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Grand Jeu Lenormand ―The Diamonds

Ace of Diamonds, the Unforeseen  This card represents good news in terms of business. Interesting propositions, fruitful projects, and building solid foundations for current affairs and those to come.

Overall Interpretation of the Card  Like Mercury who represents change and communication, you will receive important messages about your future. Keep everything secret, divulge nothing before the final agreements. Some messages will be very positive, others somewhat less.

Constellation  Telescopium
Interpretation  Displacement of all kinds

The Letter S Represents  Cleverness, Independence, Creativity

Large Subject  Harpocrates seated on a lotus hands a letter to Mercury
Interpretation  You’re going to see your ambitions realized, possibly in connection with writing or travel abroad. However, caution is recommended. Keep watch over all of your secret projects, and if you need to bring someone into your confidence, choose well.

Lower Left Subject  Argus, the giant with a hundred eyes, reads a letter
Interpretation  Wisdom is recommended in your projects, you have a tendency to talk too much about what you’re doing. Learn to stay quiet and don’t talk about your business until it’s done. Additionally, beware of your indiscretions.

Floral Arrangement  Reeds, Purple Loosestrife, Rose
Interpretation  A new beginning awaits you on the professional or emotional level, after traversing a very difficult to manage period. It’s worth patiently waiting for.

Lower Right Subject  Anubis watches over the Book of Thoth
Interpretation  If you must appeal to someone to be your messenger, you can have every confidence in them, they will not betray you. They will remain discrete on all counts with any confidence you make with them.

Sitting on a lotus, harpocrate transmits a message to mercury;
Map of unexpected events.
Map showing all events that help or thwart professional, material or emotional projects.
Key Word of the great subject: news of all kinds.
Represents news and communications. This Card announces all kinds of news: Letters, exchanges, telephone, visits, etc.
Subject Right: Anibus keeps documents: discretion guaranteed.
Subject on the left: the giant with a hundred eyes reads a letter: indiscretion.
Floral Ensemble: discretion desired.
Constellation: miscellaneous displacement.
Letter S: Competence-Independence-creativity.
Emotional: the new is in emotional relationships. News or information will meet the expectations, doubts or questions that the consultant poses. An exchange of letters, SMS, telephone or e-mails brings peace of mind and heart.
With the right subject: wise, discreet and tender relations. In the case of the hidden relationship, the secret and well guarded.
With the left subject: difficult emotional exchanges, avoid les that may be disclosed.
ACTIVITE:nouvelles in work, a change of structure, advancement, mutation, all is possible. In the case of an expectation of commitment, satisfaction could well intervene and thus give new active security.
With the right subject: good way to work and all professional projects.
With the left-hand topic: delayed projects, not to confide in the workplace risk harming the consultant.
Money: material progress, increase, promotion, advancement of all kinds, a satisfactory increase, expected income expectation is imminent (Miscellaneous Repayments, fees, regularisations.
With the right subject: No particular concerns.
With the left subject: financial woes, investments to be feared.
Health: No particular problem.
Symbol of all exchanges and communication. So you will learn or discover all sorts of situations or events. Some news will give you joy, but others

2 of Diamonds, the Unforeseen  This card represents partnerships in business or private life. It announces success and a positive outcome in connection with several people.

Overall Interpretation of the Card  This card represents birth and warns against unwanted pregnancies. It would be good to take some time to think about your future and that of this child. It’s the same if you have business projects; reflection remains a major asset before you begin [lit. engage].

Constellation  Pisces
Interpretation  A period of good luck

The Letter P Represents  Discretion, Independence, Calm

The Geomantic Figure Via  is considered bad of most things, but good with concerns of roads, travels, or journeys. Astrologically it is associated with Cancer and the waning Moon, and both its inner and outer elements are water. All the elements in Via are active, and as such the figure indicates change more than any other figure. Regarding the outcome of the situation being divined, it is neutral, unless change by itself infers a positive or negative result. This figure inverts any figure when added giving it another meaning of change. It is associated with the stomach.

Large Subject  A child riding on a goat
Interpretation  This card represents fertility and motherhood. It could also announce the birth of a business or simply that of a child. It awakens sensual and natural pleasures.

