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Grand Jeu Lenormand ―The Clubs

Ace of Clubs, the Golden Fleece  This card represents the chance of success, both personal and professional. For more precision, the neighboring cards will give some details.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Great success in all domains. Get away from negative people during the necessary time to complete all of your projects. You will find a way, like Jason, to fight and overcome difficulties and emerge victorious in all situations.

Constellation  Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer
Interpretation  Success in all domains

The Letter C Represents  Expression, Ingenuity, Liveliness

Large Subject  Jason in a forest to fight last battle for the Golden Fleece
Interpretation  Success after having to fight a little. You have all the cards to play it your way. Triumph and success are assured on all endeavors and tests.

Lower Left Subject  Jason and Medea going away on a boat
Interpretation  You feel the need to take some vacation and to relax for a while. You can finally go on a trip and enjoy your free time renewing ties to certain people you may have lost sight of.

Floral Arrangement  Tremella (Fairy Butter?), Daisy, Blue Bells
Interpretation  Now is the time for creative self expression through painting, music, writing, etc. In a word, make yourself a work of art.

Lower Right Subject  Jason and Medea are walking in a reception
Interpretation  Your well-being and serenity are disturbed by the arrival of news that may upset your projects. Keep calm, things will sort out without great inconvenience.

2 of Clubs, the Unforeseen   This card represents the dangers in associations. It recommends prudence in collaborations for the time being.

Overall Interpretation of the Card  This glittering river truly symbolizes happiness for you and yours. Luck and opportunities of all kinds will be there for your enjoyment. Often, meeting a determined person that will bring you success.

Constellation  Aquila, the Eagle
Interpretation  Satisfactory ascent to heights

The Letter J Represents  Creativity, Intelligence, Loyalty

Large Subject  Goddesses basking on the banks of a river with small pots of gold, or 'Jackpots'
Interpretation  These goddesses announce an inheritance, presents, a gift or even a completely unexpected win. Always a sign of happiness and tranquility in the coming weeks.

Lower Left Subject  A bird resting on top of a rock.
Interpretation  Here you are finally free from material concerns, troubles, torments, or worries. The door is now wide open for financial transactions or investments without fear.

Floral Arrangement  Wheat, Statice, Ash
Interpretation  You will be empowered to change your interior, whether in your home, or your behavior.

Lower Right Subject  A bird in flight to land on top of a rock
Interpretation  You must come to understand that you must make some effort to understand and indulge those around you. These efforts will bring you much satisfaction, dedication is always rewarded.

3 of Clubs,  Alchemy  This card represents material rewards and financial stability. It contributes to the expansion of business affairs and the success of negotiations.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Like the alchemist, if you remain calm and attentive, you will be rewarded for your patience. A very beneficial change awaits you in a short time, thanks to an important meeting. There’s a happy and quite unexpected turn of events presented to you.

Constellation  Hydra
Interpretation  Inspiration from meetings [visits, social gatherings, appointments]

The Letter V Represents  Mastery, Inspiration, Construction

Large Subject  The alchemical matter begins to dissolve. Kneeling down, the alchemist observes the change.
Interpretation   Like the alchemist, you will always be rewarded for your efforts and your patience. After a period in darkness, you finally find yourself in the light. Here is a great promise of joy, union and happiness.

Lower Left Subject  The three providers, daughters of the priest Anuis
Interpretation  You are at this time in an extremely positive cycle, both materially and emotionally. Enjoy this auspicious time to consolidate or create your savings. If you’re having some health issues, everything will be OK. [literal translation: all will be returned to order ]

Floral Arrangement   White Lilac, Willow and Cockle
Interpretation  Creative and inspired, all aesthetic concerns are particularly beneficial for you now. An ideal period for artistic inclinations.

Lower Right Subject  Martea, goddess of heirs [inheritance], receives a visit from a man. Interpretation  You can obtain an inheritance or a very important job change and especially advantageous. Caution that you do not fall into greedy behavior or profit; success at any price.

4 of Clubs,  Alchemy   This card represents the loss of money or objects of all kinds. It recommends caution in business, because your balance will be hard to hold.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Excess often provokes negative effects. You have to know to appreciate the pleasures of your new successes and the rewards from your work, without changing your behavior by becoming too proud. Do not allow yourself to be influenced by greed. [Literally: Do not free yourself to be influenced by the appetite for gain.]

Constellation  Cerberus
Interpretation  Recommends withholding friendship

The Letter B Represents  Sensitivity, Reservation, and Emotion

The Geomantic Figure Tristia is bad in most cases and connotes sadness or mourning. Tristitia is an unfavorable figure in almost all questions, usually representing pain and suffering. However, it is favorable in questions dealing with stability, building, or the Earth (such as agriculture). It is associated with the ankles and lower legs.

