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Grand Jeu Lenormand ―The Hearts

Family Ties

Ace of Hearts, the Unforeseen  This card represents the home, the couple, or the family. In addition, it declares new loves or strong relations in the future.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Danaus has the power to make peace, joy, and happiness around him. The card often brings good news about the family concerning births or marriage. It is not uncommon to enable reconciliation within family conflicts.

Constellation  The Milky Way 
Interpretation  Brings with it a happy event

The Letter Z Represents  Organization, Power, Inspiration

Large Subject  Danaus is surrounded by his fifty daughters, the Danaides.

Interpretation  This card symbolizes the home, family, or a family reunion. It indicates that certain events will happen at your home. If, however, you are looking for a home, this card will help you.

Lower Left Subject  A censer burning incense
Interpretation  Your family truly seems very disjointed right now. Confusion reigns between different parties. The atmosphere is not light, but instead consists of quarrels. Now is the time to find out why.

Floral Arrangement  Emerging rosebud, banana, boxwood

Interpretation  Here is a period that seems neutral, because nothing interesting is happening. It’s the humdrum of daily living. Take this opportunity to reassess yourself.

Lower Right Subject  The interior of a church, where the faithful pray. 
Interpretation  Even if your mother has influence over you, you can say that you have created a very solid family. Peace and serenity are emanating in extremely simple ways.

Danos is surrounded by her fifty daughters, called the danaides.
Map of unexpected events.
Map showing all events that help or thwart professional, material or emotional projects.

Key Word of the great subject: family unions.
Represents the home, the family, and the joys. This map symbolizes the home, the family and influences all the links of blood and heart.
Subject Right: followers pray inside a church: Peace and serenity.
Subject of left: a burning perfume spreads its smoke: Brouille arguments and confusion.
Floral Ensemble: family joys and sorrows.
Constellation: a happy event is coming.
Letter Z: Organization-Power-inspiration.

Affective: Attachment to the family, there is a security and serenity within the family.
With the right subject: family form a United Clan, sincere, friendships are solid.
With the left-hand subject: Brouilles and family conflicts, with flexibility, conflicts could be calmed.
Activity: family business, work under family obligations. She advises not to neglect her family at the expense of work.
With the right subject: the union is strong in work, favours all professional companies.
With the left-hand topic: a few misunderstandings with les cause discussion in work, misunderstanding and refusal can cause breaks.
Money: wisdom makes it possible to maintain balance in finances, family solidarity in the event of problems.
With the right subject: no financial problems, family support, friends will be effective.
With the left subject:: material security compromised, no help possible.
Health: excellent general form.

This map spreads peace, tranquillity, happiness around you, all good news from family, engagement, weddings, birth..... it allows reconciliation in the event of conflicts or brouilles.

Loyalty and Selflessness

Two of Hearts, the Unforeseen   This card represents quite simply two hearts united. Additionally it brings equilibrium and harmony between couples.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Throughout time, the image of the dog always represents fidelity. So it helps to give you peace and serenity. This will allow you to moderately adjust to your problems without upset, and remaining calm. This serenity allows you to rediscover yourself.

Constellation  Boötes 
Interpretation  Represents Gratitude and sincerity

The Letter Y Represents  Independence, Sensibility, Discretion

The Geomantic Figure Puella is to resemble the vulva or a woman with exaggerated breasts. It is good in most situations, especially with women, beauty, or feminine situations. It represents peace and passivity, which can be either positive or negative depending on the question being answered, though generally positive, requiring to be acted upon instead of it acting on a situation. It is the symbol of feminine sexuality, balancing the energy of Puer.  It is associated with the kidneys, lower back, buttocks, and skin.

Large Subject  A covey of partridge in a meadow is stopped by a dog
Interpretation   This card represents disinterest. Often it means fidelity for either a man or a woman. If you have plans with others, everything will be in your favor and you will succeed in achieving your goals.

Lower Left Subject  A hermit sits in front of his hut. 
Interpretation   You are firm in your decisions and convictions. Flattery has no hold over you. The least one can say is that you are incorruptible. Your integrity in your view is something very important.

Floral Arrangement  Hyacinth, Double Violet, Sea Weed [or Ficus Tree] 
Interpretation   You can be proud of yourself and look straight ahead because you have done well to follow your own path without being drawn aside by tempting offers.

Lower Right Subject  A jet of water in a fountain
Interpretation  This is not the time to give in to weakness. Do not allow yourself to be overly influenced by the judgment of others. All of the maneuvers around you are essentially being made to flatter you.