Lower Left Subject  A young woman in front of Eugenia, the goddess of pregnancy.
Interpretation  If you’re not married, a child may be born in your home. This birth may cause you some minor material or availability problems. You may find yourself confronted by some embarrassment.

Floral Arrangement  Yellow Violet, Gentian, Buttercup
Interpretation  You’re living in the past. It’s time for you to let go of those things that cause you too much nostalgia, because it’s slowing you from your true potential [lit. your current evolution].

Lower Right Subject  A young woman in front of the Marsh Fairy
Interpretation  If you’ve made mistakes, providence will fix things quickly. Soon there will be more danger of failure for you on the horizon, but you will find you can continue safely on your way.

3 of Diamonds, the Zodiac  This card represents great success in future projects, if they are conscientiously established. At the same time you will need to expend a lot of energy.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Like Castor and Pollux, you may go through some difficult times in your love life or friendships. But know that there’s nothing impossible in the future. A good star can always be there to give you relief.

Constellation  Gemini
Interpretation  Uncertainty in what to do

The Letter E Represents  Mobility, Curiosity, Expression

Large Subject  Castor and Pollux, twin sons of Leda and Zeus hold hands.
Interpretation  Despite a profound union or friendship normally foolproof, you’re going to go through a real crisis with difficulties to overcome. A difficult time, but not impossible to get through safely, it all depends on you.

Lower Left Subject  Two palm trees, side by side, but not touching each other
Interpretation  The palm represents and symbolizes solitude. You may not  be able to come together, whether on the personal or professional level. You will be sailing for some time in a type of sadness.

Floral Arrangement  Ivy, Thorn, Mock Orange, Rosemary
Interpretation  You spend too much energy day dreaming about romantic adventures. Even if they concern you, give it up [lit. take a pass on this cross].

Lower Right Subject  A man on a horse
Interpretation  Due to a broken heart, you will take a little trip to clear your head and forget your sadness. Additionally, you may find you need to take a business trip.

4 of Diamonds, the Golden Fleece  This card represents difficult decisions to be taken in the professional, personal, or financial domain. Don’t rush it.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Like Jason who is protected by Medea, you will also be protected by a person with a lot of friendship or sympathy for you. Even if you have some difficulty, don’t feel down, keep your self confidence, these problems will be of short duration and cannot directly affect you.

Constellation  Cygnus
Interpretation  Luck and providence

The Letter O Represents  Willpower, Obstinance, Comprehension

The Geomantic Figure Amissio  is of two bowls or cups turned upside-down. In general, the figure is bad or negative figure for all charts except those for love (being a figure of Venus) or where loss is desired and denotes loss. Often it represents something outside of one's grasp. It is associated with the neck and throat.

Large Subject  Medea the enchantress, in love with Jason, gives him a gift
Interpretation  This card represents very powerful protection. It tells that the person who loves you will likely bring you wealth and possibly drive you toward your aspirations.

Lower Left Subject  Jason faces a furious bull
Interpretation  You doubt, even worse, you have fears and frights. They’re not justified because your problems will rapidly resolve themselves. Fear nothing and reprove yourself, save your energy for the victory.

Floral Arrangement  Nettles, Judas Tree, Bryony
Interpretation  You will most certainly find someone who will help you enormously in a very difficult time in your life. New connections will likely be made.

Lower Right Subject  Jason throws powder at the dragon
Interpretation  Currently, you are in full possession of your faculties an sure of yourself. You’re right and you know it, success is at hand. Don’t ask questions and remain self assured.

5 of Diamonds, the Zodiac  This card represents rewards and the promise of success in business affairs. It emphasizes your ability to rise to all challenges.

Constellation  The Chameleon
Interpretation  An obvious lack of lucidity

Overall Interpretation of the Card  Like Phaeton who loosed the reins of pride, you are in error. Do not wait for control to return to the situation at hand, act quickly if you don’t want to lose your goal. But do it with tact and modesty so you don’t find yourself embarrassed later.

The Letter B Represents  Possessiveness, Ability [lit: Facility], Irregularity

Large Subject  Facing Scorpio, Phaeton drops the reins of the Chariot of the Sun
Interpretation  This card represents imprudence and carelessness. Therefore, if you lack courage, it is absolutely necessary to be strong enough to face defeat. But it’s not a reason to make hasty decisions.