Large Subject  The alchemist observes with great interest the dissolving matter.
Interpretation  You are so totally enamored that your passion has made you lose touch with reality. For a male consultant this card represents a sincere [true] love. For a female consultant, a mad passion that risks being a flash in the pan.

Lower Left Subject  Sitting at a table, a young woman writes.
Interpretation:  You work to consolidate [strengthen] your renown [reputation]. Writing or speech [communication] remains a strong asset that you should continue to develop. Once again, success will be obtained thanks to your efforts.

Floral Arrangement   Gillyflower [stocks, wallflowers, almost any fragrant flower], Cacao
Interpretation  Although your love for your companion is not returned in the same fashion, be patient. Time will offer a reason.

Lower Right Subject  A grisette is visited by a gentleman.
Interpretation  Your feelings are unreasonable and exaggerated. You find yourself in completely false reality, and this puts you in a weak position. Be objective, you cannot impose [force] fidelity.

5 of Clubs, the Trojan War   Founded on solid financial footing, this card represents hope for the future. A partner could help you make some money, unless they’re an heir [of yours].

Overall Interpretation of the Card  In abducting Helen, Paris commits an act of treason. Pay attention that you are not betrayed or violated personally or professionally. You must remain as absolutely vigilant as possible.

Constellation  George’s Harp
Interpretation Announces love with a capital "L"

The Letter T Represents  Emotion, Imagination, Duality

Large Subject  Protected by Venus[Aphrodite], Paris abducts Helen, wife of Menelaus. Interpretation  You risk becoming a victim of an abuse of trust following contact with disreputable people. Your property, happiness, or situation is under threat. But this card may equally represent the risk of broken [lit. ruptured] emotions.

Lower Left Subject  Helen, alone in front of an open book, implores the gods.
Interpretation   Are you being true to your feelings? This is the whole question, do not confuse love, desire, tenderness, or even friendship. Personal introspection seems indispensable to finding yourself.

Floral Arrangement  Pistil,  Etamine [i.e. Pistil and Stamen], Lime
Interpretation  Your morale may take a hit [cut], because you cannot realize your projects. In the artistic domain, you just need to suffer a little simple patience.

Lower Right Subject  Agamemnon walks in discussion with Menelaus
Interpretation   Currently you have some profound feelings of vengeance darkening you. It would be best to calm those feelings in order to move on to other things. Inner peace is welcome.

6 of Clubs, the Trojan War   This card represents rewards and bonuses of all kinds. At the same time it announces inevitable tensions within your relations among others.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Like Paris and Menelaus, you must face a situation that  requires clarification. Don’t succumb to anger or violence, but instead remain calm and serene. This serenity will benefit you in settling this affair, and also for the future.

Constellation  Arcturus [a.k.a. Bootes, The Shepherd]
Interpretation  Often represents solitude and loneliness

The Letter H Represents   Ambition, Determination, Opportunities

The Geomantic Figure  Cauda Draconis  is considered very bad in most situations. It is only good in circumstances for ending or completing things, such as breaking up a relationship. It brings good with evil, and evil with good. It is associated with the left arm.

The Talisman [the Sun] heralds theft, fire, or loss of wealth either through imprudence or lack of protection.

Large Subject  Paris and Menelaus are on the verge of singular combat. Two sheep are about to be sacrificed.
Interpretation  Do not bow your head to protest injustice. Take time to prepare your counter attack and let your opponent go on the offensive. In this way, you can expect reconciliation.

Lower Left Subject  In a moment of solitude, Achilles plays the lyre
Interpretation  You feel sad, alone, and isolated. You must not remain in this state, otherwise you will run yourself right into depression. Change your thoughts, do not sit alone. Watch your health.

Floral Arrangement  Geranium, Yew
Interpretation  Stop doubting your abilities, Be more positive and you will start winning. It’s important to have confidence in yourself.

Lower Right Subject  Ulysses and Diomedes steal the Palladium [from the city of Troy]
Interpretation  You will overcome all current obstacles. Your energy is so great that it completely crushes your opponent. So you have everything in hand to reach your goal.

7 of Clubs, the Zodiac  This card represents the need to closely follow your projects. It requires effort and a certain amount of knowledge before being led to success.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   The god Pan counsels you to obtain what you want by means of your seductive talents. But remain very cautious in the negotiations; do not hesitate to act tactfully
and gently. Stay well on your guard.

Constellation  Orion the Hunter
Interpretation  Brings with it doubts and uncertainty

The Letter G Represents   Willpower, Efficiency, Concentration

Large Subject  The god Pan transforms into Capricorn, escaping the giant who climbs to the sky.
Interpretation  If you have artistic talent, you will encounter success very quickly. You will owe it to yourself to move and travel for great pleasure. This card represents a promise [lit: a pledge] of elevation and success.