A Partridge flight is stopped by a dog in a meadow.
Map of unexpected events.
Map showing all events that help or thwart professional, material or emotional projects.
Keyword in the great subject: Loyalty and désintéressement selflessness
Represents luck, deserves and love. This Map announces peace, Serenity, harmony. This peace of mind allows you to face all situations with moderation.
Subject Right: a water jet comes from a basin: flattery and weakness.
Subject left: a hermit is meditating near a cabin: Integrity.
Floral Ensemble: integrity and loyalty unite.
Constellation: gratitude is sincere.
Letter T: Independence-sensitivity-discretion.
Figure Géomancie: Puella: the young girl: Brand courtesy and charm.
His day: Friday.
His month: may and October.
His organ: Touch.

Emotional: friendly and sentimental relations are the footprints of peace and serenity. Exchanges are assured of fidelity, family attachment is deep, dedication and sincerity.
With the right subject: flattery and courtesies are not sincere, prudence.
With the subject on the left: Deep and sincere feelings.
Activity: Professional life takes place in calm and peace, a little monotony may from time to time accentuate the need for independence, but activity is protected and reassuring for the future.
With the right subject: distrust of compliments in work, which have an interest.
With the left-hand subject: Well-structured working life is promoted.
Money: absolute tranquility in finances secures the consultant. Good management allows good material development, balance is maintained.
With the right subject, you will have to resist unnecessary expenses.
With the subject on the left: Excellent Management, tranquillity in finances.
Health: Health improvement is ensured.

Symbol of fidelity, peace, spirit and soul. This serenity allows you to face all events, and especially to settle with moderation and discretion.

Wisdom and Intelligence

Three of Hearts, the Unforeseen   This card represents a creative project. It can also mean a relationship that could lead to creativity or positive associations.

Overall Interpretation of the Card  Like the baboon, intelligently and calmly analyze every situation, so you can in all moderation make a decision without being premature. In any event, this card indicates that you need to take time to study all the facts with logic.

Constellation  Pegasus

Interpretation  Liberty and independence

The Letter F Represents  Responsibility, Adaptation, Amiability

The Geomantic Figure Fortuna Major is good in all situations in a best case scenario sense and represents great good fortune, especially in beginnings. It denotes power and success, and so is very favorable in conflicts and contests; being a figure of stability and long-term success, it also denotes hardship at the outset of an endeavor. It is associated with the heart and chest

Large Subject  A baboon holding a roll of paper writing with a stick
Interpretation  Considered the best in the deck, this card cancels bad prognostics and considerably augments the good. It brings immense occult and spiritual protection, not to mention the inspiration it provides.

Lower Left Subject  A young man looking at a partially shaded sundial
Interpretation  You are surely dismayed to sit in the shadows, despite your qualities. You just have to wait a little longer because in a short while, opportunity will come knocking on your door. But in the meantime, be a little patient.

Floral Arrangement  Elderflower, Bay Laurel, and Papyrus 
Interpretation  Former enemies seek to become friends. What a turnaround! Obstacles and difficulties give way to great hopes.

Lower Right Subject  A young knight before a burning branch of laurel. 
Interpretation  Opportunity is knocking at your door. Your quality will be put forward and you will obtain the rewards. You will benefit from a prosperous time which allows you to shine in your chosen field.

A Cynocéphale holding a paper roll trace of character on the ground with a stick.
Map of unexpected events.
Map showing all events that help or thwart professional, material or emotional projects.

Keyword in the great subject: wisdom and intelligence.
Represents success and notoriety. This Map announces a faculty of adaptation and knowledge to act wisely and intelligently.
Subject Right: a knight watches burn a branch of Laurier: deserves reward.
Subject on the left: a young man is based sadly on a dial: talents not recognized.
Floral Ensemble: brilliant success.
Constellation: Freedom and independence.
Letter F: Liability-adaptation.
Figure Géomancie: Fortuna Major:fortune Minor: power and triumph.
His day: Tuesday.
His month: March and April.
His organ: the view.

Emotional: sincere and harmonious feelings provide the realization of all emotional wishes, serenity in the family or friendly environment, good understanding and wisdom in the event of conflict.
With the right subject: emotional stability.
With the subject on the left: uncertain feelings, loneliness loneliness.
Activity: Professional success, good progress in work, control and intelligence on business.
With the right subject: success in work.
With the left subject: disappointment in work, no support in work.
Money: happy initiatives allow evolution and, above all, a perfect balance. No financial worries. Relief in case of problems.
With the right subject: Investment and advanced speculation, good management.
With the subject on the left: difficult and heavy. Difficulty and no help.
Health: no malaise will disturb the general equilibrium.

Intelligence and wisdom allow for good analysis, serenity and moderation on all events.

Reckless Abandon

Four of Hearts, the Zodiac  This card represents difficult decisions to be made in business, personal, or financial respects. Do not rush to make your decisions.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Like Venus and Amour, your personal life is troubled. Passion no longer lives. Remember to take a step back, or no reflection will be possible and this would lead you to more troubles.