Lower Left Subject  A policeman sits at a table
Interpretation   Justice is the order of the day. In effect, you’ll likely be annoyed by problems relative to the law. Contact with the justice system may disturb you for some time.

Floral Arrangement  Clover, Clove Tree Flowers, Coral Necklace (Illecebrum paronychia)
Interpretation  You’ve asked for advice. You have a mistake to correct today. Accept a compromise, it will allow you to regain your position.

Lower Right Subject  Two women argue.
Interpretation  You have a tendency to speak before you think. Try to better manage yourself because your work could suffer consequences and your chances for success could be compromised.

6 of Diamonds, the Unforeseen  This card represents success in your projects, if you make necessary corrections and follow through in your affairs. Be prudent even in contract.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Don’t be like the crocodile that allows the mongoose into his mouth without thinking about the consequences. Instead, protect yourself against anything and anyone. Beware of couples who lie to you or want to seduce you, they can hurt you gravely.

Constellation  Medusa
Interpretation  Danger that may come from all sides

The Letter M Represents  Stubbornness and difficulty expressing yourself

The Geomantic Figure Acquisitio  resembles two bowls or cups turned upright. It is good in almost all situations, especially for getting and obtaining things. Mostly, it is a positive figure, except where a loss is desired. It indicates a gain financially, mentally, or in any other form, or something within one's grasp. It is associated with the hips and thighs.

Large Subject  A mongoose in the jaws of a crocodile, to gnaw on his heart.
Interpretation  This card has a bad reputation; it represents perverse characters, treacherous and negative. It can unmask a criminal or an enemy. But the crocodile also symbolizes an ordeal which permits you to grow.

Lower Left Subject   A woman plays the guitar while a man plays a drum.
Interpretation   You may have a disgruntled couple in your surroundings, also some distrust because you may assume some indiscretion has been committed. Be vigilant and keep your distance from mere acquaintances.

Floral Arrangement  Heather, Rhododendron, Strawberry with leaves
Interpretation  If you have been the target of rumors, slander, or gossip, all will be in order eventually. This experience will teach you to be less trusting.

Lower Right Subject  A falling star
Interpretation  You should change who your dating, because they’re not bringing you anything good. One could even say they’re depraved and preventing you from growing. Unfortunately, your habits are no better in this area.

7 of Diamonds, the Unforeseen  This card represents success in all areas. It stimulates your vital energy grants you the necessary concentration to succeed in your affairs.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Pandora disobeyed by opening the box, which allowed all of the miseries that hinder our daily lives to escape. Do not commit the same reckless error, listen to advice before acting. Take time to verify in detail each case before entering into or engaging it.

Constellation  The Lyre

Interpretation  Announces new hopes

The Letter L Represents  Versatility, Demands, Obstinance

The Geomantic Figure Rubeus Like the Tail of the Dragon, Rubeus is considered so unfavourable that if it were the first in a reading, the reading would end. It represents passion, deception, violence, and vice.  It is associated with the reproductive and excretory systems along with the genitals.

Large Subject  The wife of Epimetheus, Pandora, opens the box
Interpretation  If you’re having problems, you can soften it simply by avoiding passing the time
recollecting your failures. This card invites you act quickly, instead of dreaming. No more idleness, it’s time for action.

Lower Left Subject  A beggar
Interpretation  You are in an extremely difficult transition, nothing is favored, not love, not business, nor money. You must avoid trying to fix anything, under pain of seeing it broken beyond repair.

Floral Arrangement  Love in a Puff (Balloon Flower), St. John’s Wort, Hellebore (Lentin Rose)
Interpretation  You lack clarity. Those you thought of as close friends have stolen your ideas and your projects. Profit by it now by working together.

Lower Right Subject  A desperate man
Interpretation  You are in a difficult transition. Nothing is favored, not love, not business, nor money. Therefore, you must wait before trying to fix things, under pain of seeing it get out of hand very quickly.

8 of Diamonds, the Zodiac   This card represents a roadblock to ongoing activities. It also represents an impasse which you need to break in order to leave and continue anew.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Like Ganymede who acquired immortality thanks to the protection of Zeus, listen closely to those who offer you interesting propositions, because they are likely to lead you to real success. Thanks to your qualities and efforts, you will rapidly obtain an honored place in society.

