Friday, August 12

Transits for August 11, 2016

Transiting Jupiter Sextile Natal Sun at 0°33 arcminutes

Success can come easier during this time period, and you tend to believe in yourself more than usual. Whether your self-esteem is naturally high or low, you encounter more opportunities that can open doors for you. Taking advantage of those opportunities can bring you advancement in certain areas. You often experience greater confidence to assume risk, and taking chances may offer a higher probability of working in your favor, especially activities that fulfill you rather than merely satisfying a craving for material gain.
Although physical well-being is an important and desirable outcome of this cycle, you can achieve a broader self-knowledge if you so choose, which likely is more valuable. With a propensity now to use your mind and with success more available to you, this is an excellent time to benefit from learning of any kind but particularly for seeking to understand yourself better. Self-improvement may find little resistance, as you progress more rapidly in your development or in the development of an undertaking that is an expression of who you are.

Broadening horizons is an essential feature of this period. While activity often increases now, this is not only a time for action but for understanding, so that you can make better decisions in the future. If you have a wealth of experience, then you likely have a clear grasp of the possibilities before you, permitting you to move forward with confidence. However, this cycle can serve to increase your knowledge by exploring unknown areas of existence to you. This may happen through travel, study, or wider contacts generally, which enrich your life in ways that can give you a more comprehensive view of how things fit together.

Generally, this is a busy period with many choices placed before you. However, you may prefer to use this time to recharge if you have dissipated your resources recently. In this way you restore what is lost; confidence, self-esteem, vitality, creativity. Since you can find the answers more readily, seek to discern the reasons behind whatever you lack, so that you can improve and put yourself in future positions that enhance rather than deplete you.

This cycle brings many opportunities for experiences that assist in the realization of what is best for you. It can also offer a deeper appreciation of what it means to give. Being generous not only financially but also with all your talents can make such a difference not only in the lives of others but especially your own. Beneficence during this time period likely will reward you beyond the measure of your own giving.

Jupiter Conjunct Jupiter at  6°07 arcminutes 

Improvements in certain areas of your life can happen easily now as you tend to encounter little resistance in your efforts to grow. While there is a danger of exceeding your limits, luck generally is on your side so that things typically work out in your favor. Much depends on your attitude, and during this cycle you usually have a more positive outlook than usual, which enhances the probability of fortunate outcomes. There are times in life to retreat and times to hold your ground. This period, however, can allow you to move forward and to expand your horizons.
Interesting encounters often occur, and this can be one of the best times for adventure. Even if you prefer the safety of your known environment, the urge to travel can be irresistible. You often have a thirst for learning, and you benefit from knowledge in any form. While you can accumulate a large quantity of experiences, seek to understand their meaning so as to broaden your belief in what is best for you as well as for others. You have the capacity to make your life more than what it has been and to provide support and optimism for those around you.

This often is an interval of new beginnings where you can leave the past behind for something better. Whatever you initiate now can last for many years, making it an excellent time to take advantage of any opportunities that may arise or that you create through your own efforts. It is possible that you are more restless now and you may seek greater freedom. Although doors may open for you, try to have some purpose to your movements, or you may find yourself dispersed in many directions. Being scattered is not necessarily a negative, especially if you have been wound tightly. This is a period, however, where you can weave the different threads of your existence together and witness real progress in your development and self-understanding.

This marks the start of a 12 year cycle that can produce very positive effects for you, but so much depends on your priorities and where you apply your energy. Generally, you show enthusiasm and optimism for all that you do now and this helps to ensure the prospects of any undertaking. You can sow the seeds for success wherever needed, but it is unlikely to happen by itself. You must have the belief that what you begin now can bring you lasting satisfaction. In fact, one of the potential gifts of this period is recognizing how thought can influence reality. Attempt to trust the beneficence of life now, so that you can access that ability later when you may need it.

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