Constellation  Cygnus 
Interpretation  Inconsiderate and aggressive acts

The Letter P Represents  Emotions, Amiability, Adaptation

Large Subject  Venus and Amour pass by in the Euphrates on the backs of dolphins. 
Interpretation  This card represents adultery. In personal matters, you should not make a hasty decision. Lightning bolts are often just flashes in the pan. On the professional level, beware of bad advice.

Lower Left Subject  A man on the arm of a woman giving a secret letter to another

Interpretation  You are disturbed that your personal life is not simple. You will need to make a choice between two women, be careful not to find yourself alone if you cannot make a choice.

Floral Arrangement  Safflower, Pondweed, Bulrush 
Interpretation  After throwing a tantrum you may find it necessary to restore order to your affairs. This reorganization is needed anyway.

Lower Right Subject  A sentry standing guard in front of a ship
Interpretation  Your companions have an unfortunate tendency to support those who can get you in trouble. Know this and do what is needed to avoid being disturbed in your affairs.

Venus and love pass the euphrate on the back of two dolphins.
Card Part: the order of time (theme zodiac sign). Determines the order of time.
Key Word of the great subject: reckless escape.
Represents and prevents the trouble caused by the entourage. This Map announces concerns from the nearby entourage. Acts are thoughtless, ill-prepared or risky.
Subject to right: a gun guard keeps guard: caution recommended.
Subject on the left: on the arm of a woman, a man discreetly gives a letter to another woman: risk of deception.
Floral Ensemble: bad advice.
Constellation: Reckless and aggressive acts.
Letter F: Sensitivity-Amabilité-adaptation.

Emotional: passion invades hearts and reason is overtaken by events, escape reality does not help and facts will be discovered. Emotional life will become embarrassing and will lead to conflicts and disagreements.
With the right subject: Prudence in emotional life, acting with discretion in case of doubt.
With the left subject: abuse of trust and deception are possible, trials.
Activity: activity does not give any satisfaction, period of restriction, leakage of responsibilities.
With the right subject: Prudence in work, stay discreet and stay on your guard.
With the left subject: bad mood and deception in work.
Money: spending exceeds income, actions are ill-considered and the need to live the present moment completely forgets the bills of the next day. Risk of concern.
With the right subject: delays in money, which later put the projects back.
With the left subject: attention to finance and management.

Health: nervousness is stretched to extremes.
The Entourage will not fail to cause trouble in your feelings, everything will go too fast and events will be experienced with too much passion. You will not be in a position to think about this, which is likely to drag you into a lot of trouble.


Five of Hearts, the Unforeseen   This card represents emotional setbacks. It encourages prudence in your relations and to be on your guard against possible misconceptions.

Overall Interpretation of the Card  Like the gentlemen, you will need to negotiate with tact and a willingness toward conciliation. It is necessary and preferable for you to treat your business affairs with competence, but coming on too strong' risks losing everything.

Constellation  Leo

Interpretation  A beautiful change

The Letter N Represents  Cleverness, Strategy, Sociability

The Geomantic Figure Amissio is a representation of two bowls or cups turned upside-down. In general, the figure is bad or negative figure for all charts except those for love (being a figure of Venus) or where loss is desired and denotes loss. Often it represents something outside of one's grasp. It is associated with the neck and throat.

Large Subject  Two gentlemen of different nationalities are received by the king.

Interpretation  Benefits will be conferred and you may begin conducting business at a very high level. You may even begin a desired relationship with foreign countries. However, you need to be careful with letters you send.

Lower Left Subject  A chained falcon

Interpretation  Within a narrow margin of freedom, you need to negotiate for your best interests. The current period is favorable to others, but you can wisely manage your business affairs to reverse the situation.

Floral Arrangement  Sorrel, Lichen

Interpretation  You want to change everything and take a new direction in your life. Don’t act on a whim, however don’t end up doing nothing in the slightest either.

Lower Right Subject  A planter containing an orange in flowers

Interpretation  Your place for routine business will serve your friends, family, and yourself. Altogether, your business will get better and better, but with that your responsibilities will grow
increasingly heavy.

Two gentlemen of different nations stand before the king.
Map of unexpected events.
Map showing all events that help or thwart professional, material or emotional projects.
Key Word of the great subject: Advantages and conciliations.
Represents reconciliations and legacies. This Map announces that all different approaches or cases can be resolved through an conciliateurs and skillful exchange.
Subject Right: an orange tree laden with fruit: frankness and generosity.
Subject on the left: a falcon is chained: lack of freedom.
Floral Ensemble: prudent actions.
Constellation: facilitated development.
Letter N: Competence-Strategy-Sociability.
Fig Géomancie: Amissio: losses in all areas.
His day: Thursday.
His month: February and March.
His organ: hearing.

