they do not attempt less scrupulous tactics to progress. Organizational and managerial qualities are likely to be present, and you can take the strain of highly demanding tasks, proving to be a reliable, efficient and conscientious worker who can purposefully carry out and design successful plans of action. Spheres that may attract include law, business management, education, media, personal creativity and physical endeavors. Opportunities may steer you towards deeper interpersonal contacts, and working in areas of counseling and guidance may be highlighted. One asset that you may possess for this work is a genuine tolerance for others, allowing each to hold their unique view of life, and having respect for their free nature. Many inwardly condemn people for failing to be like themselves, taking an attitude that everyone should conform to a picture that they have developed. Fortunately, the life process disagrees with that attitude, and displays an incredible abundance of variety. You tend to form a realistic perception of life, so that your expectations are not too excessive and unreal, and you appreciate the gains that you do make through expressing your creative talents and powerful energies. A need for disciplined focus may be required at times, as you may be faced with various options and lack a clarity of purpose which diffuses your will power. Be wary against occasional acts of impulse; they may not always work to your advantage, and a careful and steady progression can prove more beneficial. Working in harmony with this trine energy can serve to open doors throughout your life; be alert to recognize when opportunities are being presented, so that you can take full advantage of the gifts of life.

Jupiter Sextile Mercury

This period often represents a significant opportunity to learn because you tend to have a greater thirst to know. Wherever you direct your attention you probably will receive what you want. You likely see the big picture while at the same time you can pay attention to the necessary details to make any vision a success. However, you may prefer to spend your time acquiring information that appeals to you. To take full advantage of this cycle, it helps to have a plan to pursue. Even without a clear map you can use this time to develop one, as you likely will find it easy to put together the pieces of any concept.

This is an excellent time to improve your analytical skills by furthering your education in some way. It may occur through formal or informal schooling, or through experiences that assist in clarifying your thoughts. Making connections probably comes very easily to you now. This includes bringing ideas together into a comprehensive pattern of thinking to establishing ties with other people that are of mutual benefit. Whatever way your life appears disjointed, this interval offers the possibility to become reconnected. Distorted or limited perspectives can clear or broaden with a minimum of effort.

While you doubtless will seek to accumulate information, you can profit from distributing it as well. You probably have much to offer or at least you may realize that you have resources that others want. Sharing your talents can help to unify your viewpoints while at the same time provide useful content to inquiring minds. You tend to communicate positively, which can draw into your life the right stuff, and probably you will prefer surrounding yourself with people and ideas that are upbeat. You likely are very persuasive as you convey your points with enthusiasm that often is infectious. This period can allow you to break free from old patterns that diminish you and to establish new perspectives that enhance you.

Travel may keep you busy, as you generally stay very active. You usually enjoy taking short trips that can provide a welcome diversion from any routine. Because you are more open than usual you often seek new adventures to occupy your time. You may realize now more than ever your capacity to do a number of things at the same time; your versatility to do them and to do them well can reach a peak. While you benefit from exploring a full spectrum of activities, try to pursue one or two with greater application since this aptitude typically subsides after this cycle ends. Nevertheless, it is a great time to sample the rich variety that life has to offer, if only to discover what makes you glad.

Natal Mercury Sextile Jupiter

Your Mercury sextile to Jupiter indicates that your mind is never at rest. You have a limitless thirst for knowledge and an awesome capacity to accumulate information. But you aren't satisfied with simply being informed; applying your knowledge constructively is as important to you as acquiring it in the first place. You have excellent reasoning ability and keen judgment. Because of your masterful command of language, you can speak and write convincingly. Truth is very important to you, and you will challenge anyone who makes a suspicious-sounding statement. Leaving nothing to chance, you will persist until you discover whether the statements is correct. It truly bothers you when public speakers make irresponsible remarks on a subject about which they are totally misinformed. Knowledge can be a weapon in the wrong hands, and you are quick to respond when you observe it being used to gain control of people's minds. Temperamentally unable to stand such abuse, you will challenge the right of anyone to take such liberties with the public. Education, public speaking, public relations, journalism, and writing novels with historical and timely themes - these are some ways you could use your creative resources and inspiration. Even in fields not mentioned above, you could succeed if the essential function were communication of classical knowledge or current information for practical application. Your desire for knowledge and search for truth will never end. As a teacher, you would inspire your students to seek the heights of their own development. Travel would be especially broadening for you, for it would help you to understand the differences among national and ethnic origins. You could translate your reactions into a thoughtful essay that would be illuminating to the reader. While you may not be a fervent member of any organized religious organization, you recognize the importance of believing in something. You allow everyone the liberty of his own beliefs, and you certainly would not try to force your ideology on others.

Sun Trine Ascendant

You feel outgoing and friendly today and seem to attract more opportunities to connect with other people. Your confidence is high and this is a good day for public relations, or selling or promoting yourself and your projects. You’re a natural performer and will delight in entertaining others, and will easily express your creative ideas. You have good physical energy and may enjoy competitive activities, but will make sure you have fun in the process.

Natal Sun Trine Ascendant

The Sun trine the Ascendant shows that you have a generous disposition, and you are self-confident about your ability to succeed in almost everything you do. You are generally optimistic about all your affairs, and easily win the co-operation of the people you deal with. Creative by nature, you use your talents with such imagination that it seems inspired. Although you have abundant vitality, you are inclined to be apathetic about taking full advantage of your potentials, so you shortchange yourself of the benefits you could derive from them. Possibly you are even lazy at times, feeling that there is plenty of time to do what you have to. You have inherited good resources of character from your parents, but you still have a mind of your own. If you will accept the responsibility for it, you can successfully seek your own fortune. You give too much attention to your shortcomings and failings, and you do not react well to criticism. You like to believe that you do everything as well as the next person, and for the most part you do. Your future is very important to you, and you seek a career that will allow you creative expression and give you security in later years. Because you prefer a career that makes demands on your talents, you will probably become a professional in the endeavor you choose. You want to be admired for performing your job well, and you expect to be well paid. You need the challenge of competition in order to strive for excellence in your craft. You should find a life partner you shares your enthusiasm for the good things in life; such an alliance would make working for your goals and security worth the effort.

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