Lower Left Subject  An oven with flames coming out
Interpretation  Even if one flatters you profusely, beware, nothing is ever won in advance. Do not allow yourself to fall asleep, especially if you’re promised fame and fortune. Ask for some time to reflect and make a decision.

Floral Arrangement  Hibiscus [China Rose], Weeping Willow, Chestnut
Interpretation  A new arrival takes a large step into your love life. If you’re alone, there is a chance that this will change very quickly. One will also speak of you.

Lower Right Subject  A worker holding handtools
Interpretation  You’re truly very clever with your hands, it seems that your creative potential will drive you straight to fame, but beware, there’s one condition – to renounce wealth.

8 of Clubs, Alchemy   This card represents the anxieties of financial planning. A project is at serious risk to play out as double or nothing. The financial situation is not great.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Between the solid and the volatile, the alchemist seeks and finds harmony and equilibrium. It will be the same for you if you manage to find a good combination,
whether material, professional, or emotional. In all ways, all forms of union without exception will be favorable for you.

Constellation  Ursa Major
Interpretation  Gives mastery over the emotions

The Letter D Represents   Determination, Efficiency, Tenacity

Large Subject  The alchemist between two containers indicates the contents that are fixed and those volatile.
Interpretation  This card always marks the desire for affectionate or friendly relations. If you wish for marriage [lit: union], your desire will be realized without major problems. Loneliness will soon give way to a happy marriage [lit: union].

Lower Left Subject  The solid and volatile matter are mixed in the same container.
Interpretation  You are very lucky because happiness brightens your marriage [couple] and your daily life. All current friendly relations evolve in joy, good humor, and harmony. Take full advantage of these sweet moments of pleasure and tenderness.

Floral Arrangement  Marjoram, Pistils, Stamen
Interpretation  Finally, you reap the fruits of your labor and efforts. You are, in all ways, productive and radiate an immense joy that makes you generous.

Lower Right Subject  A container with the solid matter, given voluntarily distant from the volatile. [Taking for granted its distance from the volatile]
Interpretation  Your marriage [couple] is going through turmoil and tension. Nothing too serious to fear, all couples go through this. By contrast, if this has been going on for awhile, there is a real risk of separation [rupture].

Nine of Clubs, the Golden Fleece and the Zodiac  This card represents good financial prospects. Richness in all areas and particularly in associations with a prosperous partner.

Overall Interpretation of the Card  Like Hercules continuing to fight, even when Hera sent her crab, you must bravely face the tests and obstacles presented to you. It’s only through your will and courage that you will find your ability to obtain success and rewards in your affairs.

Constellation  Hercules
Interpretation  Indicates facility of funds

The Letter I Represents   Passion, Idealism, Inspiration

Large Subject  Hercules fights against the Lernaean Hydra. At the same time, a crab sent by Hera pricks his heel.
Interpretation  If your current situation isn’t very good, you now have every chance to realize your ambitions. If you’re currently very well off, you may find that you need to settle some minor problems.

Lower Left Subject  An Indian selling dates
Interpretation  You are in a prosperous period which permits you to realize your most secret desires. Success smiles on you. You can allow yourself to begin your most ambitious projects. The outcome will be beneficial. [Lit. The profits will be advantageous.]

Floral Arrangement  Red Clover, Hellebore (Lenten Rose), Moss
Interpretation  Prudence is recommended in these times where you have a tendency to exaggerate and waste. This is not a good time for gambling or financial risks.

Lower Right Subject  A miser counts his coins
Interpretation  You’re in a situation where you are going to find yourself facing some small financial problems. A loan will surely be welcome. It’s time to call in a few favors [lit. play your supporters], they will be of great assistance.

Ten of Clubs, the Trojan War  This card represents a large return of money that may occur in an unexpected way. It signifies a changing cycle bringing luck in all matters.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Like Ulysses and Diomedes, you must face rivalries with flamboyance, obstinance, and composure [lit. "cold bloodedly"]. You alone are master of your actions and you can never blame someone else. Make no mistakes.

Constellation  The Unicorn
Interpretation  Represents difficulties finally overcome

The Letter O Represents  Volition, Obstinance, Comprehension

The Talisman [Mars] announces an extremely dangerous enemy, most harmful to your career.

Large Subject  Ulysses and Diomedes outside the enemy camp after stealing Rhesus’ horses. Interpretation  Currently, if you undertake a risky adventure, you must be like a true warrior, combative and determined. If you lack the courage, stop immediately, you cannot succeed.

Lower Left Subject  A pretty bunch of grapes
Interpretation  You will win the battle, but it’s not over yet since you still need to negotiate with skill and diplomacy. Keep all of your strength and energy for a brilliant conclusion.