Affective: Status-quo in relationships and everyone knows that it can avoid conflicts by communicating calmly and fairly, in the event of conflicts, are entirely possible for a better understanding.
With the right subject: good understanding, reconciliation in the event of conflicts.
With the subject on the left: submission and sacrifice in emotional relations.
Activity: possible negotiations, amicable agreement in work in the event of conflicts, the development of the latter. Diplomacy is more effective than aggressive action.
With the right subject: business is promoted, clarified if litigation.
With the left subject: no progress in work, difficult hierarchy.
Money: difficulties overcome in finances, through effective advice and, allayed doubts and difficulties overcome.
With the right subject: no financial concerns, facilites speculation and investment.
With the left subject: a delicate position in finance, especially because of the entourage.
Health: a nervous tension will soon be mastered.

Always planning to negotiate and always seek conciliation, which will be preferable to violent actions leading to breaks.

Promotion and Success

Six of Hearts, Alchemy   This card represents the work and sacrifices that must be done before reaching a goal. Accept a compromises and keep working [toward your goal] accordingly.

Overall Interpretation of the Card  Like the alchemist, with hard work and perseverance you will attain the goal you’re working toward. All of the effort and passion that you have put into your work will earn you rewards and success.

Constellation  Aries

Interpretation  Goals finally achieved

The Letter I Represents  Inspiration, Idealism, Availability

The Geomantic Figure Puer is a representation of a sword or erect phallus and refers to male energies, primarily aggression and passion, but also war and male sexuality. It is bad in most cases, but good in situations where the male excelled: love and war. It is associated with the head.

Large Subject  The alchemist observes with satisfaction the material changing into gold

Interpretation  You will be rewarded for your patience which will grant you a certain boost which will propel you to success after success. Additionally, this card can foretell a long life.

Lower Left Subject  A man discusses the future with a rich older woman.

Interpretation  You are going to receive an interesting and satisfying proposition. Neither age nor social status will interfere with your work. On the contrary, very often experience and age become assets.

Floral Arrangement  Interlaced Ivy and Lilies, Sage flowers, and French Rose

Interpretation  Life is made of positive and negative cycles. For now, you will surely find yourself in a positive cycle, awash in waves of splendor.

Lower Right Subject  An old man at the feet of a young woman, her fortune and title

Interpretation  This card represents a union which elevates you to the very top of your standard of living. It can also represent a senior who will be of great help and largely devoted to your work.

The Alchemist contemplates with satisfaction the material that became Pierre Philosophie.
This card is part: Hermetic Science (Alchemy theme). Symbolizing Marriage.
Card favoring all emotional relationships.
Key Word of the great subject: Elevation and success.
Represents the map showing hope for improvement in the fields. This map promotes progress leading to success and victory over all situations.
Subject Right: a man makes a tribute to a young woman: good hopes.
Subject on the left: a couple talks about future projects: satisfactory proposals.
Floral Ensemble: future projects.
Constellation: the desired goals are achieved.
Letter I: Inspiration-Idealism-availability.
Figure Géomancie: Puella: the young girl: Mark the charm and intuition.
His day: Friday.
His month: may and October.
His organ: Touch.
Emotional: strong and confident feelings of trust, serious, and deep based on trust, understanding and leniency take over in case of brouilles.
With the right subject: fulfilling relationships and quiet happiness.
With the subject on the left: good understanding in emotional relationships, engagement or marriage projects are possible and favored.
Activity: a progress is close, a good period is successful. Success in the chosen path is certain. Implementation of projects.
With the right subject: projects, sincere exchanges allow and promote a professional rise.
With the left subject: excellent atmosphere, work agreement. Associations are possible and favourable.
Money: finances are reassuring, positive transactions, positive speculation, material security.
With the right subject: opportunities and opportunities in finance.
With the left-hand topic: financial projects will be successful after they have been well analysed.
Health: Excellent improvement in the event of difficulties.

The efforts made, the energy given to a fact or action will bring success and success in all areas.

Never a Dull Moment

Seven of Hearts,  Alchemy   This card represents the realization of all of your dreams of love, without any problems at all. Equally, it can foretell great wisdom and inner peace.

Overall Interpretation of the Card  Just like the alchemist full of action, you too must keep moving, receiving news, letters, and visitors. Through it all, surprises of all sorts will be found both on the personal level as well as the professional.

Constellation  The Sextans

Interpretation  New encounters

The Letter C Represents  Expression, Creativity, Originality

The Geomantic Figure Acquisitio resembles two bowls or cups turned upright. It is good in almost all situations, especially for getting and obtaining things. Mostly, it is a positive figure, except where a loss is desired. It indicates a gain financially, mentally, or in any other form, or something within one's grasp. It is associated with the hips and thighs.

Large Subject  The alchemist introduces a solvent into the philosopher’s lamp.

Interpretation  You learn by chance that someone has profound feelings for you, about which you have known absolutely nothing. In the end, this person ends up marrying someone else.

Lower Left Subject  A mailman gives a letter to a man.

Interpretation  You may soon receive news that will not please you, or you find downright unpleasant and annoying. This news immerses you in a climate of temporary uneasiness.