Constellation  Musca
Interpretation  Good intuition

The Letter A Represents  Enthusiasm, Willpower, Initiative

Large Subject  Ganymede presents ambrosia of the gods to those around him.
Interpretation  Take a good look at those around you, because a good friend or benefactor is looking to make you an offer that would allow you to achieve your ambitions. A position promised to you may become available. [lit. unblocked]

Lower Left Subject  A teacher working with children

Interpretation  You must not let go of your hold, because in the end you will reap the fruits of your labor. Although the beginning may have been laborious, you will successfully find the means of pulling yourself up to a reasonable place in society.

Floral Arrangement  Chrysanthemum, Gladiolus, Silphium [Silphium perfoliatum]
Interpretation  You don’t like changes to your daily life. However, the time to come will bring you a transformation that you will need to confront head-on.

Lower Right Subject  A studious young man
Interpretation  You must take an internship or some training before you seriously embark on a new project. If you don’t get the appropriate training, you may find your chances going up in flames.

9 of Diamonds, the Golden Fleece  This card represents promotions and career changes. It prepares you to seize opportunities for positive advancement in your new life.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Like the Argonauts who embark on the Argo for the destination of Colchis, it will be the same for you. You will travel or move for work or pleasure. Before leaving, be sure there are no changes along the way and you will be close to attaining your goal.

Constellation  Delphinus
Interpretation  Courage and energy

The Letter N Represents  Energy, Adaptation, Organization

Large Subject  The Argonauts embark on the ship Argo for Colchis
Interpretation  This card represents travel and movement. You will have to take a trip in the near future [lit. in some time]. It is likely to grant you happiness and joy.

Lower Left Subject  The Argonauts receiving food
Interpretation  The trip you have scheduled will give you great satisfaction. Expect to have a very good time relaxing, and taking pleasure. You will even find tasks interesting.

Floral Arrangement  Carthare, Juniper, Bindweed [wild morning glory]
Interpretation  In difficult times, you can only count on yourself. So don’t fear trusting in yourself because in the end you will triumph over obstacles.

Lower Right Subject  The Argonauts carry their ship.
Interpretation  The trip you have scheduled may be cancelled or delayed. Therefore, expect last minute changes which may annoy you or upset your plans.

10 of Diamonds, the Golden Fleece  This card represents accomplishment, a cycle which ends well, both intellectually and materially. It also represents movement.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Like Jason taking charge of a mission he will lead to the end, you must contemplate and weigh the pros and the cons before you invest. Know that any action you take will lead you directly to success. Don’t refuse any proposal, invest completely.

Constellation  Leo Minor
Interpretation  A satisfying change

The Letter D Represents  Decisiveness, Determination, Willpower

Th Geomantic Figure Albus is good in most situations, especially with good figures in company, but itself is a weak figure. It represents peace, wisdom and purity. It benefits beginnings and profit, or any situation where careful and deliberate planning is needed. It is associated with the shoulders and lungs.

Large Subject  In a palace, Pelias gives advice to Jason
Interpretation  This card represents travel, but it also represents a bold undertaking that will demand considerable courage and ability in your conduct. Travel abroad is favored.

Lower Left Subject  Jason listens to the wood at the foot of the Dodona forest.
Interpretation  Stop worrying and instead listen to your intuition. As needed, go relax in the forest or better yet, engage in meditation. In any event, find the most effective way for serious contemplation.

Floral Arrangement  Borage, Red Carnation, Tulip
Interpretation  You are too impressionable, and as usual, you have taken bad advice. Despite this mistake, good luck will bring you back on the right track.

Lower Right Subject  The architect Argus draws the plans for the ship Argo.
Interpretation  Travel, and still more travel, seemingly always travelling. If you have any proposals in that sense, make it a point to accept because they are good omens for your future.

Jack of Diamonds, the Trojan War   This card represents a messenger that brings you good news either written or verbally. Additionally, it can represent a young light-haired man under the age of 30.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Like Ulysses, you will act with intelligence and courage. Likewise, you will benefit from powerful protection which will permit you to win. Don’t be afraid of criticism for using your whole range of abilities to triumph, because it’s the only way to act.