Floral Arrangement  Rasele, Pineapple Flowers, Nicotiana [Flowering Tobacco]
Interpretation  Beware of your surroundings. It seems that you are surrounded by too many people claiming sincerity and devotion. These people may be harmful to you.

Lower Right Subject  Patroclus wounded by Hector, falters
Interpretation  You think you have almost made it to your goal. Beware and cautious that something unforeseen may try to dissuade you. An unexpected shock may disturb you.

Jack of Clubs, the Unforeseen  This card represents a businessman who has great ambition. It often also represents a dark, young man under the age of thirty.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Like Hippomenes, use cunning and ingenuity to defend yourself or assert yourself. But remain always vigilant that you don’t fall into dishonesty. All the same, this card will always give you the inspiration needed to achieve your goal.

Constellation  The Horse
Interpretation  Brings  with it the power of inspiration

The Letter K Represents  Power, Volition, Impulsiveness

Large Subject  To arrive first, before Atalanta, Hippomenes drops three golden apples
Interpretation  This card represents a dark young man, active and persevering. He must use his charm and ingenuity to resolve a difficult situation. It’s the only way he can succeed in unlocking the situation.

Lower Left Subject: Venus passes by in her chariot drawn by birds.
Interpretation  You have within you the very simple means of charm and seduction, so use them. Take a chance, especially if you’re romancing someone because it’s far from a lost cause, quite the contrary.

Floral Arrangement  Carnation, Moonseed, Scarlet Pimpernel
Interpretation: You exude peerless romanticism. With the temperament of a true blue flower, you radiate a natural charm. Your gifts of seduction are put forward.

Lower Right Subject  An old man tries to seduce a pretty young woman with fine promises
Interpretation  You will need to employ any tricks you know, even throwing dust in the eyes of certain people in order to succeed in your pursuit. You have no other choice to be heard.

Queen of Clubs, the Unforeseen  This card represents fortune and success in both the professional and emotional life.  For more precision, adjacent cards will give more detail.

Overall Interpretation of the Card  The Hesperides often represent a woman in your life: daughter, sister, friend, or possibly your wife. This very sympathetic woman will undoubtedly be fully available for your pleasure. [lit. "This very sympathetic woman will bring to you without any doubt all her availability for you to be pleased."]

Constellation  The Pleiades
Interpretation  The essence of reflection

The Letter F Represents  Adaptation, Equilibrium, Responsibility

Large Subject  The Three Hesperides in full discussion to keep the Tree With the Golden Apples
Interpretation  This card represents a dark-haired, intelligent woman with a love for money. She must better learn to manage her money, because she is often very wasteful. She must also learn to discern between true and false friends.

Lower Left Subject  A panther sees himself in a mirror
Interpretation  You have a strong tendency toward careless behavior. You obey your selfish and
capricious manners. You must change this way of acting to grow in other areas.

Floral Arrangement  Pistil and Stamens, Honeysuckle, Quatre Saisons Rose
Interpretation  Don’t be surprised if your wished for results don’t meet the height of your ambitions. It seems that you have not thoroughly done enough work.

Lower Right Subject  A very elegant young woman with a fan
Interpretation  You will meet some people in a group or club that will match your ambitions
completely. You will be well known and your talent will be promoted very quickly.

King of Clubs, the Golden Fleece  This card represents a generous and honest man that easily earns his living. Often it represents a man with dark hair over the age of 40.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   In the same way that Phineas indicates the route for the Argonauts, a man you know is ready to help you. It could be your father, brother, a friend, or even your spouse.

Constellation  Frederick’s Glory
Interpretation  Foretells new certainties

The Letter G Represents   Efficiency, Volition, Analysis

The Geomantic Figure Caput Draconis is neutral figure (good with good, evil with evil) but  fortunate with starting or beginning new things. It is favourable for beginnings and profit, and otherwise favourable with other favourable figures, and unfavourable with unfavourable ones. It is associated with the right arm.

Large Subject  Blinded by the gods, Phineas, king of Thrace, dictates the route for the Argonauts while the harpies steal his food.
Interpretation  This card represents a mature, dark haired man. An excellent counselor, he surmounts anything that might be painful for others. This is a wise man that can help you and get you back on the right track.

Lower Left Subject  The dove has passed through the Symplegades (clashing rocks).
Interpretation   If you have scheduled a trip in the coming days, you’re likely to have a very good time. It will be the same for any new enterprise which will be crowned with success and rewards.

Floral Arrangement  Corn Poppy, Basil, Plumbago
Interpretation  This period is favorable for meeting with a businessman or patron. You’re knocking on all the right doors to find the assistance you need.

Lower Right Subject   A dove nears the Symplegades (clashing rocks) that lead to Colchis
Interpretation   Caution is recommended if you have to take a trip or relocate. You are at a stage where you must closely monitor the beginning of any new enterprise or association.

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