Floral Arrangement  Dahlia, Bindweed, Snowdrops

Interpretation  You truly have a cult of friendship, nothing is more important to you. Moreover, you believe this way of life brings you balance.

Lower Right Subject  A postman brings a package to a young woman.

Interpretation  You will receive an unexpected gift or better, a visit from someone you really enjoy.
Without a doubt, your house will be filled with joy and happiness in the coming days.

The Alchemist introduces the nail polish remover to the material turned stone.
This card is part: Hermetic Science (Alchemy theme). Symbolizing Marriage.
Card favoring all emotional relationships.
Key Word of the great topic: activities and news.
Represents the map of the consultant's mind and soul. This Map announces a variety of diverse, small joys and small disappointments.
Subject Right: a young woman receives a mail from the hand of a postillon: visits and news.
Subject left: a factor brings a letter: new contrariantes.
Floral Ensemble: friendships and sympathies.
Constellation: new encounters.
Letter C: expression-Creativity-originality.
Figure Géomancie: Rubeus: Red: Passion and effort.
His day: Tuesday.
His month: March.
His organ: mouth and taste.

Emotional: sentimental life and feelings are spontaneous and enthusiastic. New friendships are emerging. Friendly emotional exchanges, many movements, surprises, meetings and pleasant visits.
With the right subject: pleasant news or visits will bring joy and answers.
With the subject on the left: disappointments and disappointments, all kinds mark emotional, friendly, melancholy relationships.
Activity: chance of success or advancement. Work is marked by new contacts, various movements.
With the right subject: good news about professional projects, or rapid progress.
With the left subject: stagnation in work, or disagreements that hamper business.
Money: financial approaches to improve the material situation and to obtain a financial increase in the short or medium term.
With the right-hand subject: imminent cash inflows, requests and financial approaches.
With the left-hand subject: unexpected obligations cause aggravation, financial imbalance.
Health: a little overwork can be seen.
Announcement of messages, letters, visits, encounters, surprises of all kinds and which can relate to both emotional and professional matters.

New Lease on Life

Eight of Hearts, the Unforeseen   This card represents both joy and disappointment on a purely personal level. Equally, it can mean a time where it will be necessary to let go.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   The eagle has always symbolized the ability to travel through time. It foretells that your situation will change for the better in all areas. Your future will be more serene and include far fewer difficulties, not to mention the pleasant surprises awaiting you.

Constellation  Aldebaran

Interpretation  Goals finally attained

The Letter R Represents  Emotions, Idealism, Understanding

Large Subject  An eagle over a pond taking a toad

Interpretation  It’s well known, the misfortune of one is the happiness of another. You will be concealing your joy, but your happiness will be great. Also, the people that bothered you yesterday, will leave you alone today.

Lower Left Subject  A flame hovers above a tombstone.

Interpretation  Someone will get a gift or an inheritance. You don’t expect such a gift, however this person will make a gesture that you will always remember.

Floral Arrangement   Willow, Daphne

Interpretation  You’re spending your time of nostalgia by losing yourself in your artistic and creative passions. You have your reasons, it will do you good.

Lower Right Subject  A woman collects herself in front of a tomb.

Interpretation  You absolutely must separate yourself from someone or change your way of life if you want to realize your ambitions and follow your destiny. Equally, a distant affection or friendship may cause you sorrow.

A pond surrounded by grass above which an eagle removes a toad.
Map of unexpected events.
Map showing all events that help or thwart professional, material or emotional projects
Key Word of the great subject: distance from everything that is harmful.
Represents satisfaction and romantic encounters. This map explains a allégrement of harassment, an end to struggles or difficulties that impede projects.
Subject of droite:une woman is gathering in front of a tomb: release of tests.
Subject on the left: a tomb is overcome with a small flame: Small inheritance.
Floral Ensemble: removal of obstacles.
Constellation: goals are achieved.
Letter R: Emotion-Idealism-understanding.

Emotional: all emotional tests, conflicts, discussions are settled and peace is found in the home and in friendly and sentimental relations. The malaise is clarified and doubts are dispelled.
With the right subject: separation or removal will be experienced as a relief, which avoids fuelling conflicts.
With the left subject: after conflicts, disputes, or emotional disagreements, peace returns.
Activity: all blockages, doubts are lost in activity, and a new social position or advancement can be expected.
With the right subject: a change of service, or breach of contract, brings a release into work.
With the left subject: a renewal in activity, intellectual enrichment combine to help social ambitions.
Money: release of financial hardship through new opportunities, the situation will become more solid for the future.
With the right subject: hard money, but patience will help redress the situation.
With the left-hand subject: help, unexpected revenue or a small legacy will help to redress the finances.
Health: after some discomfort, energy takes over. Announce that one better will intervene in all areas, you go to struggles and difficulties.