Constellation  Argo’s Mast [Malus – part of Pyxis]
Interpretation  New objectives

The Letter T Represents  Collaboration, Diplomacy, Efficiency

The Geomantic Figure Populus can mean that the outcome is based on the people of the situation, or represents a large number of people or peers. It refers to a gathering or assembly of people and is[ quite neutral, for though there may be a great deal of movement within the crowd, there is very little effect on the crowd as a whole. It is favorable with favorable figures, and unfavorable with unfavorable ones. It is associated with the breasts and torso.

The Talisman [Mercury]  The success of any plan is compromised should the consultant find himself alone and without protection.

Large Subject   Ulysses disguised as a merchant, in search of Achilles in Lycomedes’ court
Interpretation  This card represents a young man, intelligent and cunning. It also represents communication or messages that may be revealed to you. All that is certain is that you will be helped in your pursuits.

Lower Left Subject  Juno on a cloud
Interpretation  You will benefit from the help or moral support of those around you. Truly, this is not the time to lose your self-confidence. Fight! Win! Show what you’re capable of.

Floral Arrangement  Dordatia, Balsam [Impatiens Balsamina], Cup  Saucer vine [Cobaea Scandens]
Interpretation  Art is in your soul, you must put your creativity to work painting, drawing, or in music. You can’t wait to express yourself.

Lower Right Subject  A line of armed soldiers
Interpretation  It is essential that you do not underestimate your opponents. If you do, it will be at your own risk and peril. Be very attentive and sly, and you can defeat your opponents on their own ground.

Queen of Diamonds, the Trojan War This card represents a rich woman, usually gifted in business. She enjoys a very high social status. It can also represent a blond woman.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Like the goddess Eris who arrives to provoke discord at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, you may suffer from some gossip by your friends. Protect well your professional and personal life, shelter yourself from jealousy.

Constellation   Draco
Interpretation   Upheaval in plans

The Letter O Represents   Possessiveness, Jealousy, Dependence

Large Subject  The gods and goddesses attend the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. Eris throws the golden apple of discord, upon which is written: “To the fairest”
Interpretation  This card represents a foreign woman. She could be a business woman, or very energetic. It can also represent quarrels and disputes.

Lower Left Subject  A snake around a tree devours birds in their nest
Interpretation  You must protect yourself from gossip or personal vendettas. You might even suffer a
betrayal coming from someone in whom you had total confidence. Remain on your guard and pay attention.

Floral Arrangement   Geranium, Horehound, Daffodil
Interpretation   Not all that glitters is gold, therefore beware of proposals or gifts that seem too good to be true. Surround yourself with great protection.

Lower Right Subject  Paris presents an apple to Venus
Interpretation  One can say that you are currently the focal point of a number of people. One prefers you very much to the others. Many pleasant attentions will be made toward you.

King of Diamonds, the Unforeseen  This card represents a man of great character and great success in business. It can also represent a blond man over 40 years old.

Overall Interpretation of the Card   Like Gadmos [Hermes] who warns Minerva [Athena] to be vigilant, you will also need to pay attention to proposals and friendships given too easily. Know that nothing is done altruistically, there are always hidden interests.

Constellation  Volans
Interpretation   Patience and wisdom

The Letter J Represents  Loyalty, Responsibility, Intelligence

The Geomantic Figure Puer  is a representation of a sword or erect phallus and refers to male energies, primarily aggression and passion, but also war and male sexuality. It is bad in most cases, but good in situations where the male excelled: love and war. It is associated with the head.

Large Subject   Minerva [Athena] receives Gadmos [Hermes] who informs her of the invasion of snakes that threaten the Isle of Rhodes, while offering her a vase.
Interpretation   This card represents a foreign man in his prime, ambitious, active, and gifted. It can also represent a stranger who will help you on your way.

Lower Left Subject  A Scarab, wing out, sits on the finger of a young woman.
Interpretation   You will conduct business or exchange services with people who are not thinking of making a profit. Even if this is solely based on shared interests, do not neglect it because it will be worth your while.

Floral Arrangement   Orange Blossoms, Tea Rose, Larkspur
Interpretation   Obstacles which have prevented you from expressing your creative passions will finally allow you time to express yourself.

Lower Right Subject   A sow eats fruit that a crow has dropped
Interpretation   A modest person, but of quality, will come to help or assist you in your current efforts. They will seek your approval and to provide your total satisfaction.

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