Nine of Hearts, the Zodiac  This card represents secret dreams realized. It also foretells that all of your wishes can materialize very quickly.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Like Hercules facing the lion, you will find the strength to overcome. You should never lose hope or be discouraged. You must have self confidence and fight for what is yours. Thanks to your skill and abilities, you will triumph.

Constellation  Regulus

Interpretation  It represents your projects being realized.

The Letter P Represents  Logic, Reason, Equity

Large Subject  In the forest of Nemi, Hercules subdues a lion leaving a cave.

Interpretation  You will be given the opportunity to acquire power, it is up to you to use it wisely and with diplomacy. Your work and courage will bring a kind of popularity. Your efforts will pay off.

Lower Left Subject  The mayor crowns a Rosiere.

Interpretation  Unexpected events will come to fill your heart with joy and happiness. Recognition of your unique talents and abilities will top it all off. Your skills will be recognized.

Floral Arrangement  Lilac, Arum, Imortelle (Helichrysum)

Interpretation   You need to harmonize your surroundings with your heart, and anything goes; decorating, landscaping, etc. At the same time, don’t forget to adjust your lifetime relationships.

Lower Right Subject  Napoleon gives a medal of honor to a soldier.

Interpretation  Your achievements will soon be grandly recognized. Honor and compensation await you. Financial gain will follow, but not for several weeks. Your renown will permit you to be patient.

In the forest of neme, Hercules Étouffe the lion who sows terror.
Card Part: the order of time (theme zodiac sign). Determines the order of time.
Key Word of the great subject: Rewarded EFFORTS.
Represents success, victory and of multiple satisfaction. This map shows courage, energy, the will to control and control all situations.
Subject Right: Napoleon Décore a grenadier: deserves recognition.
Subject left: a rosière is crowned by the mayor.
Floral Ensemble: power on events.
Constellation: project implementation.
Letter P: Logic-fairness.

Emotional: strong and powerful feelings, good friendly relations, some strength reports are possible but they only consolidate relationships.
With the right subject: Joy and happiness allow a recognition of love, patience ser rewarded.
With the subject on the left: discretion and patience bear fruit, sincerity and purity, harmony and fidelity.
Activity: Power, authority, will play in favour of the consultant in the professional field, projects are successful.
With the right subject: achievements and promotions are some.
With the subject on the left: patience and wisdom will give the consultant a good success, slow is present, but we can count on effective support.
Money: strong and balanced financial situations, in case of difficulties, solutions will be found.
With the right subject: positive transactions, reassuring material life.
With the left subject: Excellent Management, good balance.
Health: excellent physical energy.

You must have confidence in your possibilities and, above all, never lose hope or discourage yourself from the trials.

Ten of Hearts,  Alchemy  This card represents a new cycle full of promise, happiness, and profound joy. It can also portend good news.

Overall Interpretation of the Card  Like the alchemist who contemplates his work, you will become one of the people that others admire. Know how to take a step back from this situation and keep a cool head. Don't fall for an exaggerated admiration from another person.

Constellation  The Cup

Interpretation New possibilities for you

The Letter E Represents  Mobility, Curiosity, Change

The Geomantic Figure Fortuna Minor indicates a weakly positive outcome in nearly all questions, representing transient success that is dependent upon outside help. It favors situations that can be resolved quickly and do not need to be sustained. It is a figure of change and instability. It is associated with the spine.

Large Subject  The alchemist, arms crossed, considers the whiteness crowning the matter

Interpretation  This card represents a very young woman, because the color white is synonymous with the feminine. But it can also represent a young man with plans about to hatch. It can also highlight an emerging love affair.

Lower Left Subject  A young woman plays the piano.

Interpretation  You will find yourself in an artistic profession, in which you will find full self-expression of yourself. Your ability in this area is enormous, you must follow this path.

Floral Arrangement  Violet, Mock Orange, May Rose

Interpretation  Don’t waste your moments of happiness by being too nostalgic. Even if you’re in a state of mind, cast away your sad thoughts and force yourself to change.

Lower Right Subject  A young woman embroidering seated in her bedroom.

Interpretation  It is indisputable that you have a gift for the arts or learning. You will need a little perseverance to come into your own, but you will succeed. Even if you lack the funds to pursue [your art or education ], you will soon find a solution.

Bras, the alchemist contemplates his work with a lot of complacency.
This card is part: Hermetic Science (Alchemy theme). Symbolizing Marriage.
Card favoring all emotional relationships.
Key Word of the great subject: enthusiasm and ecstasy.
Represents and announces happy surprises and présage a warm atmosphere.
This Card announces an outpouring of enthusiasm that can go to exaggeration in behavior.
Subject Right: a young girl, sitting, brode in her room: Docilité and perseverance.
Subject left: a young girl plays the piano: pleasures and pleasures.
Together floral:admiration exagérée.
Constellation: new possibilities are granted.
Letter E: Mobility-Curiosity-change.
Figure Géomancie: Fortuna Minor: Major Fortune: materially favourable.
His day: Sunday.
His month: August.
His organ: eye and sight.

Emotional: love makes blind, too excessive feelings, you have to put in order in an exaggerated enthusiasm. We have to accept that the partner is flaws and weaknesses, admiration for the partner.
With the right subject: Calm, quiet and serene life (friendly, romantic, family), loyalty, peaceful life.
With the subject on the left: excellent relationship, we will look for an outdoor life, pleasure and leisure.
Activity: progression or advancement, it is necessary to find out what is involved in a profession, otherwise risk blocking progress.
With the right subject: perseverance will be the key to advancement and success, patience.
With the left subject: professional satisfaction, friendly but superficial relationship.
Money: satisfactory material situation, effective efforts in good management give a calming effect.
With the right subject: caution is recommended, but the seriousness avoids difficulties.
With the subject on the left: protected financial area, but expenditure for pleasure can cause small difficulties.
Health: a little too nervous but no special concerns.
Exaggerated admiration for people who are not what you imagine, take a step back and know how to put things back in their place.
In the forest of neme, Hercules Étouffe the lion who sows terror.
Card Part: the order of time (theme zodiac sign). Determines the order of time.

Jack of Hearts, the Zodiac   This card represent a young man full of good intentions. Often it also represent a young blond man very in love [or amorous].

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Like Jupiter helping Bacchus, your friends around you will not fail to assist you. They are sincere, efficient, and not interested in rewards. But at the same time, be careful of their proposals.

Constellation  Corona Borealis

Interpretation  Arrival of expected help

The Letter I Represents   Emotions, Realism, Approachable

Large Subject  Jupiter, with the head of a ram, shows the god Bacchus a spring where he can drink

Interpretation  This card represents a very young man with light hair. Equally, it can represent protection and much joy around you. But beware, it could also simply mean speaking of your beloved.

Lower Left Subject  Moths fly around a lit candle

Interpretation  Sweet talkers surround you. Do not succumb to their artificial paradise, none of their promises will stand the test of time. In times like these, only count on yourself.

Floral Arrangement  Fuchsia, Duckweed, Chaff

Interpretation  You have within you, without knowing it, a priceless treasure. This treasure is your intuition. Hey! Stop doubting yourself and finally trust yourself.

Lower Right Subject  A Horn of Plenty (Cornucopia)

Interpretation  You will meet luck and fate. Your material goods will accumulate and you will be free from need. If you are in need, someone will come to your rescue or help you.

Jupiter with a ram head tells the God bachus a fountain where he can quench his thirst.
Card Part: the order of time (theme zodiac sign). Determines the order of time.
Key Word of the great subject: service rendered.
Is a nice young man, friendly, a little shy. This Card announces that all promises will be made and that in case of difficulties, aid will be provided.
Subject Right: a horn of abundance is overflowing with fruit: luck and protection.
Subject left: butterflies revolve around a candle lit.
Floral Ensemble: abundance or limitation.
Constellation: the expected aid will be present.
Letter I: Emotion-Idealism-easy contacts.

Emotional: new romantic encounters are coming. New friendly encounters. Promises are made. Pleasant and harmonious evolution.
With the right subject: Joy and emotional happiness.
With the subject on the left: relationships are frivolous, disappointments are to be feared.
Activity: Favourable Vocational Development thanks to support, a new social position can also be facilitated.
With the right subject: you reap what you sow, the evolution is very beneficial (success and luck in work.
With the left-hand topic: a lack of serious work is likely to be unfortunate for the future.
Money: solutions will be made to financial worries, and concerns are dispelled thanks to external aid.
With the right subject: whatever the financial difficulty, the opportunity will be taken to redress the situation, including luck in the game.
With the left subject: déstabilisation in finances by a lack of seriousness.
Health: good general balance.

You will find friendships or sincere relationships to provide you with help, support or advice that is effective and selfless.

Queen of Hearts, the Zodiac  This card represents a very loving woman who can be caring and protective. Often it can represent a mature, blond  woman [over 40 years old].

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Like Astraea, you will soon be surrounded by kindness and sympathy which will touch on your sensibilities. People will naturally come to you to offer their sympathy. A feminine presence will also demonstrate her quality of heart.

Constellation   Coma Berenices

Interpretation  Represents the qualities of the heart

The Letter E Represents  Inspiration, Adaptation, Intelligence

Large Subject   Jupiter points out to Astraea [his daughter by Themis], her rightful place in heaven

Interpretation  This card represents a young blonde or light haired woman, generous and very dedicated. This person can give you some useful protection. But beware, this card can simply represent your beloved.

Lower Left Subject  A nun contemplates a bird of paradise.

Interpretation  Your thoughts are pure and serene, they can bring enlightenment. Don’t search to rebuild your life in your head. Instead, allow purity to drive your meditation.

Floral Arrangement  Rock Rose [cistus], Poppy, Lilac

Interpretation  You are like a fine wine, you get better with age. It’s true that you have a real artistic ability. Now is the time to use it.

Lower Right Subject  A young woman in front of a pipe organ.

Interpretation  The least one can say is that you are very inspired at the moment. Take in this sweet harmony and indulge your thoughts, because it would be a shame not to enjoy such precious

Jupiter indicates in astree the place it has to occupy in the sky.
Card Part: the order of time (theme zodiac sign). Determines the order of time.
Key Word of the great subject: softness and friendliness.
Represents a nice, pleasant, soft and available young woman. This map specifies that kindness and wisdom harmonize in order to find happiness.
Subject Right: a young girl near an organ: inspiration and wisdom.
Subject left: a nun admires the flight of a bird of Paradise: wisdom and bliss.
Floral Ensemble: Peace and serenity.
Constellation: qualities of heart and pure intentions.
Letter E: Inspiration-adaptation-intelligence.

Emotional: love life is happy, calm. All relationships are footprints of peace and happiness. A female friendship in the entourage brings all its sympathy and availability.
With the right subject or with the subject on the left: sincere love life, faithful.
Activity: quiet, regular, excellent position, good relations with the professional entourage.
With the right subject or the subject on the left: all activities connected with art, beauty, aesthetics are favoured, friendly professional surroundings.
Money: very good financial balance.
With the right or left subject: no financial worries.
Health: slight passivity but good general balance.

You will be surrounded by sympathy and kindness that will touch your sensitivity. Also indicates a female presence in your surroundings, with beautiful qualities of heart and pure intentions.

King of Hearts, the Unforeseen  This card represents a loving and caring man. It can also represent a blond or light-haired man over the age of 40.

Overall Interpretation of the Card  You will surely meet a thoughtful man who listens to others, like the one pictured on this card. In any event, it represents a masculine presence in your surroundings which will always be there when needed and will provide comfort to you if the need arises.

Constellation   Triangulum

Interpretation  Foretells your perseverance will be rewarded

The Letter V Represents   Mastery, Analysis, Practical Sense

The Geomantic Figure Fortuna Minor indicates a [b]weakly positive outcome in nearly all questions, representing transient success that is dependent upon outside help. It favors situations that can be resolved quickly[/b] and do not need to be sustained. It is a figure of change and instability. It is associated with the spine.

Large Subject  A meditating old man, seated at a table.

Interpretation  This card represents a blond man with the wisdom of age. It represents maturity, experience, and knowledge. His advice will always be wise and useful. It can also represent any aged
Lower Left Subject  A lectern on which sits the Laws of Solon
Interpretation  You will increase by tenfold your energy to assert yourself and take the opportunity to demonstrate your intelligence. Additionally, you may be put in contact with a lawyer or

Floral Arrangement  Thrush, Marshmallow, Cherry leaves and fruits

Interpretation  You are the person to whom one turns to confide in or tell their little problems. This is a very good thing, but be very careful to remain neutral.

Lower Right Subject  A lectern on which sits a bible.

Interpretation  You are in an extremely calm period. This will change with the meeting of someone with high aspirations. You will exit this period flat.

An old man sitting and leaning on a table, meditating.
Map of unexpected events.
Map showing all events that help or thwart professional, material or emotional projects.
Key Word of the great subject: wisdom and prudence.
Represents a good, benevolent, warm and available man. This map indicates common sense and good advice. The help and support of a benevolent man is also possible.
Subject Right: a bible on a desk: Charity.
Subject on the left:'s laws on a desk: intelligence.
Floral Ensemble: satisfaction.
Constellation: Perseverance Rewarded.
Letter V: Practical Maîtrise-analysis.
Figure Géomancie: Fortuna Minor: Major Fortune: favourable to equipment.
His day: Sunday.
His month: August.
His organ: eye and sight.

Emotional: feelings are sincere, reassuring, friendly, family and sentimental relations are calm and reassuring, peace and promises are held, in the event of conflicts of good advice will help to achieve reconciliation.
With the right subject: calm and serenity, good understanding.
With the left subject: emotional stability, peace and tranquillity.
Activity: protection in work, professions related to education or liberal (lawyer, notary, doctor) are promoted, professional entourage is pleasant and serene.
With the right subject: well organized work, safety in work.
With the left subject: promotes intellectual work, diplomacy is recommended for any conflict risk.
Money: finances are protected, well-balanced and diverse investments.
With the right subject: security in finances.
With the left subject: material situation is experienced with calm and serenity.
SANTE:le vital fluid makes it possible to correct the energy.

This calm and thoughtful man is there to listen, soothe and reassure, he represents a male presence in your surroundings, a benevolent and competent presence on which you can rest.